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About Gillian Genser. Not only does she now suffer from autoimmune disorders, food allergies, and memory problems, she is also at an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Heavy Love. Adam and Lilith are a challenge as I’ve created them.”, Genser’s haunting Lilith sculpture, like much of her art, uses natural materials to create a miniature world; the work reveals itself as a complex nesting piece that functions as its own universe. Lead, arsenic, cadmium, manganese… The injury was extensive. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. I suffered neurological damage, substantial hearing loss and severe and permanently debilitating mental health consequences before my medical practitioners were able to identify the poisoning. The lonely path of disability has often left me with only with a solitary introspective journey as a way to comprehend and explore the rest of the world. But even after learning what the mussels had done to her — she finished Adam. I love my community. Recommend Gillian's obituary to your friends. “Judaism was never enforced on me,” she said. It roars like the ocean but at a terrible pitch.

“I have no tools to hang onto hope,” she said. “Upon further research, I discovered that common blue mussels are filter feeders. So I endeavoured to recreate a figure of Adam that would re-express what perhaps should have been the first human perceptions of the ecosystem.

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She studied fine arts at the University of Alberta, Pratt Institute and the Art Student’s League in New York City, and earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Log In. Adam, she said, confronts received wisdom even more head-on. or.

But I also know I got poisoned by nature. She often spent 12 hours at a time in her studio, breathing in the mussel dust. I continue to search for the cast off remains of our endangered natural world, with which to make my art.

"We did this to them, they didn’t do it to me.” (Read her full essay, entitled "My beautiful death," here. After all, she says, he was always meant to highlight the devastating impact human beings have had on the planet.

I don’t know what’s coming for me.” Her “prayer”, she said, is an exhibit of her work at a Jewish institution like New York’s Jewish Museum. Not that she blames the mussels.

Artist Gillian Genser creates elaborate sculptures using all natural materials, such as shells and bones. It’s its joys, and suffering and the roar of impending catastrophe. I am exhausted. At first, it was a constant feeling of agitation. Current City and Hometown.

"High concentrations of marine biotoxins in shellfish can cause illness in people who eat them," warns Health Canada on its page about shellfish food safety.

By Gillian Genser | November 28, 2018.

Today, Genser said, she feels like they do. By Gillian Genser | 11/28/2018. It was then that she realized her use of blue mussel shells in her sculptures might be the cause of her woes. Subsequent tests revealed high levels of arsenic and lead in her blood—she had chronic heavy-metal poisoning. Gillian Alice Weaver YOUNG No obituary posted yet. She was born on Michaelmas, September 29,

Her body’s constructed of lamb skulls, with lambs’ teeth around the lungs. When I look at Adam now, I think he’s magnificent. My muscles ached.

She was the wife of Dr. John Edward Freeman of Netherbury, Dorset. But it was her work on a sculpture that recreated Adam, from Jewish folklore, that caused her to fall ill.

From the design of the tiniest cell viewed in a microscope, which I often turned to for the delicate structure of my filagree metal work, to the incorporation of actual objects, whole or in part, nature provides me with both material and direction. Website by Mike Feraco. She studied fine arts at the University of Alberta, Pratt Institute and the Art Student’s League in New York City, and earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. "I keep thinking about him because when I made him he was made to be a re-expression of what should have been the human-first perception of the ecosystem of the world. Nope, only natural ones, particularly crushed mussel shells for a large sculpture of the biblical figure Adam she'd been working on. Trained as a computer scientist at University of Toronto, Genser experienced an “aha” moment staring at a sunset after walking from a beach one summer. My work is derived from an innately female approach as ‘gatherer’, which has led me on a seemingly endless journey of the exploration life on this planet and of the exquisite forms and patterns of the natural world. Her maternal grandfather, who fled Russia in 1928, “was a Trotskyist and had also longed to be a Rabbi.

