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Poland starts the game without a king and there is little it can do, however soon the event “Successor of Wladyslaw III” will fire, allowing Poland to form a personal union over Lithuania. BREAK VASSALIZATION. Otherwise the strategy follows the ordinary Poland strategy. Under the icon is a number which shows the Authority of the current reigning Emperor.Within the interface are a number of shields of various sizes representing members of the HRE. They allow Poland to use her full power for more conquest, before having to slow down for the fear of a coalition. Steps November 1444: Marry Lithuania (they will alliance you after). Norway can provide colonies if subsidized, but otherwise will provide little value. Culure Modifier is 4 if you don't culutre shift. Determine whether Austria's opinion can reach the target in that time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Feed and break with Moldavia rather than Mazovia. Humiliate them and take money to complete the age objective and generate power projection. Ever since the 1392 the two states have been bound together by a series of agreements seeking to integrate the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland in order to allow them to present a united front against their common enemies: the Knights of the Teutonic and Livonian Orders, the Tatars of the Golden Horde and the Crimean Khanate, and the Russian Principalities, lead by Muscovy in the north west. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You expand outside of the HRE. If done successfully an achievement is earned. Waiting for military tech 7 to get some cannons for the sieges can also make this war easier. A safer route that can be taken is going east first, set the Great Horde as rival and attack them. then all owned provinces are removed from the HRE. Bohemia can also be acquired early as a PU subject if the player is lucky.

The corruption reduction helps with the corruption from territories malus. While fate has since then brought us apart our interests remain closely aligned and now that we control both the core of the Lithuanian and Polish lands it is perhaps time we let our old friends become stakeholders in a joint state. I tried doing it with just Danzig and Krakow but I was still 'too big'. (2 if you are german/prussian culture), So what i would do is: Getting 2-3 prussian (Ostpreusen Danzig Warmia e.g) provinces from TO. Do you still get 'Poland Can Into Space' as the Commonwealth? Sell your provinces to your vassals. The aggressive expansion impact is amazing. The player can chose to take a powerful local king instead for an alternative game, but to become the most powerful it is best to take the PU. Press J to jump to the feed. If one chooses the path of the monarchy, massive amounts of rebels will spawn that need to be put down. The timing of this depends on when Lithuania decides to pop. Krakow (262), Warszawa (257), Poznan (254), Kalish (255), Sieradz (258), Sandomierz (259) and Leczyca (1939). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So Marches wont count because of VassalIncomeModifier = 0 for Marches. These families are in some ways the financial and political backbone of their states, but they are also a power factor that even kings might think twice before rejecting.

I don't disagree with going Prussian entirely, I was just pointing out that you can't do both that and join the empire. The Holy Roman Empire can be a difficult foe to tackle, as the emperor will defend its tiny states. Among both the Polish and the Lithuanian nobility there are some, the Magnates, who control very large estates and command great political influence. one thing to consider is that by switching to prussian you won't get the eventchain that lets you get rid of the elective monarchy. Give them military access. Best way to do this is as follows: Form an alliance with Lithuania and Austria, selling your nonpolish provinces to lithuania (both of the 2basetax ones before allying austria and the 4basetax one after). If you misscalculated you can alway gift some provinces to Moldavia. Has never been controlled by a human player. This allows the Polish player to annex Lithuania free of charge. If the war turns bad, you can also settle stealing Norway from Denmark. Espionage ideas normally are considered weak, but for Poland they can be interesting. Then join the HRE and then do the PU with lithuania. 1. The player can chose to take a powerful local king instead for an alternative game, but to become the most powerful it is best to take the PU. Have Winged Hussars as your active unit with more than +50% cavalry combat ability. Even before they added PU's as a factor in joining the HRE. However, iirc being elected automatically adds all your provinces (correct me if I'm wrong) so could not be used to pass reforms. Replace the personal union between Poland and Lithuania with a real union, welding the two countries together into one powerful state, capable of withstanding our enemies. If I recall correctly they disabled the possibility of Poland joining the HRE a while ago. In this peace deal you can feed Lithuania some provinces, but be careful you do not give Lithuania too many. Next game I discovered that if I simply revoked states to bring culture up that you want works (at least right now) so if you revoked your Polish cores in favor of Prussian, you can convert to it rather quickly.

At the one hand this will offer cheaper technology, earlier access to the Polish renaissance mission, and a highly developed province. The forumla to join the HRE is 100 + CultureModifier * (BaseTax + VassalBaseTax * VassalIncomeModifier) (from wiki).

I did it wrong but I did it. Two events chains allow Poland to get new vassals. When I did it I culture shifted to Prussian first, but that's completely up to you, it should be easier if you stay Polish and the previous system of selling to your vassal still works, vassal BT is counted in 1.7 but it counts as less BT than if you'd own the provinces, can't remember if this was changed in 1.8. Cut your army down to ~10 and lower all maintenance. For military ideas the aristocratic ideas prove to be useful. However, by allying as many electors as possible and directly attacking the emperor, it is possible to dismantle the HRE in a few years from game start. If Muscovy is too strong, attack the weakened hordes instead and take land around the black sea. Moldavia has events that can lead to it becoming a may Polish March, and the Teutonic Order has events leading to the revolt of the Prussian Confederation (Danzig), which becomes a Polish vassal if Poland supports them in their war against the Order. Quality can further boost the cavalry to make them atomize whomever they are unleashed upon. So I have to DOW Teutonic Order, take Danzig, sell provinces to vassals/Lithuania, move capital to Danzig and sell the last province? then you can exit the hre by taking the decision whenever you want. Once manpower is recovered Poland can look to fight some of its biggest rivals. Form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland). This decision will weaken the country, as two countries together are stronger than one, but it will free up a diplomatic relation slot. Alternatively you can just take some of the northern land that is part of the Lubeck tradenode. The Polish can make good use of the cavalry powerup, and the leader siege and extra manpower both help the Poles a lot in their endeavors.

I could vassalize some electors and become emperor, add my provinces to HRE and lose the emperor but that would take a lot of time and work. Poland starts the game without a king and there is little it can do, however soon the event “Successor of Wladyslaw III” will fire, allowing Poland to form a personal union over Lithuania. You will spend a lot of monarch points developing provinces, so one will be behind in tech, so direct conflict with big powerful nations might be dangerous. From this point onward the dynasty is set as the last dynasty that elected their monarch to your throne. The game does not account for your PU when providing rivalry options, so pick weak nations like Crimea and Wallachia, and rival cb them for money and PP. This cooperation has allowed the two countries to thrive despite their many enemies, but integrating the nobility of two such divergent states has not been an easy matter. Having Austria as an ally can help here, they usually rival Denmark. If diplomatic ideas are chosen revoking their march status does not cost stability. Once again, Austria can provide invaluable aid, they can siege down the Balkans, while Polish troops can reach around the black sea and strike into the Anatolian heartland., Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes. Usually they are already beaten down by Muscovy taking her core back. Add provinces to the HRE for quick boosts. Move capital.

At worst you'll need to support loyalists for a couple months.

Sweden has powerful military ideas to act as a strong fighting vassal, but annexing them gives you full possession of the Baltic sea trade node. I could sell provinces to Lithuania instead of vassals...). Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.28.

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