gta 5 cars with missiles

Ammunition capacity Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: Kinetic versions deal little damage over targets, but can push vehicles away with ease. All is left to the player' skills to aim and shoot at a target, except in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the Hunter and the Hydra will have a reticle when selected to first-person view).

This means keeping the aim while the vehicle travels on uneven terrain or flies recklessly is more difficult. If you want a cool looking mobile missile launcher which behaves in a somewhat realistic way and can quickly fire up to 5 missiles at once then this could be a good purchase. A sports coupe with option for machine guns. First Uploaded: April 21, 2018 Last Updated: June 26, 2018 CamxxCore.

While the weapon is ineffective to kill NPCs quickly, one can push them out of elevated areas, such as bridges. A weaponized Armored Personal Carrier with option for a tank cannon (default) and SAM turret, as well as machine guns for rear passengers. A special "multiple aircraft bombs", appearing the level 5 of Arms Trafficking Air. On some Grand Theft Auto titles, vehicle weapons require extra commands for aiming (left or right), while in other games, one can aim it with the camera, as if the weapon is the camera. 2. However, it has low fire rate and its incorrect use may be harmful for the operator of the weapon.

Fixed a problem where the missile model was sometimes visible under the vehicle. There are several versions of this weapon, which are based on specific real-life guns: All versions are stated to be chambered for .50 caliber rounds (12.7mm in the case of the DShk-based guns), despite some of them are based on weapons chambered for 20mm and even 30mm rounds. sorry for the inconvenience, Plz help no vehicle with custom weapons work crashes while in loading i have custom gameconfig.xml and ver 1.33 plz help, @Elope plz help custom gameconfig but still crashes i have ver 1.33 does it required ver 1.36 or higher plz help me if you won't help me than who will help me reply whenever you will see my msg love you!!!! The Thruster, Buzzard Attack Chopper, Rogue, P-996 LAZER and Hydra can fire up to two rockets and take time to reload, while other vehicles can fire rockets continuously. There are planes such as A-10 that has more than 3 weapons. I really like the sped up missiles and enhanced deployment, though; I always thought the vanilla projectiles were off. The Mounted Guns are machine guns with moderate fire rate. Whenever i install the zmissile file and fill in the dlclist, the game crashes. Small trailer with option for machine guns (default), missile launchers and flak cannons.

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