ge refrigerator class action lawsuit

Motherboard failure followed by inconsistent cooling problems. The ice maker in the affected refrigerators is the TSB 2015 model, alleges the class action lawsuit.

Consumers are for the most part totally unaware that their GE refrigerator is included in a lawsuit. Before commenting, please review our comment policy. Another unhappy GE Monogram owner. The Liebherr company voluntarily chose to recall these models after having received report of 13 doors detaching. Once final approval happens in court, anyone who did not get registered in time will be forever barred from any claim against GE for losses or damages. As it’s known around our house as the $50.00 swindle stick.

We bought a 4 year old house with all upgraded GE appliances.

I called GE and they would do nothing about it. Bad Boy Furniture - Do not support customers/bad product deliveries, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. I have also had a terrible experience with my GE side by side. The top shelf plastic has cracked and overall this refrigerator is a piece of expensive junk. The toll free number is (888) 345-2650. Turningrock1@***.com. I have a 5 year old GE Profile counter depth Arctica- $3500 refrigerator that we have replaced the mother board on three times, several $100.00's trying to fix, replaced mother-board, had repairmen out etc- temperatures are too high and food gets moldy, mildew, ect- even after mother board replacement. Same here, we have a GE Profile,(2005) replaced mother board 2008, Today Sept. 11, 2013 stopped cooling again. Our GE Monogram refrigerator has had the EXACT same problems indicated here. These refrigerators in question had been sold at appliance and specialty retailers across Canada from 01/2005 through 11/2009 with a retail cost of between $2,500 and $3,200. Attorneys working with would like to speak to anyone who owns a General Electric (GE), Bosch or Electrolux refrigerator and had problems with the linear compressor, the part responsible for cooling the appliance. I live in New York. We go from no ice to icebergs..mostly no ice.There's also a shelf in the freezer that falls if you touch it.

:( GE is JUNK and the management are scam artists. I have the same mold and my fridge is about 6 years old. Im fed up. I may be older, but I'm not blind. GE's response to this was to send me one (!) Thank you. Would You Like to Convert It Into Review? If you don’t see your model in there and you are still concerned, then you can go to the company’s website and type in your model number along with the serial number just to check if it’s included in the recall. I took the time to look up this class-action suit on GE refrigerators on the computer . Product or Service Mentioned: I replaced the main board, and the temperature problem is fixed. It is believed that this defect is contained in General Electric refrigerators sold under the following brand names prior to 2008: If General Electric knew or should have known that its design could result in GE fridge problems, such as fires and the tendency to stop operating, legal recourse may be available. General Electric Repair. On December 15, 2005 GE agreed to settle the suit and began a notification process to all past and present owners of the defective refrigerators by mail on January 13, 2006.

Defective doors appear on 2004 and 2005 models. My GE PROFILE is only 5 years old. If you want your response GE is a rip off, I would be very interested in a class action law suit. Any class action suits in Florida? I would join a class action suit or do what needs to be done. The catch?

oldcop. If you check out our site, you will get picture. Most people across the country are unaware of the National Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Argreement pertaining to 304 models of GE defective refrigerators. We know that there are more than 304 models affected, we know that the defects are not limited to just the Bloomingtion, Indiana factory, and we know that the defects continued into 2003 models. After all, who do you turn to? After a brief look at ours he stated it was one on the list. The issue appears to stem from an issue with compressors, which can be …

GE has posted a webpage on this class action lawsuit as well. I've called a repair man but think from all I've read, it will be futile.

Most people across the country are unaware of the National Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Argreement pertaining to 304 models of GE defective refrigerators. At A Glance. Thank You for Your Reply! Username and password will be sent to you via email. They will also put out advertisements nationwide." Refrigerator owners report having to pay hundreds in labor costs to replace circuit boards, inverters, or compressors. Now the refrigerator (GE profile, SS, side-by -side) doesn't keep a constant temp..been 4-5 months now. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Too bad they didn't send two, since one guarantees a shelf that rocks back and forth before it falls.

