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, the actress was interested in Scientology in the 1960s but left before it rose to prominence. Marisol Nichols is now well known for her role as Hermione Lodge on the smash-hit CW series Riverdale. It has nothing to do with all this funny folklore that surrounds it. RELATED: Leah Remini's 8 Most Shocking Revelations About Scientology. In the 1950s, founder L. Ron Hubbard created what became known as “Project Celebrity,” a written program that offers rewards to Scientologists who bring in some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The award-winning actor admitted to exploring the religion years ago, when Tom Cruise (then married to Crowe's friend and fellow Australian Nicole Kidman) introduced him to it. In the book, Tambor wrote that he'd practiced Scientology for two years in the hopes of self-improvement. More recently known for her role as June in Fear the Walking Dead (and previously as Dharma in Dharma and Greg), Jenna Elfman has been a Scientologist for almost three decades. Ethan Suplee is best known for his roles as Louie Lastik in Remember the Titans and Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl. According to Haddish, she was offered a recruiting position at the Scientology Center and signed a "billion year contract." Though it labels itself a religion, many have called it a cult, claiming that it holds members hostage and separates members from their non-Scientologist family members. He didn't try to sell me a pair of shoes. In the decades since its inception, the church has come under fire for its stance on psychiatry, its high costs, its alleged mistreatment of members, and, most basically, its legitimacy as a religion at all. "It wasn't that informative.

It is unclear if he chose to leave the show or if someone else made him quit. This list contains information about famous ex-Scientologists, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Musician who promoted Scientology as a member for many years and featured as a prominent member of the organization.

It's reported that Willis asked Moore to quit practicing once they had children due to his own religious beliefs. Read more about celebrities who have left the Church of Scientology below. Larry Anderson . In recent years, actress Katie Holmes has been known for keeping her personal life very, very quiet and many speculate that it could have something to do with her departure from Scientology. According to. I'm never the kind to place my beliefs on someone else. , which was particularly popular with celebrities in the early 2000s. You'll get it back tenfold [...] It took me years before I decided to quit. “Scientology is given so many rights because they are recognized as a religion,” says Jenna Miscavige Hill, who is the niece of church leader David Miscavige and … (There's also a list online that shows Moss' Scientology service completions—gotta love the web.

According to Haddish, she was offered a recruiting position at the Scientology Center and signed a "billion year contract." Since then, Rogers has been listed as a former member of the church.

He joined the church in 2000 and told The Guardian that his involvement with the church made him a better actor. We pick every product that we think you'll love the most.

It doesn't really matter to me.". You'll get it back tenfold [...] It took me years before I decided to quit. In 2007, She told the New York Times "I’m not, never was, never will be. Probably not the answer people want to hear, but perhaps the best way to learn about and make sense of a new religion. Author Neil Gaiman was raised in the Church of Scientology, but he no longer believes in organized religion. According to Scientology's own Impact magazine, in 2007 Nancy was awarded Patron Laureate status for totaling $10 million in donations to the International Association of Scientologists. Katie Holmes was a member of the Church of Scientology when she was married to Tom Cruise from 2006-2012. ", "Lisa Marie Presley did not rejoin the Church of Scientology", "Something huge is about to go down with Scientology that could destroy the 'church' once and for all", "Walking Dead Star's Father Accuses Scientology of 'Brainwashing' Her in Damning New Interview", "Battlefield of dreams: L. Ron Hubbard said he didn't want his science-fiction work to be a press release for the church he founded. Her TV show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" has earned acclaim for exposing the harsh realities of families trapped in Scientology. Her TV show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" has earned acclaim for exposing the harsh realities of families trapped in Scientology. , later scrubbing all mention of the religion from her official website. Church of Scientology International v. Time Warner, Inc., et al.

", RELATED: [link href="/life/news/a39512/ex-scientologist-auditioned-tom-cruise-girlfriend-anette-iren-johansen/" target="_blank" 0="data-tracking-id="recirc-text-link"" link_updater_label="internal_full"]Ex-Scientologist Says She Was Tricked Into Auditioning To Be Tom Cruise's Girlfriend, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. from Amazon's "Transparent" upon allegations of, . There's quite a bit of murkiness around Will and Jada and their Scientology affiliation. According to a former Scientology bigwig, they were never in the church to begin with, but a 2007 interview with Access Hollywood made people think differently. She says the religion has had a positive effect on her marriage and balancing her family life with Hollywood. You could be a Jewish Scientologist or a Buddhist Scientologist or a Christian Scientologist or anything else. The Transparent actor set the record straight after he was reported to be a Scientologist in 2007: "I took some Scientology classes at one time, studied Scientology for a while, but no more.

