gymnastics floor music mashups

Adrenaline / Arabian Thunder MashUp. All That Jazz is from the musical Chicago, this jazzy track will have you be-boppin' all over the mat! A MashUp of So What by P!nk and Centuries by Fall Out Boy! All That Jazz is from the musical Chicago, this jazzy track will have you be-boppin' all over the mat! Johnny B Goode + Boogie To Boogie= All your friends will be partying to this Mashup!!!! Play Sample. Adrenaline / Alliance MashUp.

Play Sample.

Our fun Fiddler On The Street with a fast-paced Partner: String Of Fire, Electronic, Dance-Pop, and Hip-Hop with a Movie theme, too.

Super Short, Short, & 1:30 Versions now available!!!

A wonderful mashup of music from two hit TV shows. © 2020 Energym Music LLC. #M456. Our fun Fiddler On The Street with a fast-paced Partner: String Of Fire, Electronic, Dance-Pop, and Hip-Hop with a Movie theme, too. Of course, Thunder and Lightning had to be mashed-up! A dramatic Energym Original paired with the pulse pounding race music from The Prince Of Egypt! Powered by The A Group, Axel F/She Blinded Me With Science MashUp, Girl On Fire/ (Amazing) Just The Way You Are MashUp, Little Bitty Pretty One/Tutti Frutti MashUp, Live And Let Die/Bohemian Rhapsody MashUp, Man!

When Axel F plays everyone recognizes this fun track + She Blinded Me With Science the huge hit from the 80's = A Fun Mashup!

Hawaii Five-O, the powerhouse theme from the hit TV show + Wonder Woman, from the 70's TV show = A TV Crime-Fighting/TV Super-Hero Mashup!!! Great Balls Of Fire is Jerry Lee Lewis' signature song with Energym's extra adrenaline + Splish Splash, the classic 50's tune which is charged up with the Energym sound = A B-Boppin' Mashup!!! Super cool MashUp of modern classical music.

Play Sample. Hot, the retro-groove song from Smash Mouth + All Star, the Shrek classic = A Rock Star Mashup!!!! tell me what you think. #M353. We mashed-up Let It Go with Into The Unknown. We've updated the classic disco song to make it a real crowd pleaser + It's time to boogie, put on your Boogie Shoes = A Disco Mashup!!! Mashups.

Two Energym Originals!! Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley + The Jackson 5's Rockin' Robin = A super fun MashUp! Two classic Disney songs MashedUp! Watch out for that tree!!!

Live And Let Die is the classic Paul McCartney and Wings song + Bohemian Rhapsody the epic anthem from Queen = A Classic Band Mashup!!! NEW TIMES!!

You'll be the Queen of floor routines with this rocking medley! Two of Shakira's big hit songs, Waka Waka and Whenever Wherever, MashedUp in a song perfect for you! Super cool MashUp of modern classical music. You Can't Stop The Beat from the hit movie Hairspray! Beauty and The Beast + Aladdin! A medley of The Greatest Show, This Is Me, and Come Alive! A Fiddle MashUp. The great Ray Charles sang Hit The Road Jack, we've given it the Energym touch with finger snaps, a jazzy sax, and a big band + another cool cat: Energym's version of the all-time classic song, Pink Panther = A Swingin' Mashup!!! The jazzy Stray Cat's Strut + Sneaky Cat, an Energym original = a-cat-walking-on-the-piano-keys-guitar-meow Mashup!!!!
I Feel Like A Woman/Cowboy Casanova MashUp, Mission Impossible/Theme From Peter Gunn MashUp, Sweet Home Alabama/The Devil Went Down To Georgia MashUp, We Will Rock You / Bohemian Rhapsody Medley, You Can't Stop The Beat/Greased Lightning MashUp. Mission Impossible is an "updated" version of the TV classic + Peter Gunn, the classic spy theme = a Mysterious Mashup!!!! Two amazing street violin pieces MashedUp for you! Summer Heat/Palladio MashUp. #M352.
Desert Race + Arabian Thunder take you to exotic lands with ethnic instruments = A World Beat Mashup!!! Feelin' Looney is an Energym Music original!

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