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We need the help of good genealogists to grow a completely free shared family tree to connect us all. James Dyer, Jr. married Anna (Nancy) [Bicknell] Dunham in 1809; it was his first marriage and her second—she was widowed in 1805, when her first husband, Henry Dunham, died at sea. Finally, on Dyer's return to England in disgrace in 1920, his lawyers argued that his actions, though deliberate and premeditated, were justified because he was facing an insurrection and that, on those grounds, any amount of firing was permissible. He transferred to the Bengal Army, initially joining the Bengal Staff Corps as a lieutenant in 1887. "[67], However, in his account of the massacre Nick Lloyd claims that although Dyer later claimed to have undertaken the massacre to "save" British India, he had had no such idea in his mind that fateful afternoon.

The Dyer family were of English origin; the name was probably given to designate someone by his occupation.

1663–1750), remained in Braintree when his father and the rest of the family returned to Maine. "[32] Later, Dyer's own testimony revealed that the crowd was not given any warning to disperse and he was not remorseful for having ordered his troops to shoot.

He was the son of Edward Dyer, a brewer who managed the Murree Brewery, and Mary Passmore. His brigade relieved the garrison of Thal, for which he was again mentioned in dispatches. A mob formed, and they torched government buildings and assaulted Europeans in the city. It commenced with "India does not want self-government. The episode went on to reveal that Dyer was a direct descendant of Henry VIII's right hand man Thomas Cromwell, the subject of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall books which were recently adapted for a BBC series. Tragically, she died that same year at 19 years of age, and Samuel never remarried. [23] For a few months in 1919 he was posted to the 5th Brigade at Jamrud.

The actor, known for his hard man roles, was the first celebrity to take part in the new series of the BBC1 programme and was given possibly the most surprising family tree of anyone to appear on it as he was told that he was descended from Thomas Cromwell, Edward III, William the Conqueror and Henry III.

Instead, Dyer and O'Dwyer feared an imminent mutiny in Punjab similar to the Indian Rebellion of 1857. It comes from the Middle English "dyer", meaning dyer of cloth, which in turn descends from the Old English "deagere" from "deag", which means dye.

A year later, he was appointed temporary brigadier general.

The Dyer Family.

You will have to report to me of the Badmash. "Something different to what I'm known for, that's what I'd like, to freak a few people out.". "I'll say it again, I'm a direct descendant of Thomas Cromwell."

Reginald Dyer graduated from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, in 1885 and joined the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) as a lieutenant.

Punjab Legislative Council Proceedings, 23 Feb 1921, Vol I I. In the end, they received Rs 500 (then equal to £37.10s.0d; equivalent to £1,497 in 2019) for each victim. Samuel B. Dyer (1809–1894) married Abby H. Jones in 1833. A disbelieving Dyer said: "So Danny Dyer is a direct descendant of Thomas Cromwell. According to the estimate of the Hunter Commission, 379 people, including 41 boys and a six-week-old baby, died and over 1,100 people were injured. There he raised his family until the beginning of King Philip’s War (1676–1689), when he was killed by Indians. The family lived with Sam Dyer in the mansion that he built. Speak up if you want war? The ‘Morning Post’ hailed him as the “man who saved India”, while the ‘Westminster Gazette’ held the opinion that "No British action, during the whole course of our history in India, has struck a severer blow to Indian faith in British justice than the massacre at Amritsar”. William’s two sons, Christopher and John, moved to the Braintree area with their families.

The district magistrate, acting on orders from the Punjab government, had the two leaders arrested. Serving as a temporary brigadier-general, he ordered the men under him to fire at a group of peaceful protestors.

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