But those safety mechanisms are meant to protect consumers from food-based poisoning — not from inhaling grounded-up shells every day for several years. ROT is conceived and edited by Julia Cavicchi. My hands would cramp when I held my tools. Specialists couldn't figure it out. Genser finally got her diagnosis in 2015 from the Environmental Health Clinic at Toronto's Women's College Hospital, where doctors discovered high levels of arsenic and lead in her system. My ears overwhelm me with deafening noise. “I’m not self-hating. After Gillian Genser began using mussel shells in her work, she started to experience insomnia, vomiting, shaking, sweating and confusion. Genser tells the Washington Post that she finds it "interesting and ironic" that her statue of Adam, intended as an environmental statement about man's perceived dominion over nature, ended up being the main culprit. My scale is very small due to the restrictions of many long years of chronic illness and confinement, and my work always includes removable anatomical components, which on some level, reflects my own exploration of the failures of my body. Canadian Sculptor Gillian Genser Poisoned By Mussels. “Women’s breasts are the source of all nourishment. Her great-grandfather, Avrom Pinsky, emigrated from Lithunia to become the first rabbi in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada’s then-wild west. And a brain full of heavy metals has been implicated in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”, While her faith in her ability to heal is waning, Genser’s awe of nature remains undimmed. Music. And even though I would try to sort of dust off in the venting system, when I would pull my hands out, I was loaded in the dust," she said. “I’m a tribal Jew. "It would coat my arms. But Genser’s celebrated Adam sculpture ended up inverting her relationship to nature. This is part of ROT, a section of The Learned Pig exploring multispecies creativity through modest tales of collaboration and coexistence amidst world-ending violence and disorder. Other. These acquiescing bivalves were filter feeders. Her mental health was deteriorating along with her physical self, so she saw a psychiatrist. Grief in the aftermath, both for myself and for the planet continues to permeate my art form as I explore underlying sociological deformity that traumatizes our world, our relationships to each other and to the environment. In 1998, Genser had just completed an elaborate eggshell-based sculpture called Lilith, who is the first woman, according to Jewish folklore. Correction, February 5, 2019: An original version of this article misidentified Genser’s sculpture ‘Leaning Woman’ as ‘Lilith’. I love my community. The metals will be in her system for the rest of her life, Genser said, affecting her metabolism and nervous system.

Heavy Love. With his structure and vital organs represented by the remains of other living creatures, we can find not only our symbiotic connection to the ecosystem, but also “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” (Ernst Haeckel) – that our own cellular development echoes the history of evolution and that all stages of all life are contained within us. And I struggle to remember what the inspired delight of creation once felt like. Share Obituary: Gillian Alice Weaver YOUNG. Why? So that we’d find the planet beautiful, and preserve ourselves.

Supermarkets are…, David Zwirner‘s New York City gallery is hosting a group exhibition featuring new works by its blue-chip roster of internationally acclaimed artists.

I will never recover. Favorites. Once I found out, it was, ‘Oh, shit’.”, After years of misdiagnosis, she learned the cause: Heavy metal poisoning. Current city. And we must keep discussing it and bringing it forward.”. "He immediately said, 'People don't realize how dangerous these things are,' and he knew right away that the mussels would be very toxic," she said. The molluscs can act like ocean filters, and over time, they accumulate toxins from their surroundings. Written by Sheena Goodyear. "I spent up to 12 hours a day grinding and sanding the shells to fit into the shape of Adam’s body," she writes.

We’ll email you whenever we publish another article by J.J Goldberg. “I still have a great reverence for nature,” she said. After Toronto artist Gillian Genser began working on Adam, a mixed-media sculpture made mostly of mussel shells, she started to have trouble sleeping at night. Gillian Genser is a Canadian sculptor who works only with natural materials, and in Toronto Life magazine, she recounts her own personal medical mystery. Crosscutting / Night Strands / Homesteads, An Oral History of the Whitechapel Monster. As I searched the natural world for the materials for his construction, I began to explore the evolutionary relationship of our anatomy to the primordial ocean. And I would always say to them, 'Oh no, it's completely natural.'". We are relying on your generosity to help cover our running costs for the next seven years.

She would buy the mussels by the bagful from shops in Toronto's Chinatown, spending hours carefully picking out ones with the perfect shapes and patterns.

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