"The Magic of Scientologist and Singer-Songwriter Joy Villa", "The Life & Death of a Scientologist – After 13 Years and Thousands Of Dollars, Lisa McPherson Finally Went 'Clear.' There are plenty of Scientologist actors, like Tom Cruise - but who are the famous Scientologists who have left the organization? Cruise has been extremely vocal about his dedication to the chuch, claiming it helped him overcome dyslexia. Who is the most famous former Scientologist? And it creates an addiction, so you come back for more. By 2016, the actor revealed that he and his second wife "don't practice Scientology. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. A Scientology policy letter of 19… Unlike many celebs who choose the religion later in life, The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss was raised as a Scientologist.

Remini's goal is for the FBI to investigate Scientology's practices as well as to strip the "church" of its religious tax-exempt status. But it turns out, many other superstar celebs follow the religion too, and some even attribute their massive success to it. He played the controversial Kenickie. Giovanni Ribisi is an American film and television actor known for his role in the TV series Sneaky Pete. ", Leah Remini Says She Decided To Leave Scientology After Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's Wedding, Leah Remini Takes Down Scientology and Tom Cruise In Her Exposé, Leah Remini's 8 Most Shocking Scientology Claims, Leah Remini Admits That Tom Cruise Was One of the Reasons She Left The Church of Scientology, Leah Remini Announces Season 2 of Scientology Show, Leah Remini Opens Up About the Scary Aftermath of Leaving Scientology.

The voice of Bart Simpson, Cartwright is an active member of the church of Scientology. Alley is also one of the 20 Celebs Who Were Once Game Show Contestants. 15 Celebrities Who Escaped Scientology. A big thing that—despite its somewhat sinister and secretive reputation—has managed to recruit dozens of high-profile celebrities, some of which are devout followers, while others decided it wasn’t their cup of tea and left the church. "I was totally willing to accept Scientology — if it would fix me," Tambor said. "It's just the study of the mind and cutting it into two parts: the analytical mind and the reactive mind," he said. "I was introduced to [Scientology] through Tom, and I'm a student of world religion," Will Smith said. I know what's true for me and what works for me. Bijou Phillips has been in the public eye since the age of 13, when she became one of the youngest people ever to appear on the cover of Italian Vogue. ... of physical and mental abuse of members and former members. Larry Anderson . Sign up here to get INSIDER's favorite stories straight to your inbox. Apparently, it took Van a bit longer to realize, as Elvis Presley once stated, "that son-of-a … Eggenberger, Nicole (September 10, 2013). Several prominent figures in Hollywood were once members of the Church of Scientology.

Aside from being an actor, he's also a Scientologist. In an episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, Laura claimed that Scientology does not discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community after fans wondered how she felt about playing the role of openly gay inmate Alex Voss on OITNB. Kidman has remained tight-lipped when speaking about Scientology, but it's alleged that she never quite stuck with the religion and is now labeled a ", ," a term that Scientologists use to describe people who leave or doubt the religion and ". She's married to cinematographer Taron Lexton, the son of Mary Shuttleworth, who founded the Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights. Famous for his role as Eugene in Grease and voicing the characters of some of America's favorite cartoons, Eddie Deezen was first introduced to Scientology by former castmate John Travolta. He's also another of the celebrity Scientologists to be featured on the cover of Scientology's Celebrity magazine in January 2004. Known for her voice role as Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright is a firm believer in Scientology and has donated millions of dollars to the church over the years. A decade later, Tambor reflected more openly on his time studying Scientology in his memoir, "Are You Anybody?"

Until Leah Remini came forward in 2013, the Million Dollar Baby screenwriter was considered the most famous person to publicly break with (and strongly disavow) Scientology. Hubbard figured a way to get rid of the reactive mind so it doesn't affect you and it doesn't take over your life.". #7: GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: SCIENTOLOGIST. She is also known for encouraging others to donate as well. Jeffrey Tambor, who was recently fired from Amazon's "Transparent" upon allegations of sexual harassment, was reported to be a Scientologist in 2007. In an interview with Inside Edition, Conaway spoke of how Scientology cured his drug addiction and how Travolta is to thank for it. Tom Berenger .

", As for her own experience with Scientology, Visage said on an, of "RuPaul: What's the Tee?" Once she said they forced her to face her ultimate fear, sleeping in a bunk bed, she decided to give it up. The titular creator and star of Seinfeld never formally joined the Church, but he did take classes in his twenties. He also said Suri is no longer a practicing member of the church. In the book, Tambor wrote that he'd practiced Scientology for two years in the hopes of self-improvement. The Best Demi Moore Movies#226 of 853 The Best Actresses in Film History#50 of 69 Celebrities with the Weirdest Middle Names. ", The former Soap actress spent several years in the Church of Scientology before choosing to leave. Actress Demi Moore allegedly practiced Scientology until marrying her now ex-husband Bruce Willis. Best Known For: being a legal expert for CNN and FOX; covered the O.J. Another actor who was introduced to Scientology by John Travolta on the set of Grease was Jeff Conaway. 40 Celebrity Scientologists, Past and Present. practiced Scientology until marrying her now ex-husband Bruce Willis. Why You Wouldn't Expect Her To Be a Scientologist: Well, she has an education, for one, and by all accounts was a pretty good lawyer.

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