They …

The class action lawsuit against LG features several of the “thousands of complaints” about the refrigerators failing. Does this mean you need to get rid of your refrigerator or is there a small repair that can be done to bring it back into working order? Review #218194 is a subjective opinion of It will cost that to haul this piece of *** away. (Dec-13-05) I had an intermittent temperature regulation problem that the repairman couldn't identify when the fridge was new. A list of open investigations and lawsuits can be viewed here. The Settlement Agreement provides for refunds for previously paid repairs, refunds to those who replaced their refrigerator at … They run from $105 to $149 apiece. If you do have a refrigerator that is in the recall then contact Viking for them to set up a free in-home performed repair. I am having the same problem!!! Here’s an update on this on-going lawsuit from our friends at Most people across the country are unaware of the National Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Argreement pertaining to 304 models of GE defective refrigerators. They include 20, 22, and 25 cubic foot models and nearly 300 model numbers. The models that are in this refrigerator recall are: The serial numbers to look for begin with these numbers: var infolink_pid=10836;var infolink_link_color='002EB8';var infolink_title_color='252667';var infolink_text_color='000000';var infolink_ad_link_color='1E5F94';var infolink_ad_effect_type=0;var infolink_anow=18. I am really pissed at GE. General Electric has agreed to replace defective refrigerators across the nation that needed more than three repairs to fix moisture related problems. I would love nothing more than for them to get stuck with a class-action suit. General Electric Monogram, Café, and Profile Refrigerator Lawsuit Investigation, Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Investigation, Wells Fargo Loan Modification Lawsuit (2020). While we would love to say that we live in a perfect world and the products that are made are done in such a way that they won’t break, we all know this isn’t true. the kind with the freezer on the … General Electric Monogram, Café, and Profile Refrigerator Lawsuit Investigation We are investigating consumer complaints about General Electric (GE) refrigerator failures. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License ©2020 Online Legal Media. Where are the class-action lawyers when you need them? An NBC investigation found rust and a black substance embedded in ice cubes, as well as sharp plastic pieces broken away from ice makers. We were able to get the deadlines for registering extended to Sept. 4, 2006. The pro rated discount merely brings you back to the normal price! I just spent 20 mins detailing the erratic behavior/no working light fixture of my GE GTR11AAPARWW, that has cost me hundreds of dollars and continual malfunctions, yet when I put the CORRECT security code in to post this,it said "wrong security code" and I was booted out. The models being recalled are: SBS 245 I am really pissed at GE.

GE NEEDS to be sued to the limits - for designing and producing this class of poorly designed/manufactured products. Cost of GE refrigerator $2,000.00 I will join the class action suit against GE. Click here for more on Norcold Refrigerators, Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Suit - Samsung USA - October 2010. We did not initiate this class action; we more or less have been “bird dogging” it so to speak as a Boston Globe reporter put it. It started right after my extended warranty. Consumer complaints online also state that GE refrigerator owners have incurred additional costs caused by failed GE parts, such as the cost of spoiled food, temporary fridges, and floor or wall damage from leaking refrigerators. They HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THESE FLAWS for years! information here is for reference only. The ice unit has been replaced twice for 600.00 and it causes all groceries on the refrigerator side to freeze solid. I am on my 3 rd repair on our 5600.00 monogram. I lost $thousands due to spoilage over the next few years.

Failed boards can be replaced by part WR55x10942, according to complaints. Any concerned consumers should call Liebherr to schedule a free in-home repair.


Private messages do not impact your company rating. The units were made in Bloomington, Indiana in 2001 and 2002. So, nobody has so far had the cajones to start a class-action lawsuit against this greedy, care-nothing-about-the-customer-POS company called GE? If your refrigerator is a part of this recall then you should stop using it if the door isn’t closing properly if it is sagging , doesn’t open and close the way it should, and call Viking right away. We had a house built in late 2010 and early 2011, and all new GE appliances came with it. There is absolutely no cost to you to submit this form.

Tbe repairman called GE and they would do nothing about it. 1/2 years for failed hub (a known issue with no recall*). We work closely with class action and mass tort attorneys across the country and help with investigations into corporate wrongdoing. Let me count the ways!

More of the Best Kitchen Gadgets we've seen this year! This is an indirect Norcold recall as Coachmen has decided to do a refrigerator recall on certain of their vehicles that came with a 1200-Series Norcold refrigerators. * The repairman is coming to replace the usual $300 main circuit board today. Contact Review Author as Verified Representative, Business Solutions For Verified Company Representatives, Pissed Consumer © 2020 All

Take me from Refrigerator Recall to Refrigerator Pro Home Page For other possible refrigerator choices, take a look at our Top 10 Refrigerators, Here our the Top 3 Wine Refrigerators on the market today. microwaves. Should you have a Coachmen vehicle with this type of RV refrigerator, then you should contact them to see if yours is included in this recall. I bought a ge refrigerator that uses the rpwfe $50.00 filter.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, For other possible refrigerator choices, take a look at our, The Best Wine Refrigerators on the Market Today.

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