ford panoramic roof problems

The plaintiffs claim the panoramic sunroof exploded outward as if blown out from the inside, a problem other Ford owners have also reported. Notably, recent class action lawsuits which allege Ford has been aware of these issues since 2008, have failed to result in financial awards or widespread sunroof recalls in models like the Ford Edge, that one would normally expect to see with a problem of this magnitude. The Ford exploding panoramic sunroof lawsuit names 16 models of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles at risk of the glass shattering.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here to help. Because all Ford sunroofs undergo a similar manufacturing process and are constructed of similar materials, the list of vehicles at risk of suffering a fractured or exploded sunroof is essentially the entire Ford collection. Never heard anything while driving. The van is only four years old. No reproduction, in print, electronic or any form without the expressed written permission of the publisher. The strange thing is the the vent function is still working, but if I slide it open it won't close because of the broken clip. The sunscreen caught the loose pieces.

She made the whole process seem easy on my side, but I am sure she had her work cut out for her. So last night I went to close our Vista Roof on our 2008 Ford Edge, but I heard a pop and then it wouldn't close. Court documents also show Ford claiming the Beaty’s sunroof didn’t spontaneously break because it was hit by a rock. Just had this happen to me over the weekend. Yeah, I'm kind of in the same boat. "" ®, "Autobeef", "What's Wrong With YOUR Car?" Thanks for any help. The Ford sunroof lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington - Beaty et. First it wasn't lubed properly (which I just fixed), but lead to the bigger problem. These stories have been researched for the benefit of professional AGRR shop owners and installers.

The Problem. I had the shop close it as best they could, but it's still lifted up in the back, so it's not safe to drive if there's a chance of rain (which is daily where we live). Someone could get seriously hurt…. I also must mention we just bought this rig used and it was supposed to be "certified" pre-owned and haven't even made the first payment on it yet. Ford blamed the problem on a bad bond between the panoramic roof and the body of the Transit Connect van, but no other models were recalled due to panoramic sunroofs. They replaced the entire mechanism at least 4 times. About to trade it in, on a Mazda CX-9, I think. During the initialization procedure, the glass panel closes with high force and cannot detect objects in its path". We are and will continue to work around the clock for you during the Coronavirus pandemic. You are able to speak to her directly and she keeps her clients apprised every step of the way. So it’s not fixed so any info anyone has on parts please please share.

Will be rethinking my recommendations of Ford products due to the customer service experience with the representative. Instead, we will pursue this compensation from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Yet despite all these theories, the exact cause of the exploding sunroofs remains undetermined and Ford has continually denied responsibility and warranty coverage for the defect. Allstate Opens Over 200 Insurance Job Opportunities in Missouri, Ford Lawsuit Focuses On Shattering Sunroofs. Support Us - Become A Supporting Member Today! After only a few years or a few uses, the moonroof on some 2010 F-150 trucks will fail. "" ®, "Autobeef", "What's Wrong With YOUR Car?" Thank you again! My clips also broke like the first one pictured .I can't get the roof to close completely.

In fact, Ford is second only to Hyundai in reports of exploding sunroof and moonroof problems in their vehicles since 1995. Many times, a dead spot in the motor could cause this to happen. “Ford has failed to meet these engineering challenges, as is evidenced by its own panoramic sunroofs’ propensity to spontaneously shatter (referred to herein as the defect). The plaintiff argues Ford has a duty to disclose “any systemic failure of a specific automotive part of which it was aware and concealed from the public.”. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data.

Ford blamed the problem on a bad bond between the panoramic roof and the body of the Transit Connect van, but no other models were recalled due to panoramic sunroofs. While lemon laws vary considerably from state to state, both lemon law and breach of warranty claims (under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) generally require a vehicle defect to: Ford owners whose vehicles have suffered from recurring sunroof cracking, shattering and exploding should consult with an attorney regarding their eligibility to file a lemon law or breach of warranty claim. My son’s 2014 Escape Titanium sunroof exploded last week while driving on an interstate in Denver. The sunroof lawsuit alleges Ford used panoramic glass too lightweight and thin to withstand the pressures of being used as a roof, namely because the thinner glass helps with increased fuel economy. Can I manually close it? Unlike several manufacturers that have issued safety recalls, Ford has not recalled its defective panoramic sunroofs,” a portion of the complaint reads.

- The glass panel will move toward the front hard-stop and stall.

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