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Contents . to his body.

Upon entering Chakravartin's event horizon, Asura took on this form. Mithra, sensing that her father will destroy himself if he continued to struggle, launches him off the rapidly deteriorating Karma Fortress and back down to Gaea, requesting that her uncle Yasha, whom of which had already launched after and successfully caught the falling Asura, protect her father.

The Wrath form is the sundered state of Asura's Berserker form after surviving the Brahmastra's Mantra cannon.

The remaining humans believed him to be a guardian against the absent Gohma. the firing sequence, but fails to shut it down before Asura is caught in the blast, merely diverting the blast but giving Asura a chance to escape. As Asura prepares to kill Chakravartin, Mithra breaks free and urges him to stop. He is mistakenly branded a traitor by numerous Shinkoku warriors witnessing the scene, and even though he manages to escape the chamber, he is surrounded by Wyzen, who takes this as treason and attacks Asura.

Asura was the third youngest out of the original Eight Guardian Generals. After dispatching the Trastrium soldiers directly responsible for harvesting the souls of the villagers, Asura destroys the fleet, crushing a fleeing Kalrow inside his own escape pod.

As Asura is about to be crushed under one of Wyzen’s fingers, Asura recalls his entire past, empowering him with indelible wrath.

Although powerful, Asura was eventually subdued, although it should be noted that he retained the ability to generate the Berserker's Mantra arms in his Vajra form. But when Vlitra pops out of the earth and decimates most of the fleet just by opening its mouth, Asura and Yasha are overwhelmed by the attack, and would've died if Mithra hadn't prayed them enough Mantra to survive. Asura values the lives of the innocent (be they mortal or demi-god) and doesn't believe in sacrificing the innocent for ANY reason (good or evil) as he greatly disapproves of the Gohma's attacks on Gaea, Deus' plan for the world and the Seven Deities' method of collecting Mantra by slaughtering humans. Asura meets a girl with a striking resemblance of Mithra. Out of all the ancient kings of the past, it was he that stood out and claimed his throne as the great cultivator that he was.

Then, he placed it into the Eternal Divine Furnace and slowly tempered it with fires made of Laws gathered from the 33 Heavens. The very fabric of time and space begins to come apart as they duel at the edge of Creation for the fate of Gaea. After being bathed in the Mantra released from the Brahmastra by Mithra, Asura becomes Mantra Asura. As the remaining Gohma are pushed back on the planet below, Asura returns to the Brahmastra to reunite with.

Along with the peerless increase in destructive capabilities, these arms are also able to project mantra in a propulsor like manner that grants Asura drastically enhanced maneuverability and velocity: on his Mantra form, Asura was fast enough to avoid and outrun hundreds of Vlitra's laser attacks launched simultaneously, and a volley of Chakravartin's extended arm attacks.

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