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The other part of this is Digital ATIS, a text version of the official ATIS broadcast. Logbook is seamlessly integrated into the ForeFlight app making it easy for pilots to log and share flights, track hours, review currency, record certificates and ratings, send and receive digital endorsements, and generate experience reports. From the Maps or Airports page, tap on an FBO, then choose the JetFuelX tab. The runway performance feature along with the fuel policy and payload check should be included in the basic subscription.

One SA aid I wish they’d add is shading or otherwise indicating on the plate’s profile view which approach segment the airplane is on. There is only one available to fix it, and it will cost $50,000 plus air fare and accommodations. They contain general and country-specific charts including regulations, communications, meteorology, aerodrome directory, and more for the planning and execution of flights within Europe under Visual Flight Rules.

ForeFlight’s acquisition of JetFuelX in January 2016 didn’t receive a lot of attention, but it now looks like a very savvy move. The result is better planning on the Maps and Flights pages.

In the air, Profile View scrolls along as you fly and continuously updates the terrain and airspace ahead of your aircraft. 3D Preview provides an interactive preview of planned flight to help you familiarize yourself with terrain, landmarks, and more before the flight. To get all these features with other software options could easily cost over $1,000, especially if you fly a turbine airplane with complicated performance calculations. Quiz: What do these aviation iPad acronyms mean? ForeFlight’s basic flight planning tools are excellent, but Performance Plus subscribers do have access to a few extra features. Optional add-ons are also available.Learn more about European coverage here. Customize unlimited aircraft W&B profiles and quickly evaluate the effects of passenger and payload distribution before every flight.

Logbook automatically flags any missing aircraft profile details to ensure accurate tracking.

Learn more. You can also plan a fuel stop en route. Simply enter your departure address (home, office, etc. With interactive first- and third-person camera modes you can review your flights from any perspective. The rest seems like a simple cash grab compared what the first $100 delivers in "Basic Plus" plan. This one was a little clunky at first, but it has been improved a lot and now it’s one of the app’s best pre-flight features. Print your detailed navlog trip sheet and track actual performance against planned. A PDC message includes everything you’d get on a regular radio clearance, like route, altitude, and transponder code, and is sent roughly 30 minutes before your proposed departure time. The intuitive, simple interface fits naturally into your workflow and helps you conduct safer flight operations. Customize by toggling on/off aeronautical data and basemap elements, adjust text size and choose between light and dark themes. Receive your departure clearance via text and email at over 70 U.S. airports when you register your aircraft and file with ForeFlight. ForeFlight will choose the best airports based on driving time and available services, then calculate when you’ll arrive at your final destination. From the Maps page, tap on the Route Advisor to bring up suggested routes, including ForeFlight’s most efficient routing from their AviationCloud engine. You can get three dimensional view of an airport from all angles, including preset locations for final approach to all runways, which is ideal for briefing an approach to a new airport. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It was $49,950 to know where to hit it.". The guy comes in, examines the machine for about ten minutes, then pulls out a wrench and hits a pipe with it. Take notes on the fly, draw holding patterns, highlight relevant parts of a map or layer, and more using Map Annotations. They are incredibly useful.

Performance Plus subscribers will also see a button at the top right that allows you to specify your altitude range. Automatic structural weight limit checks keep you from overloading the aircraft. Securely publish and update documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface using any one of three supported cloud services: Box, Amazon S3, or Dropbox. Also view ATIS in the app at supported locations. Annual subscription grants license to one individual to use ForeFlight on 2 iPads and 1 iPhone, or 1 iPad and 2 iPhones. ForeFlight Pro is a ridiculously good value. One Geographic Region is included (United States, Canada,or Europe). Internet Traffic hooks you into FlightAware’s global traffic coverage, allowing you to view airborne and ground traffic all over the world any time you have an internet connection on the ground. With ForeFlight’s built-in performance data, the app can calculate detailed takeoff and landing data in addition to cruise speed and fuel burn numbers.

If it costs me $0.05 for giving you a service that brings you $10,000 in value, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me charging you $9,500 for the service. Hazard Alerts detect and warn of threatening obstacles and terrain using visual and audio alerts that display app-wide. ForeFlight gives you the flexibility to use graphical Touch Planning™ on the Maps view or the full-featured form-based planner in the Flights view. Here’s a look at the growing list of features, and how they work. Global, data-driven Aeronautical Maps, available on mobile and the web, feature incredibly fast Continuous Zoom™ technology, dynamic decluttering, and automatic airspace highlighting, powered by ForeFlight’s state-of-the-art map engine.

Seamlessly integrated with ForeFlight’s flight planning workflow, Fuel Orders allow you to send detailed fuel requests to FBOs with information about the type and quantity of fuel and your expected arrival time at the FBO. A relatively recent addition is the ability to receive IFR clearances before engine start via text message and email – Pre-Departure Clearances, or PDC.

