estefania gutierrez lázaro death date

But what caught the attention of many, and indeed made the movie even scarier, was a disclaimer at the start of the movie which stated that it was based on a true story; one that has been made from the report of the senior police inspector who was in charge of the case. It was perfect. Leaving this case to be one of the most recent, eeriest unexplained case in their files. Because a year ago, in July 1991, one of the daughters, María Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro, had died suddenly at the age of 18.

View our online Press Pack. The now nervous officers in the room drew their guns from their holster and nervously pointed them towards the inanimate furniture. But they walk in upon something much more sinister. When the family opened the door to the bathroom, they found the room empty. Police arrived at the home at 2:40 AM and were greeted by a terrified family who burst outside babbling about loud bangs, booms, and other noises. Veronica is a Spanish original movie directed by Paco Plaza - loosely based on Estefania's story. The officer obliged, and just in time as well.

The Spanish horror sees a teenage girl attacked by an evil supernatural force when using a Ouija board. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Viewers are especially creeped out by the fact that they don't know what's real and what isn't. The family resorted to placing furniture, including a large sofa, in front of doors to keep them closed. All rights reserved. Loud bangs and thrashing sounds were coming from behind the closed bedroom door. eventAction: 'click_ads' People she would described as being “strange and evil” looking. Hello?".

But there is nothing special about Verónica. This marks the beginning of a turbulent and hellish six months for Estefania, whose physical and mental health begins to rapidly deteriorate, She begins seeing 'strange people' inside the house, shadowy beings that appear on a whim and haunt the terrified girl. She wasn’t safe from the mysterious illness that had begun plaguing her. In part it said, “We sat with the family, you could hear and see how a perfectly shut cupboard door would open and shut. The father told us that sometimes when he and his little son were sitting on the bed, his son was picked up and thrown on to the other bed in a flying move. Later, both the teacher and the girls claim that Estefania inhaled some sort of trapped smoke which escaped the glass when it broke. },false)

But a few moments later, the crucifix had been turned upside down, the little crucifix was on the floor and the poster and the door had three or four deep scratches in them as if someone had clawed through the poster and deep into the door.”.

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