hard nouns to guess

But one word reigned supreme, no matter if the computer was allowed 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or even 13 guesses. When you look at this word (meaning a rank of officer in the army), you might think it’s pronounced co-lo-nel. This also means that uncountable nouns don’t have a +s or other plural form, and that they take the singular form of verbs, as in "There is some cheese". What a headache! authors and contributors. (Handy trick: both words end in m.). of their literal meaning.

For example, "I have much free time" would almost always be "I have lots of/ a lot of free time". It also means you can deal with rules, generalisations and differences in meaning all at the same time. Many other popular TEFL games are adaptable in this way, e.g. Or an object from a large illustration. Students can then use these examples to make generalisations about whether they personally are more likely to need to say "some work" or "some works" etc, and then make the same judgements about other things like "some watermelon" or "some watermelons" and "some paper" or "some papers". Here is a word that has confused almost all English speakers – native or otherwise. General Articles (No, really – we could write a whole course on using irony correctly!) The negative version, unabashed, on the other hand, is used today and means “not embarrassed”. And surprisingly enough, the pronunciation of this word rhymes with enemy. Which we hope you aren’t!). Don't let a careless phrase land you in hot water. So next time you’re practicing your English, speak with unabashed enthusiasm! "), try to find things where their amount is bigger than their partner’s, or try to make true sentences about their partner. This one’s a biggie! Give students a mix of countable and uncountable nouns and/ or expressions that go with them like "one or two", "a dozen" and "a carton of".

links to online dictionaries. injury And who could blame you? Pronunciation can also be a problem.

And who could blame you? word puzzles that will leave you stumped. puppy (No, really – we could write a whole course on using irony correctly!) While both locations have kept the same spelling – you know, just to make it interesting! For countable and uncountable nouns that mean the same thing, they can match them (e.g. boggle - It is also useful to point out that there are pairs of countable and uncountable nouns with the same or similar meanings such as "some staff"/ "some employees", meaning they can choose to use whichever they find easier to remember. After checking their answers they can try to analyse why that form was used each time. - Words which are often uncountable include sports, isms and other abstract nouns, and things we think of as substances (e.g. He said filming this scene was a career low point. But wait! joyful

If the word is composed of rare letters like J, Q, and Z, guessing correctly becomes even harder. Another military term to confuse us! A disinterested or uninterested judge? Pronunciation can also be a problem. galaxy - There are times when it isn’t clear if a noun is countable or uncountable because it varies by dialect and/or is changing, e.g. ‘Literally’ means, “in a literal sense”, or “what I’m saying is not imagined, but truly happened as I’m saying it.” Therefore, popular uses like “I literally died laughing,” or “He was so embarrassed his cheeks literally burned up,” are not correct. This means that "the" with uncountable nouns almost always means a specific thing, e.g. These word facts will change the way you view the English language. cobweb

Oh man! Audience: All "staff" with "employee"), try to spot that there is one uncountable noun and one countable noun in each pair, and then try to guess which is which each time. These new words and slang terms are the products of four decades of cultural change. What’s that prefix doing on an unfamiliar word like “abash”?

For example: “Who/whom are you going to Brazil with?” Would you answer “With him,” or “With he”?

But how did ‘colonel’ end up being spelled like that? It’s kind of fitting, really. No one would say the English language is simple. Rather, it's "bo-sun" to reflect the "salty pronunciation" of sailors, as The Free Dictionary explains. (like a corn kernel!). For example, you can ask students to guess which place is being thought of by asking questions like "Is there much natural light?"

A famous mathematician once used a computer simulation to find that the word ‘jazz’ was the hardest word to guess in the game. ‘Enormity’ is so close to ‘enormous’ that they must be synonyms. beekeeper It seems simple enough. Useful as a brainstorming tool for writing and problem-solving. gossip But how can you tell which one you need? - Uncountable nouns are usually used with no article when talking about things generally, even in cases when you can use "the" with countable nouns as in "The lion is the king of the jungle". Then, English pinched the word for itself, before finally both the French and the English switched back to its original borrowed spelling (and the English to a whole new pronunciation). The biggest word generator on the internet. They then turn over the worksheet and try to remember which nouns are countable and which aren’t, e.g. Submit an article about any area of the English language for publication on our web site. - There is also a subcategory of these kinds of nouns, ones which become countable in particular circumstances, usually as shorthand for something e.g. Filed Under. The latest e-books providing you with interactive classroom activities.

including advice, tutorials, opinions and lesson plans from various liquids and gases).

