epicurean paradox debunked

Available. A response to the evidential problem of evil would be far beyond the scope of a comment on reddit. 2 issues with this idea that free will is the answer. To that person, the pleasure of killing others is worth more than the lives of those other people.

Most people are born into their religion, which is also the religion of their parents, family, and friends. Have you read the old testament? I would use Genesis 1:26-28 where God gives sovereignty to humans on Earth. Epicurean Paradox - the simple refutation by a theist by Rebeca - 06:42 Just the other day, a good friend of mine who's an atheist came up to me with this: the Epicurean Paradox. This could be partly why some bad things may be allowed to happen, and play a part in why some of the worse one may be allowed to happen as well. Why doesn't God stop these evils?

God wants what is best for us. [130] The Christian Church Father Augustine of Hippo (354–430 AD) declared, "its ashes are so cold that not a single spark can be struck from them.

You might not find this explanation plausible, but you haven't presented a logical paradox, just an interesting argument that requires Christians to do some explaining.

[137] Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592) is the exception to this trend, quoting a full 450 lines of Lucretius's On the Nature of Things in his Essays.

A solar system without a sun capable of producing light is fundamentally different from a solar system with a sun producing light. A number of observations jump out – primarily:   Thomas Aquinas was a defender of “happiness,” but just as with Aristotle, the devil is in the definitions, and Aquinas goes to great lengths to separate happiness from pleasure. How can one then argue anything meaningful from the illusion of morality?

It seems to assume that God solving your problems for you would be beneficial. Religion is a community coming together to celebrate a new baby (infant baptism) or mourn the death of a beloved friend (funerals). Epicurus is said to have originally written over 300 works on various subjects, but the vast majority of these writings have been lost. One alternative is that people are the source and cause of evil.

I will say that Epicurius argument uses sound reasoning but is ridiculously far from being undeniable for someone who is truly willing to find truth through logic as there are very detailed arguments against his point.

But Peter van Inwagen has recently argued that (2) is false. whence then is evil?

240), and Clement of Alexandria (c. 150–c.

She is a Mother, and like all mothers, She wants what's best for her children. I recommend checking out the links that the article provides, bc it uses sources outside the bible, aka the William Lane Craig links.

I don't think you need to bother learning the responses to the paradox.

For you to expect this article to prove God or use a god from a different worldview is like me reading a vegan cookbook and throwing it away bc it didn’t explain anything about the intramolecular forces between the organic molecules of the food. Then why call him God?”. Epicurean Paradox. 1. (Fossil fuel emissions, endangered/extinct animals, war...the list is huge.) James obtained his BTh with cum laude, and is currently pursuing his postgraduate in Religious Studies. We simply agree as a society what should be considered good or evil.

Now, instead of thinking of this deity as God, think of him as a father with all of humanity as his children.

Correspondingly, Epicurus advocates a life of hedonistic moderation by reducing desire, thus eliminating the unhappiness caused by unfulfilled desires. Although many views on morality have changed it has mostly stayed the same, all societies reached the conclusion that things such as unjust stealing and killing is wrong, they disagreed about what circumstances might make it just but agreed on the general premise.

[130] Nonetheless, "Epicureanism" remained a pejorative, synonymous with extreme egoistic pleasure-seeking, rather than a name of a philosophical school. Going beyond these limits produces unnecessary desires, such as the desire for luxury foods.

Epicurus’ argument focuses on the problem of evil and how it might present a problem for a classical concept of God generally embraced by theists; Epicurus presents the following set of questions and propositions, “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? [139] The texts from the library of Philodemus of Gadara in the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum, first discovered between 1750 and 1765, are being deciphered, translated, and published by scholars part of the Philodemus Translation Project, funded by the United States National Endowment for the Humanities, and part of the Centro per lo Studio dei Papiri Ercolanesi in Naples. Epicurius’ argument is sound, his logic is undeniable for those are willing to find truth through logic. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A room without light might be have all the other things in it, but you will have a very difficult time navigating it, a room without some of the furniture might be the same except for the furniture missing but that missing furniture still makes a difference even if everything else it the same, if it happens to be someplace you liked to site, quite intrinsically different. iStock. For a child, a toy breaking is world ending.

The problem of evil is unusual in objections to religion in that many apologists accept that it is a persuasive and rational criticism of theism. Mankind justifying evil. Not just Christianity Buddhism and Islam are also very strong in impoverished areas because they need something to believe in and uneducated people who have extremely hard lives easily fall into religion. [19] The Cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope was still alive when Epicurus would have been in Athens for his required military training and it is possible they may have met.

[20], Epicurus's Letter to Menoeceus, possibly an early work of his, is written in an eloquent style similar to that of the Athenian rhetorician Isocrates (436–338 BC),[19] but, for his later works, he seems to have adopted the bald, intellectual style of the mathematician Euclid. There may come a day when we my not need God at all. The problem

[16][17][18] According to DeWitt, Epicurus's teachings also show influences from the contemporary philosophical school of Cynicism.

Just to make sure we are on the same page. The Christian/Muslim god is also the God of Judaism and is considered to be the original source of the "Christian/Muslim" god.

If we eventually conclude that the sorts of evil we find in the world should lead us to revise or abandon theism, so be it. See also Job 38-42, Starting off with free will, a God who gives no free will would essentially be creating nothing but robots, by giving free will he creates beings capable of loving of their own accord and making their own decisions. He advocated humane treatment of mental disorders, had insane persons freed from confinement and treated them with natural therapy, such as diet and massages.

William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens.

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