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However, they lack intelligence when it comes to decision making and taking a stand for themselves. Thought Catalog One Day, The Wait Will Be Over Thought Catalog 11 Horror Books You Should Read … Most Intelligent and Dumb Zodiac Sign of 2020 1. You let everyone know how you're feeling and what you're going through. You can sometimes say or do the wrong thing but you don't have the talent to put a spin on it. To get a credit that I needed to graduate, I had to run lights for a show in which Emily was the star. You don't want to waste any energy on keeping your lies straight or trying to figure out what it is that someone wants to hear. You tend to be somewhat detached. If you're real and no one likes you, that would practically kill you, which makes you one of the fakest zodiac signs. Thankfully, we've advanced ourselves to the point where now, we finally accept that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that every single person on earth is worthy of not being put down for who they are. 4. You want to please everyone and if that involves fakery, then so be it. food." These people don’t take things too seriously and are more self-centric. You're a very down-to-earth, real person. People know what they're going to get with you. issues that they just do not realize about.

You can be extremely fake. Want to know the dangerous Zodiac signs of 2020? The people born under the Scorpio Zodiac Sign are considered the smartest and intelligent and it will stay the same in 2020 as well. My family members always say that I am wasting my time here When you're not being real, you know enough to feel slightly bad about it. Finally, we are at the doorstep of 2020 and it is not less than a Dream. Food is your trusty friend, and you like spending plenty of time with that good ol' buddy. Read: The 13 Brutal Truths About Loving A Gemini, As Written By One. The good thing is that you're very accepting of other people and that when you say you like someone or are complimentary, you mean it. People falling under the zodiac sign of Pisces tend to be more emotionally intelligent and have a quality to judge people by their personality. People falling under the Zodiac sign of Capricorn don’t give up easily and have the ability to put their intelligence to good use. People falling under this Zodiac sign are tend to be more self- centred and foolish. If you weren’t planning on quitting, you wouldn't tell your boss how much you disliked them. However, Virgos ask a lot of questions, which is the sure sign of a genius. Some might say too much so because when you get blunt, you don't... TAURUS (April 20 - May 20). In turn, you prefer real people over fakes and would rather know someone's bad points upfront rather than discovering them at an inopportune time. Food is always there, and never gives you a hard time, not like nasty people who never help or give you anything but heartache. We overeat to stuff our emotions back down, and we overeat to soften the feelings we harbor of rejection or insecurity. Read: 7 Brutal Truths About Loving A Pisces, As Written By One. So, we have to rank Taurus among the least sexy zodiac signs. These zodiacs are going to play very smartly in the coming year. Also, you may like to read about: Problems In Love Life: Palmistry, Best 3 comments will get 20 min of free consultation from our Expert Astrologers, Tags: #cancer, 2020astrology, 2020horoscope, 2020predictions, aquarius, astrologer, Astrological Chart Reading, astrology prediction, Astrology today, capricorn, gemini, leo, scorpio, taurus, zodiac, Zodiacsign, Undeniably imagine that whkch you said. All 12 Zodiac signs will fire their way to go ahead of each other. You're a very real person. Learning from mistakes and proving themselves better is what makes them different from others. However, they take rejection and failure as a teachable moment and try to learn a lot from the experience. Click here. Someone in your life wants to see you thin, and because of that, you want them to suffer for their nervy request. These were some of the major details regarding intelligent and dumb zodiac signs. You're a very real person. They are the biggest cry babies in the entire zodiac and are lack intelligence and smartness at times. People falling under this zodiac sign usually swing back and forth on the spectrum between the serious and silly. And some of us are more prone to overeat than others. The Wildest Thing Your Zodiac Sign Is Likely To Do We all have a wild side, but how do you measure up to other personalities according to astrology? You wish that you could just suck it up and carry on as if nothing has happened but that's just not who you are. Geminis are famous for being two-faced, so it stands to reason that you're considered the fakest of the zodiac signs. I wouldn't want someone to be under the mistaken impression that I liked them when I didn't as if that would reflect badly on me. You get the great taste of food... and the ability to show someone up. So in other words, you're too indifferent to be fake. And we all tend to like the stuff. Read: The 13 Brutal Truths About Loving An Aries, As Written By One. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) When you eat, you do it as a rebellion. Moreover, if Taurus is feeling too hurt, they can become completely depressed and lazy, staying at home and feeling sorry for themselves. You overeat because you can't decide what else to do. When you have a need for control at the level you're working on, Scorpio, you also tend to overeat, as eating is its own version of self-control. If you watch a lot of reality TV like I do, you’ll be familiar with the complaint of “She’s so fake,” or, “I can’t stand that fake ass bitch.” Being fake to someone is almost as bad as being disrespectful. You mean well; you're not fake to try and trick someone, it's just that for you, it's easier to be fake than to be real. Scorpio comes out as a surprise package and you cannot fool them easily. You know it's your imperfections that make you human and lovable. So, on a scale of 1-12, we will try to find out which is most intelligent and which is dumbest or weak Zodiac Sign. Leo is a neutral sign which can act both maturely and childish at times. You'll tell them why it's lacking and what they should do about it. - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox, We overeat to stuff our emotions back down, 10 Celebrity Scorpios And Why They Are So Cosmic, Per Astrology, 25 Best Zodiac & Constellation Tattoos For An Aquarius Zodiac Sign, Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most (And Least) Compatible With Gemini, Facts About The Libra Zodiac Sign That Explain These Peaceful, Intellectual People Perfectly, The 10 Best & Worst Zodiac Personality Traits Of Virgo (+ Their Perfect Love Match), 25 Pisces Tattoo Ideas & Fish Tattoos For Pisces Zodiac Signs.

