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Full face spotted Leopards, White Butterflies, Red Dragons, Checkerboard Pigeons, Assorted 2 1/2", Stripe Turquoise, Altum Flora Stripe, Golden Dragons, Red Valentines, Red-Whites, RGD's, Red Covers, Galaxy Turquoise, Leopard Spotted, Snow Whites, White Leopards, Blue diamonds, Blue Cobalts, and much much more. Like saving money? Bright blue combined with pearlscale iridescence and wonderful marbling across a sail-like widefin.

Home | Saltwater Fish | Tropical & Freshwater Fish | Invertebrates | Koi Fish | Aquarium Maintenance | Contact Us© 2019 Pete's Aquariums & Fish - All Rights Reserved. We're very impressed by this attractive and unusual combination. David Labell, AngelfishUSA accepting the trophy for 1st PLACE WIN, AT AQUARAMA 2013 SINGAPORE. We also now have Electric Blue Rams, F1 Orinoco Altum Angelfish (tank raised), Wild Sta Isabella Angelfish, and even Anubia plants on driftwood.

A nice young female Gold Angelfish for sale at our online store.. SHIPPING USUALLY COSTS $100 - $125 PLUS A $50 FEE WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR SHIPMENT. My Account | Two stripeless genes give these their stunning reflective metallic patches in addition to our signature blue marbling.

Angelfish USA and Discus USA is a professional boutique breeder of quality tank raised angelfish and discus. It can also eat fresh, frozen formula and dry food. Combine any of our auctions to save on shipping!

We have over 30+ varieties of healthy and beautiful Angelfish for sale. Welcome to the Angelmania angelfish store.

YOU ONLY NEED TO PAY THE $50 FEE WHEN YOU PICK UP WHICH COVERS CUSTOMS, AND CLEARING. VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE  and see all of the Discus, Angelfish, and Proven pairs available. Click here to see many more pictures.

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The best of both worlds in a versatile angelfish with domestic blue color mixed with wild body and fin type. For more information on the care, feeding, and acclimation of our Angelfish, please visit our new. so keep checking. how quality, sail-like veil fin angelfish. Even the most finicky angelfish will eat this! Back to Angelmania Homepage THE ANGELMANIA FISH STORE Welcome to the Angelmania angelfish store. Home | We sourced our breeding stock from the best breeders worldwide, and all of our angelfish are bred by us, in our South Florida hatchery. just to name a few. Dismiss, © 2019 Pete's Aquariums & Fish - All Rights Reserved. By far our most in-demand angelfish.

In the unlikely even that your angelfish arrive dead you must email a digital photo of the dead angelfish still in the original, unopened bag within 3 hours of delivery or the guarantee is VOID. Foundation quality stock.

Juveniles have dark blue color with electric blue and white rings. A recently developed angelfish variety in a bright silver/white coloration which reflects the lighting scheme of your aquarium.

Tony Tan Discus, AngelfishUSA Philippine Blue Angelfish, Koi Angelfish, Black Angelfish, and the all new Danzigger Dantum Angelfish (albino or regular). If you have any questions, please contact us at. In aquarium, sponges and tunicates are welcomed, but can also adapt their diet to various meaty foods such as shrimps. Currency is U.S. dollars (US$) unless otherwise noted. This Angelfish was swimming in one …


Caution: Diet plays a crucial role in color transformation. $49.95 Each Plus Shipping. The blue albino angelfish displays a white body with a distinctive blue hue and the red eyes characteristic of the albino strain. Have fun browsing this great selection of angelfish. Widefin. LARGE - Brazillian Blue Glitter - HD SIZE, Electric Blue Marble Angelfish (non-pearlscale), Electric Blue Marble Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish, A+ Group of 20 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $4 PER FISH), Blue Zebra Pearlscale Rainbow Widefin Angelfish, Philippine Blue Ghost Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish, Wild-Cross Philippine Blue Ghost Angelfish, A+ Group of 10 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $5 PER FISH!

Fantastic set of genes for a Philippine Blue breeding program. Scientific name: Nimbochromis livingstonii 2984: ace Premium Gold Severum Pictures: Taken in one of our planted aquariums. For wholesale inquiries please contact us at An imbalanced diet can cause a delay or total failure in proper color transition from juveniles to adults. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. Items Wanted | Add pearlscale to platinum and you have an incredibly shiny, reflective angelfish which will stand out among all fish in your tank. Angelfish USA, quality freshwater angelfish. Vigorous wild blood, flashy metallic coverage, widefin, stripeless genes, Philippine Blue, Paraiba.

One blue gene (het Philippine blue) and double halfblack (still unturned) make these a unique addition to any halfblack breeding effort.

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