f30 335i specs

[49] The United States EPA rated the 2016 BMW 330e energy consumption in all-electric mode at 47 kWh per 100 miles, which translates into a combined city/highway fuel economy of 72 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPG-e) (3.3 L/100 km petrol equivalent).

[44], Based on the 335i Sedan, the ActiveHybrid 3 includes a 40 kW (54 hp) synchronous electric motor, a lithium-ion battery positioned underneath the luggage area and a 2-zone climate control system with stationary air conditioning. The F30/F31 has grown in all dimensions compared to its predecessor. [77] The Gran Turismo models were produced at the BMW Dingolfing plant in Germany. Early in the car's life it became obvious that brake parts were going to be confusing for owners, mechanics, and even parts experts. [69], Production of F30 generation began with the sedan body style on 28 October 2011. (2013), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 328i xDrive (2012) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 328i xDrive (2013), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), BMW E60 5 Series 530i (2007) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), BMW E39 5 Series M5 (2000) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 328i xDrive (2013), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012) vs BMW F32 4 Series Coupe 440i xDrive (2016) vs BMW F36 4 Series Gran Coupe 440i (2016), Mazda 6 Sedan MPS 2.3 DISI Turbo (2006) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i (2012) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), Volkswagen Passat B5.5 2.0 (2000) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), BMW E60 5 Series 530xi (2007) vs BMW F30 3 Series Sedan 335i xDrive (2012), 2021 Cadillac Escalade V ESV 3.0D 600D 4WD, 2021 Cadillac Escalade V ESV 3.0D 600D 2WD, - 320d EfficientDynamics Edition Aut (2012). A new plug-in hybrid F30 model was also introduced in 2016. BMW 335 iA (F30) 306 PS Technical Data Sheet : specifications & performance figures (top speed, acceleration, quarter mile, 0 to 100 mph, standing start, recovery, … [3], The exterior designer for the F30 sedan was Christopher Weil[4] and exterior designer for the F31 Touring was Michael de Bono. [1] The F30 also marked the 3 Series' first use of a three-cylinder engine in its 2015 facelift. For the sixth generation, the coupé and convertible models were spun off to create the new BMW 4 Series nameplate. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - The Most Comprehensive Car Specifications Database. Revised headlights and tail-lights, with LED replacing Xenon for the headlights, Revised shock absorbers and front suspension mounts, Rev-matching (called "engine speed adaption" by BMW) for manual transmissions, GPS-based gear selection (called "ConnectedShift" by BMW) for automatic transmissions, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 21:24.
[7], The F30 sedan debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March 2012[8] and was the first of the sixth generation 3 Series models to go on sale. [27], The F35 was unveiled at 2012 Auto China in Beijing. BMW 335 iA (F30) 306 PS Competitors Vehicles .

Sedan (F30) The F30 sedan debuted at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March 2012 and was the first of the sixth generation 3 Series models to go on sale.

[24][25][26], A long-wheelbase sedan model having a designation of F35, was produced for the Chinese market. For the 2016 facelift, the 4-cylinder models were updated to the B47 engine, while the 6-cylinder models retained the N57 engine. The 320i, 318d, and 316d models were added to the F30 range in March 2012. [2] A long-wheelbase sedan version (model code F35) was sold in China. [81][82], The following are the sales of the 3 Series, according to BMW's annual reports:[83][full citation needed], "Autocar" Issue 6040 Volume 275 No 12 published by Haymarket 20 March 2013, "A Chassis Rig Reveals Why the E90 and F30 Feel So Different", "2016 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid First Drive", "2019 BMW 3 Series sedan full reveal at Paris Motor Show", "The new BMW 3 Series Sedan, Christopher Weil - Exterior Designer (10/2011)", https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/photoDetail.html?title=exterior-sketch-of-the-bmw-3-series-touring-designer-michael-de-bono-05-2012&docNo=P90092619, "New BMW 3 Series Sedan unveiling live on Facebook – Oct 14, 2011", "Der neue BMW 3er kommt am 11. [5], The F30 was unveiled in Munich on 14 October 2011,[6] with market launch and first customer deliveries on 11 February 2012. [11], In the United States, the arrival of the four-cylinder models marked the first time a 3 Series was sold with a four-cylinder petrol engine, since the E36 318i of the late 1990s. [27] The wheelbase is increased by 110 mm (4.3 in) to 2,920 mm (115.0 in); this increases rear knee room by 90 mm (3.5 in)[27] and results in an overall length of 4,734 mm (186.4 in). [20][21] These increased dimensions result in the rear wheels being located further back and lower with respect to the rear seat, and allows for three full-size rear seats. Early models included the 328i and 335i and (post LCI) later models including the 330i and 340i.

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