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The Greek population of Igoumenitsa had to find refuge in the mountains. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In the last few days, Albania has been conducting so-called genocide campaigns at Konispoli on the Greek-Albanian border. From 29 July-31 August 1943, a combined German and Cham force conducted an anti-communist sweep operation codenamed ‘Augustus’ that resulted in 600 Greek villagers killed and 70 villages destroyed, with Nazi German Lieutenant Colonel Josef Remold saying that “with their [Cham] knowledge of the surrounding area, they have proved their value in the scouting missions,” and Nazi German Major Stöckert saying that they “performed very well.”. And it's annoying how this is the second time someone used Greece as an example of why Socialism wouldn't work in the US. The Greek Genocide (or Ottoman Greek Genocide) refers to the systematic extermination of the native G reek subjects of the Ottoman Empire be fore, during and after World War I (1914-1923). if the poor stopped having children, society would totally collapse. The Ottoman Empire was among the four Central Powers to lose in World War I. Young Albanians, just finished from school, wandered heavily armed.

The Greek Genocide took place from 1914 to 1923, beginning a year after the Balkan War and aligning with the events of World War I. Greek children were kidnapped and forced to conform to Turkish society. A U.S. intelligence report also revealed that Chams withdrew from Greece with German vehicles when they went to Albania. On the promise of having southern Epirus, that they call Chameria, annexed from Greece to join the Albanian state, the Cham Albanians were enthusiastic collaborators of Fascist Italy and Nazi German during their occupation of Greece. Nine long years and 3.5 million lost souls later, the Ottoman Empire had officially ended its bloody crusade.

Now Greece is a failed state, of aging pensioners, no industry.... if things don't change soon the Greece of the future will be a very small third world state, with barely any Greeks, just elderly ones. Socialism as usual is why this happened, of course the economic crisis too, but Greece was below replacement level since the 90's...Greece used to have high birth rates but after the polytechnio generation and their socialism, the state replaced the family, the degenerate leftwing culture made family life unattractive and it began to shrink. In the last few days, Albania has been conducting so-called genocide campaigns at Konispoli on the Greek-Albanian border. Greek genocide.. That's okay everyone be calm greece can take in a bunch of third world migrants to prop up the welfare state!

Έχω περιέργεια να δω τα αντίστοιχα δεδομένα για αλλοδαπούς γονείς το 2001 αλλά και νωρίτερα να δω τα αντίστοιχα ποσοστά. And here I thought Greece was in dire straits because they overspent on Olympic stadiums with absolutely no plan for future use. The Greek Genocide took place from 1914 to 1923, beginning a year after the Balkan War and aligning with the events of World War I. Ottoman Greek men of ages 21 to 45 were sent to concentration camps to work for the Turks. Yaay Hopefully after the liberalization of Greece with the new found wealth, security, and prosperity a baby boom will happen. As if the greatest disgrace of the Greek crisis a few years ago was not the fact that pensioners were forced to pay off the debts that were incurred by irresponsible lending and borrowing on the part of decadent banks out to make money, foreign and national), and on "socialism" (in a country where the hopelessness of politics is signified by the fact that Syriza, the party in power, is a party of capitulated, neoliberalized social democrats, i.e. The Ottoman Empire feared that the Christian Greek population would attempt to aid the Empire’s enemies during the war, causing its defeat. These are ten facts about the Greek Genocide that set the pace for the future of the Ottoman Empire. In my trip I realized that the Albanians kept the Greeks terrified inside their homes. Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of the Greeks 1913-1923 is now showing as part of the Byzanfest Orthodox Film Festival.. Greek City Times is a proud media partner of the Byzanfest Orthodox Film festival runs from 23 rd October until 8 th November (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on the official Festival website: The rest of the Christian Greek population was sent to the interior lands, where they would be exposed to harsh winter weather, starvation and illness. In 1992, Greek Prime Minister Konstantinos Mitsotakis, father of current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, compromised with Albania by allowing properties returned to Cham Albanians whose forefathers were not convicted of war crimes on the condition that the Greek minority in Albania who had lost property due to persecutions by the communist government. – The Huffington Post,, 10 Important and Little-Known Facts About the Greek Genocide, The Success of Humanitarian Aid to Georgia, The indigenous Greek people were seen as a threat to the Ottoman Empire before and during World War I. r/armenia: Reddit's most popular sub for everything related to Armenia!

