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I stroke it and then lick my fingers and stroke it some more. You can find their frequently updated collection of excerpts here: “21 Steamy Erotic Stories Written By Women & Why They’re Important.”. He might have called it holy, save that the feel of such a place had nothing to do with church or saint. I look into his curious eyes.

My breath caught. He moved like a flash down her body, pulling those panties off as he went and throwing them across the room. Eden’s been burned (not unlike her ex’s abandoned crap) and isn’t ready to try dating again. You don’t owe me anything,” he said without looking at her face.

She poised the mousse-laden spoon in front of her mouth, parting her lips a fraction. “‘I want to see your face tonight,’ he said simply.”, ‘Huh?’ I blinked at him, a little lust crazed. “He starts to kiss me, softly, sweetly, tugging at my lips with his. Not all websites offer excerpts or chapter samples, but a lot of them do. Their reunion is cut short when a body is discovered and rumors fly that it’s the work of a serial killer. A beautiful doctor on the run from a killer.
Avoiding Gabe should be easy, especially when so much of Nikki’s time is spent trying not to be stabbed in the back by the malicious hangers-on who frequent the mansion. Her and her big, blue eyes, sassy mouth, and killer curves. I married the man of every woman’s dreams. It's not all that common for romance books to continue in a series with the same hero and heroine, but I read a lot of mystery, and I think my books are as much mystery as romance. Candace of CandaceReads lives and breathes literature.

This is a teaser trailer for Maya DeLeina's upcoming series. “You,” he said at last. For most of her life, Minka Verdin thought she was nothing more than a gifted fortune teller until a life-altering experience brought her into her powers. Tongues teased and danced with promises of more to come. Within seconds I was soaking wet and aching for him. I know because they’ve told me. ‘But?’, “She inhaled, the breath ragged and not enough, and though it was he who knelt, it was she who confessed.’But I wanted to.’, “He rewarded her honesty with his mouth, consuming her like fire, his tongue stroking in long, slow licks, curling in a slick promise at the hard center of her pleasure, and she lifted her hips to meet his remarkable mouth, not caring that the action could be called nothing but wanton. Absolutely no chat, promos, contests, or obligation. Click here to see all the hottest sex scenes on TV. My husband is the leading man in their filthy fantasies. With the black hair and fiery temper of her Irish father, it had been a constant battle. Bobby has had a handful of one night stands and realizes he won’t find love with someone he finds leaning against the locker room door. Outwardly, Noah Carter is riding high as the tech world’s hottest new genius. Damn, woman, I’ve missed you.”, He paused, as if he wasn’t sure. She was his Claire, his Sassenach.”, “If I'd known I should meet a damn bear, Jamie said, grunting as he lifted another stone into place, I would have taken another path.”, “Money might not buy happiness, I reflected, but it was a useful commodity, nonetheless.”, “He had learned early on the trick of living separately in a crowd, private in his mind when his body could not be.

“Guess we should go,” she said. New Release - Passion's Victory by KC Kendricks. Sexually, they are combustible together. After living the apocalypse for nine years, Regan thought they’d experienced every kind of loss and terror imaginable.

Now he opened his clothing and took out his hard, eager sex, and mounting her he let it rest against her thigh as he continued to stroke her and work her. to help give you the best experience we can. There’s just one problem: I hate his cocky, filthy-mouthed, sexy-as-hell guts. We look forward to hearing from you! Her tongue wrapped around the mousse.

Hiring my brother’s best friend was not on my to-do list. What’s worse, the pastor’s son, Chris, suddenly seems hell-bent on adopting Mike and his friends and he has no idea why. “‘Are you all right?’ he asked.

Just a little…. He sucks on my lower lip. I don't know if you're recovered from the holidays yet -- I'm certainly not -- but time marches ever onward, and ready or not, here I come! He quickened his pace. She mentally thanked Maddie for ordering her to wear a matching bra and panty set. "Lines are for losers." Their reunion is cut short when a body is discovered and rumors fly that it’s the work of a serial killer. 1,667 886.

Reviews will be published on CandaceReads, Good Reads, Amazon, and Facebook. That’s how he finds himself traveling to Italy, deciding to spend the summer in his family’s empty villa on Lake Como. “So, tell me all about your violent-crime work,” she said. Her eyes closed. Romance novels are an often-overlooked category of literature, but it won’t take you more than a few chapters to realize engaging characters and a page-turning plot can exist right alongside sex scenes so raunchy and explicit they have you reaching for your favorite vibrator.

Sex in his office…

The relationship grows emotionally, the sex is hot, things are good. Working for my best friend’s sister? Unfortunately, a certain sexy-as-sin werewolf occupies her thoughts—and her heart—day in and day out. It is a tremendously sweet and romantic gesture from our favorite Highlander. Thanks.”. Now, honed and hardened to be the weapon she knows she can be, she has no time for lust and love in her life. four ways to find true love.

Jul 17, 2020 at 4:55 PM #1. "I wouldn't change a thing." She’d sensed Randy’s eyes on her behind as they walked up the steps to the restaurant. His family’s life revolves around the church, a church run by the vocally intolerant Pastor Myers, so Mike has resolved to spend his life in the closet. Prissy? And then he set about doing things to her with his fingers and his mouth that almost made her black out.”, But even as he smiled, he felt the hot fluid between her legs for the first time, the real fluid which had not come before with her innocent blood. Her breasts were suffused with red. “After you.” His aftershave wafted to her nostrils, counteracting the myriad cooking aromas. At REO all you get is romance excerpts and nothing but.

The public is fascinated with the rumors swirling around us—I’m the jilted wife and he’s the no-good cheater. There’s nothing ‘thin’ about my blue line, if you catch my drift, and trust me, I know how to put those handcuffs to good use. I’m bored. ), and free romance audiobooks. With constant mishaps and miscommunications, and spring training around the corner, can Bobby and Eden win the game of love? One of their songs is called 'Dancing Barefoot' where they sing of spinning ceaselessly and losing gravity.

But when she offers me a night of no-strings-attached passion, I can’t resist.

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