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Business dress code in the office and in a field while meeting with clients. But again, with all licenses in the world, if you do not know how to sell, those are useless. You need to grow so you need to invest more and after a couple of years or just one year if you have a great warm market or if you can put at least 10 hrs. I like your approach. The agent should understand that although they are earning bit of other agent's comission, a big chunk of his commission is also eaten by agents above him.

This kind of pressure can antagonize customers and negatively change the perception of the entire organization. WFG is an accredited business by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. I thought that MLM and Pyramid Scheme were the same. I am glad that you found my review comprehensive and detailed. I found with a goal to help people find financial freedom at the retirement, or even retire early. Don’t worry, you can start for free and see if it works for you. Licensed associates = 53,156 Thank you very much for your insights!

Hi, thank for sharing your opinion about World Financial Group. Your success depends on you only and is directly corresponding to the efforts you put to growing your business. She had to start over again. Ideal for newbies.

Hi Maun! In 6 months, the free websites people build may be taken away to free up space on the servers. Yes, it is awesome. Therefore, their set of products is limited and their methods of converting people to their strategy are unethical. That's what he wrote. You just got yourself another professional occupation. I am not a formal representative of companies that produce these products or services. However, if you’ve checked my “Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing” post and feel like affiliate marketing would be a better choice for you, but you don’t know how to get started, I can recommend you the company that I’ve joined and am still very happy with the training, tools and services, and level of support I receive there. Thank you so much for your input! While WFG is not for everyone, and their most promoted product (UL) is not for every family, based on what you wrote, it sounds to me that you are the right person for WFG and WFG is a good choice for you. We both give the answer to your readers. Hi Julia I used to think that MLM was the only way for me to get out of the rat race until I found an actual way for me to create my own. But, I have no desire to seek people who may need my help. My reviews offer my personal opinion and are based on my own experience and research. It is available to every member at any point in time. Yes, it can be done – Mia has proved it!But by what efforts and in what time frame? But, it was my right to opt-out if, in the end, I decided that the product was not a good fit for my family. Anyone who is interested in this company will definitely find value from your review. In my opinion, they don’t need aggressive reps to sell their financial services.

Click here to read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate. WFG is NOT a SCAM. Any career, including MLM, requires a lot of work during the first years. Julia is a founder of Having been involved with an MLM that delivered a very satisfactory outcome I am not anti-MLM model rather one who advocate due diligence. Don't miss his speech this year at #C19. Hi Uknwho, Then, he personally is no longer a threat. Everyone has a right for own opinion as long as it’s not presented as a set-in-stone fact. Pass the examination. Most comments are reviews from the employee standpoint. I help them to start: explain the industry, the products, compensation plan and how to get around their website. I had good experience with WFG because I’ve got it what I Joined for. With the training and growing, it can take you a couple of months to make probably your first $1000 or less! Hi Julia and everyone, Thank you so much for giving us your feedback based on your personal experience. This leads to lots of application entry errors, reduced customer satisfaction & at the end, lost customers. So, your commission that the representative gets from their various sales with World Financial Group is a lot less than what they will earn if they get to sell such products or services on their own.

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