grade 8 bolt torque chart

Lubricate all contact areas of the bolts and washers. Training Online Engineering 0000001473 00000 n mD��A�v�t^��1 ���/:#2!�y�hf��`�t��!�şAmq�@���A�g�9�@��Xˌ�� ۻ��/�s���fww��ޮn��ns`���v��L�hX�\�v�a������y��G�tʑ�2��.��e��oA=�A! DFM DFA Training All calculations are for Coarse Thread Series (UNC). The following chart estimates the applied tension clamp force at a defined torque and friction for SAE J429 Grade 2, 5 and 8 bolts. Grade: Finish: Diameter: Calculate Torque: ? Proof load, stress area, yield strength, and other data is based on IFI 7th Edition (2003) Technical Data N-68, SAE J429, ASTM A307, A325, A354, A449, and A490. 0000001906 00000 n ,ÿağu pæ�ÂQm>˜3a˜LÁ�;—µZÃújf+éõ?â’n�¤Ö¿g³�ãûT4€~�”° ¤ª¨$,ğhç‰×=ÉoñÕ�º(½†ş²oÎıÙW«ŒúpåN»–ro‡MçûÇïÚ†“Y…‰Ôhğq]' ò These torque calculations are estimates and are only offered as a guide. Under/over tightening of fasteners can result in costly equipment failure or personal injury. ; 1/4 20 17 13 8 16 5/16 18 28 21 16 34 3/8 16 41 31 29 … K=0.18 for zinc plated and dry conditions Online Books & Manuals 0000004685 00000 n 0000013534 00000 n

.style9 {font-size: 10} Torque Design and Applications. Downloads Steel: SAE Grade 7 133,000 psi Med. // -->, Fastener and Screw Torque Design and Equation and Calculator | Engineers Edge, Calculating Assembly Torque per ISO 68 & ISO 724, Torque Wrench Adapter Reduced Arm Calculation, Torque Wrench Adapter Extended Calculation, GD&T Training Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing. trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 30 0 obj<>stream *OzИ=\�����D[��2!�|�=<>Ru��ґPQ��U?g��l�i�=;�}{sxXn��gWo���@q~~�.��d���4�\*BtK'�Ɏ8+���⌜� |"�M�F��c����~y�ܿ��-���}�|_�Ñ��j�M�i.�y:�m/"�m�aAl�$���~L�K SAE J429 grade 8 bolts do not exceed 1.5 inches diameter.

K=0.15 for “lubricated” conditions �����|��x�p���y�7U(��5�͛P*ǥ�+;�z�Om�3��tV�����غE�*]� ժg�D�F��g��ԔFU��, #�����r{v6�����,Vή�^] �����]|wɚ)�)�ք�63����+��v����S��v������)f��0��q����H� %���߿��O7�C(x ~/�$�F��4ʔ�Z�3��>�^k���o��+�ƄMz�m ���QԞ���R}�R�����z{�ï����˟����)�������. The following chart estimates the applied tension clamp force at a defined torque and friction for SAE J429 Grade 2, 5 and 8 bolts. 11 31 Sign up for our bi-monthly email newsletter for all the latest! Proof load, stress area, yield strength, and other data is based on IFI 7th Edition (2003) Technical Data N-68, SAE J429, ASTM A307, A325, A354, A449, and A490. 0000004737 00000 n document.write(' ') 204 South 6th Avenue, Mansfield, TX 76063 | P:469.865.2800 | F:469.865.2850, Drywall Anchors - Heavy Duty Wall Anchors, Stainless Steel Fence, Deck & Patio Nails, Stainless Steel Collated T and Joist Hanger Nails, Stainless Steel Nyloc Nut - Nylon Insert Lock Nuts, Stainless Steel Structural & Heavy Hex Nuts, Stainless Steel Thumb Nuts / Knurled Nuts, Stainless Steel Security Screws and Drivers, Stainless Steel Phillips Pin Head Security Screws, Stainless Steel Socket Pin Head Security Screws, Stainless Steel Torx/Six Lobe Security Screws, Stainless Steel Half Dog Point Set Screws, Stainless Steel Button Socket Head Cap Screws, Stainless Steel Cylindrical Socket Head Cap Screws, Stainless Steel Flat Socket Head Cap Screws, Stainless Steel Low Profile Socket Head Cap Screws, Stainless Steel Countersunk Finishing Washers, Stainless Steel Internal Tooth Lock Washers, Adhesive Dispensing Equipment & Accessories, Chemicals, Lubricants, Paints & Cleaners, Surface Irregularity Testing Product Accessories, Cigarette Disposal & Cease Fire Receptacles, Chain Tong & Strap Wrench Parts & Accessories, Screwdriver & Nutdriver Parts & Accessories, Die-Cast Zinc Hinges with Elongated Holes, Refrigeration Regulators & Charging Hoses, Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw Parts & Accessories, Pneumatic Impact Wrench Parts & Accessories, Pneumatic Belt Sander Parts & Accessories, Pneumatic Die Grinder Parts & Accessories, Multi-Purpose Tools Corded Parts & Accessories, Safety Storage Cabinet Parts & Accessories, Safety Storage Container Parts & Accessories, Bloodborne Pathogen & Personal Protection, Single Serve Electrolyte Replacement Packs, Liquid Concentrate Electrolyte Replacement, Ready-to-Drink Electrolyte Replacement Drinks, Solder, Brazing, & Other Related Consumables, MIL Spec Fasteners and Aerospace Fasteners. For longer fasteners, the torque is reduced significantly. (Lbs.) fasteners, Anchor Bolt and Construction Fastener Manufacturer. 0000000836 00000 n // --> The below estimated torque calculations are only offered as a guide. endstream endobj 12 0 obj <.

For longer fasteners, the torque is reduced significantly.

0000009722 00000 n

Torque values calculated from formula T = KDF, D is the nominal diameter,

font-weight: bold; 0000006253 00000 n (Lbs.)

Steel Grade SAE 5 SAE 8 Socket Head Cap Screws Property Class 8.8 10.9 12.9 Socket Head Cap Screw Torque in Pound Foot or (Pound Inch) Torque in Newton Meter - Nm Lubed means cleaned, dry bolts, lubricated with standard medium viscosity machine oil. Engineering Forum 0000002667 00000 n The given below ASTM A354-BD / SAE GRADE 8 Bolt Torque Chart provides you with torque of various corresponding bolt sizes along with its TPI, clamp load and proof load. font-size: 12px; // --> -->, ANSI Hardware Design Data All rights reserved. Engineering Videos F is the clamp load

} Engineering Calculators 0000002700 00000 n This is done to allow a safety buffer so that the bolt does not get too close to the proofload value. Engineering Videos | Contact. )ǭpO.���I�"� If you exceed the proofload value when tensioning the bolt, you run the risk of bolt failure.

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