Passenger connects to your ForeFlight app and displays current route, time to destination, ETA, altitude, groundspeed, magnetic bearing, and destination weather. All of your Logbook data is protected in ForeFlight’s secure cloud storage. Our in-house performance team built each performance profile according to the climb, descent, and cruise model parameters defined for multiple aircraft weights, altitudes, and temperatures as published in the manufacturer’s data. ForeFlight provides an extended version of the industry-standard GDL 90 Data Interface Specification for third-party devices to transmit live weather, traffic, AHRS, device name information, and GPS data to ForeFlight Mobile.

That's a fair statement. Our dual AFTN connections on two continents ensure redundancy and reliability in transmitting filed flight plans. File & Brief. Edit: Go all the way to the bottom and click "build your own plan".

Now, ForeFlight users can use the same convenient process, but without the expensive avionics. ForeFlight’s basic flight planning tools are excellent, but Performance Plus subscribers do have access to a few extra features. For the ultimate in situational awareness, view approach plates, taxi charts, hazards and weather in one seamless moving map view. Taxi charts and approach plates are geo-referenced to enable the real-time display of your GPS position on the chart. The Route Advisor tool makes it quick and easy to get a Recommended Route, file it, and get on with your mission.

Need to land with a specific quantity of fuel? Store your own documents in the cloud, access them in ForeFlight on iPad and iPhone, and keep them in sync across devices. $199/yr Performance Plus: Everything in Pro Plus, plus aircraft performance profiles, advanced planning engine, AviationCloud routes, fuel policies/safety chec… ForeFlight Connect is a platform that enables portable and installed avionics to connect with ForeFlight and deliver capabilities like two-way flight plan transfer, and the display of ADS-B weather and traffic, back-up attitude and GPS position. *All prices shown do not include sales tax or VAT.

It matters the value it brings you. When you receive a PDC, you do not need to contact clearance delivery.

Partners include Stratus, Garmin, uAvionix, Avidyne, L-3, Dynon Avionics, FreeFlight, Bad Elf, and more.

Graphical Touch Planning and interactive route editor makes it easy to plan and modify your route. ForeFlight Connect is a platform that enables portable and installed avionics to connect with ForeFlight and deliver capabilities like two-way flight plan transfer, and the display of ADS-B weather and traffic, back-up attitude and GPS position. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The thing I can't wrap my head around is why FF gets an extra $100 for the additional features in the "Pro Plus" subscription? ForeFlight uses published runway performance data and current weather conditions to calculate the most important distance and speed metrics for both takeoff and landing, and warns you when the results exceed the selected runway’s or aircraft’s limits. Here’s another feature that seems like it’s made for turbine airplanes, but actually has wide applicability. This community is for discussion among pilots, students, instructors and aviation professionals. A variety of base map layers improve situational awareness, including world, terrain, street and satellite views.

These go far beyond basic cruise speed and fuel burn numbers. Add built-in safety margins based on runway conditions or other factors. FF gets a lot of shit for their pricing, but they have to stay profitable.

At $299.99/year, Performance Plus isn’t exactly cheap, but considering all the features included we actually think it’s a solid value. ForeFlight is the essential, integrated flight app that makes planning, flying, and logging flights a joy. airspace in Profile View to see information and zoom to it on the map so you know exactly where it lies along your route. So for those that do recreational IFR flying, are geo-referenced approach plates really the beez kneez?

Record your flights for later viewing and debriefing with Track Logs. This is also a great place to play around with scenarios – how much more fuel can we take if we have only two passengers? Checklist keeps critical procedures organized and easily accessible for every phase of flight. Forecast weather imagery products and real-time weather map overlays, including: animated high resolution NEXRAD composite radar with lightning strikes, rotation detection and storm tracks, global color-enhanced infrared satellite, color-coded METARs, TAFs, temperature, dewpoint, visibility, and global winds aloft, graphical AIR/SIGMETs and Center Weather Advisories, and more. Tap on Sadly, my choice of wording devolved this thread into me "bitching about the cost" when I was really trying to suss out if others perceived real value in having geo referenced plates based on their practical experience. Alternate Advisor provides a list of suggested alternate airports to help you choose the best one for your flight. Easily bulk import existing flight time and export your full logbook data at any time. At the end of the day it doesn't matter at all what it costs ForeFlight to provide a given dataset or service to you. These aren’t only for jets – the models for Cessnas and SR22s is just as good, and ForeFlight is adding new ones all the time. FF employs many people to be as useful as it is. Now it’s all consolidated into one tool. This is also available in the app – go to the Airports page and look at the Weather tab. Sign up for our free email newsletter, packed with tips, tricks and news for pilots.

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