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It’s a brand whose reputation is strong enough to even reach outside that sphere and into the general public knowledge. After the neck was finished, a Fender employee would either stamp or handwrite the date on the end of the guitar neck on its heel. US = USA made . Enter the Fender's serial number and select if your guitar was made in USA, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia or China.

A line of student guitars. 1954 – 1963 the serial numbers were placed on the neck plate.

#yngwiemalmsteen #rocknroll #rocksta. Released in 1964, the solid body design was a reinvention of the Fender guitar student line.

I cannot find any reference in your “charts” to a Precision Bass. The only way to try to find the date is to remove the neck from the body. It’s the first hollow body design from Fender and has a unique aesthetic. Australian purchased and is in top condition. These numbers always begin with “EIA 606,” and are followed by three or four digits in various combinations. Only number I got is 304077 on the rear tag of the body and the fender F symbol. Telecaster and Strat are both mid 80s re-issue. But they’ll still be able to give a general description of it. pre-90 I think, or must I take the neck of to check? The modular nature of Fender’s design can make this a somewhat difficult process. I bought a Tele at an estate sale for $100. It’s a ‘leftie’ and has the serial number MZ5129709. The add said made in the USA! True to form the reissue guitars have their identification numbers stamped in the neck plate. CALL 1-844-202-0924 | MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-11PM EST. In 1985 ownership was again sold, this time to the Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company. 1963 – 1965 the serial numbers were usually placed on the neck plate and prefaced with an uppercase L. 1965 – 1976 the serial number was often found with the distinctive big F on the neck plate. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. . Found a fender (thinking an esquire) with the serial number 155457 on the back of the neck plate with NO F symbol. These guitars usually have a special two to four letter prefix before the serial number. All of these guitars’ ID numbers do not follow the unique number sequence of the regular production guitars. Over the years Fender changed serial number placement on various models and parts. Register your Fender product today. The tailpiece has nothing stamped on it. The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments . Thanks in advance. A heavily modified version would eventually become an iconic symbol of the performer. In the neck pocket on the body the same FL59-75. The Fender brand began with the work of an inventor named Leo Fender.

before and after the numbers. One website I went to said it was made in Mexico in 2005. The number and date on the neck is simply the date that the neck was finished–not the date that the guitar was completed. MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments. He started using one sequence of serial numbers for all the guitars coming off of the Fender production lines including Teles, Esquires, Strats, and P-basses. It also has two string rollers on the headstock, two strings each roller assembly. The Fender Mustang combined a short scale with a unique tremolo arm and two single-coil pickups. It’s also notable for proving the viability of Fender’s bolt-on neck design. But, it’s not made in Mexico! It features two Duo-Sonic single-coil pickups. First let’s take a look at where to find ID numbers on a Fender guitar. Just to add it said ST 557F, and in red print it is stamped US. I checked the date of the neck, my Precision Bass was the 30th week of 1974. Thanks, mine is a fender squire with a big head stock it is made in Indonesia s/n 1c011001881 if you know year it was made plese let me know thanks, hello, I have a Fender Stratocaster “original body” with the neck plate no. 1950 – 1954 the serial numbers were typically placed on the bridge. White plastic pickups. The only way to verify an over lapping date is to check the corresponding neck date and body date. Released in 1958, it was marketed toward jazz bands but found a larger audience in California’s surf culture.

If Fender would have executed the indentification numbers as planned, USA Fender guitars would be numbered as the following without any exceptions. can anyone help date my Squier Stratocaster, Standard Issue, Serial Number. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated.

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