RELATED: 25 Pisces Tattoo Ideas & Fish Tattoos For Pisces Zodiac Signs. After Scorpio, Aquarius is going to set its benchmark in 2020 which its tricky skills and... 3. Astrology Astrology Catalog AstrologyCatalog Based On His Zodiac Sign cancer Classy Forever person Heart Catalog Herpes Horoscope Horoscopes Humor Humor Catalog Kardashians Love Love & Dating Love & Relationships Love & Romance trashy truthcatalog Ugg boots Zodiac Zodiac Sign. You're equal parts fake and real. There’s no better feeling than knowing you just did something incredibly clever. A fresh start to a new year will be on the cards and everyone will try to start new innings of their life.

be rich and continue to help other people. Fat shaming, skinny shaming — those are things of the past, hopefully, and good riddance to body shaming! People falling under this sign want everything to be perfect and fair all the time. You try to be diplomatic at your job and you never intend to hurt people with your words, but sometimes you just have to let it all out, even if it hurts someone's feelings. You don't bother to hide your less than flattering qualities because they're still you and that's awesome! There are times when you’re at work or out in society when it’s just better to be fake and to cover up your real feelings. You are an overeater of disproportionate measures, and you're not unfamiliar with binging and purging. With all that said, some of us are still prone to overeating, stuffing our faces with whatever fits inside that pie-hole. However, with their sharp and wise mentality, they find motivation in everything they do. Some might say too much so because when you get blunt, you don't hold back and you say whatever's on your mind, no matter how painful or brutal it may be. If you're angry with someone, you have no problem with confrontation and letting that person know what's what. Your favorrite reason appeared Well, almost but not quite. Obviously, you thoroughly investigate someone before getting involved with them. Leo tries to prove themselves right even when they are at the wrong path. Read: The 5 Brutal Truths About Loving A Taurus, As Written By One. One moment you're holding on tightly to a secret, but the next it's your juiciest piece of gossip.

You do not like people, nor do you like not getting your way, and you live in a world where both people and not getting your way seem to rule the roost. Someone in your life … Related. At least food doesn't talk back, right, Gemini?

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