Moderated to ensure a place for civil, open-minded and constructive dialogue … During the nine-year genocidal period, the Turks and the Ottoman government set out to exterminate the Christian Greek population that resided in the Ottoman Empire. Greece was below replacement level since the 90's. what a world we live in where "greek genocide" can be presumed to have nothing to do with the Classical era, or Anatolia in the 1920s, or even the Civil War. no it's all about too many Arabs showing up on boats and thus... genocide. hmm...I wonder how other posters in this thread responded, and what the other comments are? With the fall of Fascist Italy, the British proposed to the Chams to turn against the Germans and enter an alliance with Britain. Socialism ruined Greece economically, culturally, and demographically. Από τα 92 χιλιάδες παιδιά που γεννήθηκαν, τα 12 χιλιάδες είναι από αλλοδαπή μητέρα, δηλαδή περίπου 13% ή ένα στα 8 βρέφη. Θα triggάρω κάποιον τώρα αλλά ας το πω. Very dangerous ideology.

Deportations were issued in the Dardanelles and Gallipolli regions of Asia Minor. As the last Greek troops evacuated Smyrna on the evening of Friday 8 September, the first elements of Mustafa Kemal's forces, a Turkish cavalry squadron, made its way into the city from the northern tip of the quay the following morning, establishing their headquarters at the main government building called Konak. In the Asia Minor region of Turkey, the Ottoman Empire felt it was being threatened by the indigenous Greek people. Does Greece also have a bad PECOTA projection? Only in the region of Fanari 24 villages were destroyed. After the loss, leaders of the CUP Party were sentenced to death for their role in the organized Greek genocide. With a bunch of migrants to work the hotels and restaurants. The Ottoman Empire began to target the indigenous Greek population in order to accomplish its goal of full Turkification. I think it also has to do with massive corruption and fraud. Rwandan prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for a former official suspected of being among the architects of the country's genocide. In the first few weeks of the Greco-Italian War in 1940, Cham collaborationist burned Igoumenitsa, and later Paramythia and Filiates, to the ground, causing Greek villagers to flee into the mountains. The Byzanfest film festival showcases films which reflect … "If you aren't rich don't have children", said in Greek. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" find … The Chams refused this offer, but began fleeing en mass to Albania when defeat was imminent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

As a result, the Empire enacted a systematic genocide to rid the nation-state of the Greek contaminants. Um....Less childbirth doesn't mean genocide.

Less than 100 years ago, millions of innocent Greeks were killed or deported in what is known as the Greek Genocide. A year later, the Greek Genocide ended. Degenerate rightwing culture. The British reported that the Chams fled to Albania with half million stolen cattle and 3,000 horses belonging to Greeks.

The Chameria Association every year calls for the return of property their forefathers lost when fleeing post-war justice. It was instigated by two successive governments of the Ottoman Empire; the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) party, and the Turkish Nationalist Movement of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk . An online portal raising awareness on the Greek Genocide including bibliography, quotes, testimonies, photos and more. The Albanians had stolen all the cattle and the fields remain uncultivated.”. Villages were pillaged and burned to the ground. Albania rejected that proposal. Though its efforts to continue the massacres were passed on to the next leadership, the Empire was unable to strongly execute its plans. Former Albanian MP Dashamir Tahiri declared in his speech that the government must give more efforts in supporting Cham Albanians against so-called unfound accusations launched by Greece, such as “collaboration with fascism,” even though it is universally accepted in the historical community, as proven by not only testimonies, but reports from the era by Greece, Italy, Germany, Britain and the USA. by the fact that there is no socialism and no left at all), on a non-existent, vaguely defined socialist past (as if gutting the welfare state is "progressive") and of course on the inevitable immigrants, as if blaming a downtrodden "foreign" people is not a reactionary trick only serving to legitimize the capitalist nation state as a harmonious organic, natural unity in no need of restructuring... Could conservatism get any more transparent and heinous? When the increasing precarity of the working class (which effects "family life") caused by an increasingly rapacious capitalism, is blamed on "left-wing culture" (as if this isn't precisely what the left is against, as if this isn't precisely the result of a defeated left, as if this is a problem of mystified and impenetrable "culture" instead of a socio-economic and political one), or "aging pensioners" (the horror!

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