This might seem counter intuitive at first, but consider the probability: In a four-letter word like “ball” or “poor” there are only three possible letters that will save the stickman from the gallows. (In fact, as Alanis Morissette’s famous song, Ironic – with around 10 poor examples of irony – shows us, coincidences and unfortunate events aren’t enough.). *Whew! affix avenue awkward beekeeper boggle cobweb cycle disavow duplex equip exodus funny galaxy gossip icebox injury ivory jackpot jelly jockey joking joyful jumbo kayak khaki kiosk … Psst! ovary grammar, spelling and punctuation, through to language teaching,

70 ways to improve your English Because the prefix -non means “not”, some people misuse ‘nonplussed’ as ‘unfazed’ or ‘uninterested’. The key to making your Hangman phrase challenging is to give your opponent fewer chances to guess. It’s a rainy day in the 1500s, and the King’s Justice slides a noose around your neck. cycle I hope you chose the former! Here are some other hard words to guess in hangman that will up your chances of winning. Elevate your language and impress your friends with these synonyms for common words. lucky pajama However, unlike sarcasm (which also does this), irony is not intended to hurt. terms, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms. Truthfully, irony is not an essential ingredient to a regular day and no one will think badly of you if you don’t use the word at all! Includes tests, a question bank, quizzes, language polls and more. "There is some children" x and "Did you catch much fish?" *Whew!*. They then turn over the worksheet and try to remember which nouns are countable and which aren’t, e.g. How-To • Language. equip You could also add a Webquest component to a TTT lesson, e.g. tips, exam tips and help with study skills. This means that although it technically exists, it shouldn’t be thrown about by people who’d like to learn and use English well. - "Many" and "much" with positive statements is rare, especially in conversational English. Wrong! | Category: In English, we use ‘who’ to refer to a sentence’s subject and ‘whom’ to its object. Imagine you’re in court. ‘Enormity’ means ‘extreme evil’ of the toe-curling, medieval history or ruthless dictator kind. These include holidays (e.g. - There is also a general pattern of uncountable nouns being used for general categories and the things in that category being countable, e.g. Collective nouns may seem like quirky ways to describe groups, but 500 years ago, they were your ticket to the in-crowd. jelly A similar activity where they use the language straightaway and work out the patterns for themselves later is to dictate examples of something until they work out what the category is, e.g. You’d choose him – so whom is correct! You might also try the most complicated word in the English language. pneumonia Then, English pinched the word for itself, before finally both the French and the English switched back to its original borrowed spelling (and the English to a whole new pronunciation). Meaning "one who is cursed" or referring to a ban, this word is one that might have you cursing when you try to pronounce it. ", Do not embarrass yourself by ordering "ki-no-a" as the base of your grain bowl. If you have a question about the English language and would like to ask one of our many English teachers and language experts, please click the button below to let us know: Summary: A look at ways to teach countable and uncountable nouns, By: Alex Case | jockey khaki Your boyfriend has probably had this dream. Bonus Game: I Spy.

With this word, you want to pay extra attention to its final syllables; you need to use a "k" sound, rather than a "ch" sound like the spelling might lead you to believe. This hard word to say is not one that people use in conversation too often, but it means "the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (such as buzz, hiss)," according to Merriam-Webster.

Such was the case with McLoone’s top 25 list of unguessable words, which was filled with tricky words like fizz, buzz, jink, hajj, and quiz. Asking questions can also be turned into more of a roleplay, e.g. © EF Education First 2020. Get the latest on travel, languages and culture in the GO newsletter, 10 tricky words in English & how to stop misspelling them, How to get rid of a foreign accent in English: 5 easy steps. But it's not "post-hu-mus," as it appears; it's pronounced "pas-chu-mus. There’s also dramatic irony, situational irony, historical irony and others. If guessed correctly, the team gets a point and gets to go again. own real-life telephone calls. Similar phrases like "loaf" should also be taught as things to help students rather than as just another thing to learn. ivory

The FDA says to seek medical advice if you take this pill. you study, learn and teach English including text analysis, language ‘Regardless’ means “without regard” or “despite something” (“He maxed out his credit card regardless of the consequences,”) and is perfectly acceptable. Also includes When you say the word, you want to pronounce it like a popcorn "kernel.". complaints), cooking, stocking up, packing, things on your CV, the economy, and things in the home. Telling students that "uncountable" means you can’t count something when in fact you could quite easily count rice and pasta, Asking students to classify things as countable and uncountable without giving them any help doing so or going on to make useful generalisations from those classifications, Asking students to classify things as countable or uncountable when they are actually both, e.g.

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