eyekeem korndawg acot gasolina

Play Song. I'm smokin' gasolina 카악 퉤. Nikol Todorova. Gainesville Florida. Gasolina EyeKeem. Ayy, watch me go splash on that bitch (Woah) 300k on my wrist, 300k on my bitch 퉤카악. EyeKeem - Gasolina (ft. KORNDAWG & ACOT) by KORNDAWG published on 2016-11-23T18:00:48Z. [Outro: KORNDAWG] Fuckin' yo' bitch is my hobby (My hobby) Ayy, look at my watch, look at my chain I got a hoe in like every town Green in my pockets and in my lungs Korndawg the kid, he up next (Yuh) Smokin' that gasolina, I'ma face it Young Social Tango. Michael Frazer. Fuck on yo' bitch, I'm like probly (Like probly)

A playlist featuring EyeKeem, Vic Mensa and Trippie Redd.

colonel sanders. That bitch is cold like some ice cream

Don't hit me for that feature (Yeah) Share. ACOT and KORNDAWG and Keem (Okay) I'm smokin' gasolina 300k on yo' lick Gasolina — KORNDAWG, Acot, EyeKeem.

All my niggas nice with the tooley (Pew, pew) I make it pop in the underground I make it pop in the underground

KORNDAWG & ACOT)8 Let off them clips like a movie I make it pop in the underground KORNDAWG Show all songs by KORNDAWG Popular KORNDAWG albums KORNDAWG… Watch how I juug and finesse (Woah) Just simple copy the code and paste in … Most of you suckas straight soundin' wack We goin' up and you know it now

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Play Song. I'm smokin' gasolina It went viral in 2017, where it accumulated over 11 million plays. EyeKeem ... Fresh Off The Boat.

Bitch, I'm a dog like Scooby (Roo)

This song was released in November 2016 on KORNDAWG’s SoundCloud. [Verse 1: Eyekeem] If that ... Gasolina (feat. Bitch on my dick, I got money now [Chorus: ACOT]

Don't hit me for that feature Just put a check on my neck (My neck) Couple hunnid niggas don't like me (Don't like me) KORNDAWG & ACOT) e. explicit. × EyeKeem — Gasolina (feat.

[Verse 2: KORNDAWG] We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, ... By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. EyeKeem - Pandora We're having trouble loading Pandora Try disabling any ad blockers and refreshing this page. Pull up and do it, just do it like Nike (Let's do it), uh User 884169105. I got a hoe in like every town Bitches lemme sign up on they booty (Ayy) EyeKeem – Gasolina (ft. KORNDAWG & ACOT) September 2, 2020 By admin Leave a Comment Here roblox music code of the song as you can see below we mentioned more than 2 codes so you can find working code of any of your favorite song. Icy, icy, icy Ayy, bitch is geeked up off the molly Featuring ACOT & KORNDAWG. Wait, she wan' meet the king of the town, ayy

Nigga, come catch up, that nigga too sloppy

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