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Also, call the cops. Bernie Sanders’s 2020 Election Prediction Is the Only One That Matters, Celebrities Also Don’t Know How to React to the Election, “This is like being awake during your own surgery.”, Here Are a Bunch of Celebrities (Safely) Voting This Year. Many of the true-crime offerings on Netflix are British productions, and many of the available American series are not great. All week long, Vulture is exploring the many ways true crime has become one of the most dominant genres in popular culture. There’s no further explanation of what he means, and for an hour-long look at terrible crimes, you come away with little insight and not much more than a blanket shock of “Well, this was bad.”. Addeddate 2015-09-13 02:29:50 Identifier ForensicFiles Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. Ken Burns and his daughter Sarah directed this 2012 documentary about the high-profile case of five black and Latinx teens who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park in the ’80s and subsequently spent between 6 to 15 years in prison.

His “sudden” plea deal comes seemingly as a result of L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey’s Election Day defeat. Everyone has that one friend they can turn to when they’re in need of a true-crime rec, and, hi, that friend is me. Unlike the other docuseries on this list, The Confession Tapes tells multiple separate stories about the way interrogation strategies coerce people into saying things they otherwise wouldn’t.

Me too!! It’s genre-defining for a reason: Michael Peterson is a magnetic personality at the center of the series, alternately exasperated and believable and off-puttingly cold. Likewise, avoid Under Arrest, a condensed version of the Canadian Cops rip-off series, To Serve and Protect. 18 Must-Watch British Crime Dramas on Netflix, The Best True Crime Shows and Movies of 2017, Netflix's New True Crime Series? Fortunately, computer technology and behavioral science combined to give police a new forensic tool: geographical profiling. Definitely steer clear of Killer Women With Piers Morgan. I will not be judged. Promise. But here’s the thing: The victims, the criminal methods, and the weapons used were all over the freakin’ place. There are two collections currently streaming on Netflix and both have 40 episodes, so do take your time. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Here are a few of the best: Knox’s story is well-covered territory, but the documentary’s big get is Knox’s own participation in describing her experiences and explaining her actions. How do you even begin to sort them apart? Its successes and its mistakes will be benchmarks for the genre for a long time. The documentary details the disturbing ways both girls’ lives were changed as the crime committed against them.

Maybe you’re looking for one of the classic series. I don’t know what it is about true-crime documentaries that makes me so obsessed. Wait, Where Is Ted Bundy’s Girlfriend These Days?

If you’re worried that it’s going to feel out of date, the American Vandal team promised that Thin Blue Line is one of their biggest influences for both the first and second season. As it turns out, he just so happens to be Luke Magnotta, one of Canada’s most infamous killers. Steven Avery spent 18 years in jail for a crime he did not commit before he was exonerated. )—whatever it is, it’s hard to stop watching.

What it does have is a truly bizarre story about one of the strangest crimes I’ve ever seen explored in a true-crime framework. It is the uncommon true-crime series that tries desperately to give voice to the victims, and it mostly succeeds. Be the first one to write a review. A fantastic Errol Morris feature-length documentary about a former beauty-pageant winner who’s accused of kidnapping and raping a Mormon missionary.

Authorities have been looking into this case for *decades*, but it remains unsolved. “Last Will,” from season seven is a fan favorite.

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