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[Talahai]. I’d have liked that. Suri (Seo In-woo): Bi-soo’s Henchman – He becomes Bi-soo’s aide after she joins Eagle Group and continues to provide his loyal support for his cause. Every character was well acted and suited for each actor. Arrested and imprisoned by Bolud Temür but released without being harmed and executed. Seung-nyang is working under her as one of her maids. Your email address will not be published. Empress Ki is a highly romanticized historical romance that is loosely based on the real life historical figure. it’s just too perfect. Daughter of Ki Ja-oh, with her older brother Ki Chul being one of the famous people trying to overthrow Goryeo’s king Gongmin. Empress Ki Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. But in this case, the story of Empress Ki is intertwined with ancient Chinese history which piqued my interest. He helps Yoo to bring Seung-nyang back to Goryeo when she is dragged to Yuan.

Heuksoo (Oh Gwang-rok): Leader of Eagle Group – He is the leader of the Eagle Group which deals as trader and also selling wanderers as slaves. [Park Bul-hwa]. Emperor Sunje (Mongolian name Ukhantu Khan Togon Temür, Posthumous name Sunje/ Shundi, Temple name Hyejong/Huizhong). Empress Ki est un drama dépeignant les romances et batailles menées par une femme de Goryeo qui sera amenée à devenir une puissante Impératrice de l'Empire de Yuan. She comes from Baek Ahn’s clan and she’s made the primary Empress after Tanashiri’s death.

She protects Ta-hwan, the Crown Prince from demise and saves him, but her real identity as a woman becomes known to others. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Since Empress Ki will be a 50-episode drama, this is a character description post for reference, translated from the drama's official website.

Her target is the royalty Wang Go and she meets the King of Goryeo when carrying out her plan of revenge. His family was killed in a rebellion, causing him to harbour a deep grudge against Yuan. She is good in war strategies. He tries to kill Seung-nyang per his sister, Tanashiri’s order but fails as the maid is protected by the eunuchs. Wang Go was dissatisfied and continued to look for a chance to seize the throne but to no avail, despite his influence over the Goryeo officials and backing from Yuan. Sources | Empress Ki’s official website (MBC) | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |, now i understand every character they portray good source…, Empress ki Drama is over for some time, but I still visit this astounding page , to take information about the characters and the history of Empress Ki .. When his father died in 1339, Chunghye became the ruler of Goryeo Dynasty again. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Princess Kyunghwa (Ryu Hyun-kyung): King Chungsuk’s third wife [Boyan Holdo] – Born in Yuan, she conspires with Wang Go in order to take away the throne from Wang Yoo. I cannot tell the last time I was so affected by a movie. I’ve been trying to find out the meaning of that name.

https://empress-ki.fandom.com/wiki/Ki_Seung_Nyang?oldid=149. She can be regarded as Tanashiri’s right hand woman, helping the empress with the plotting to bring down people who are considered as Tanashiri’s rivals.

He stays with Yoo through thick and thin, proving his loyalty. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Have you ever watched something and it was so good that it made you want to marathon it 24/7? [Danashiri].

I fall in love on this Korean drama since the first time iwatch on tv, till i decided to watch over you tube from episode 1 to 51 till i became addictive to get some historical relevant about the drama. Jang Soon-young(Kim Myung-gook): Ta-hwan’s royal teacher. Some of the characters are fictional but those based on the real figures are following some historical facts, though mostly are from the writers’ imagination. However, she feels bad when Ta-hwan doesn’t love her.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He is like the brain to Baek Ahn’s brawn. She marries Ta-hwan because of her father despite the fact that she doesn’t have any feelings for him. His greed for the power never stop and he never give up to seize the throne from Wang Yoo. 1243 Interview, Jang Dong Yoon in Full Bloom for 1stLook Vol 190, Kim Min Jae – GRAZIA February 2020 Interview, Kim Seon Ho - Marie Claire April 2019 Interview, A Guide to Joseon Hairstyles and Headgears, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Empress Ki is a highly romanticized historical romance that is loosely based on the real life historical figure. But I will remember. He looks up to his older brother Maha although they have different mother.

Currently working under Dangkise since Wang Go’s return to Goryeo.

Your email address will not be published. Tried to win the favour of Yuan court with the help of another Goryeo eunuch, Park Bul-hwa, who was from her hometown Hwangju.

I had no idea that Korean women were being sent to China as concubines during the Yuan dynasty. She leaves the Inner Court matters to Seung-nyang and decides against fighting for power for the sake of maintaining the peace in the harem, but she harbours different thoughts in her mind. Click and read at your own risk. Choi Moo-song (Kwon Oh-joong): Wang Yoo’s right-hand man. He was the grandson of King Chungryeol. Seung-nyang becomes a part of the army and she is given the task to escort the Crown Prince of Yuan in Goryeo, who is being exiled. Until today I did not know this was posted by someone, by muchadoboutlove - after. Ki Seung Nyang Status: Alive Origin: Korean, Goryeo Alias: Ki Nyang Nyang Consort Ki Empress Ki Nickname/s: Sungyang the Jackal Title(s): Mama (as Consort Ki) Hwang-hu mama (as Empress Ki) Allegiance: Goryeo.

Wonjin: Commander of the Garrison Troop – He is demoted to Assistant Commander after Wang Yoo is given the responsibility to lead the garrison but he’s secretly working under Yeon-chul to give Wang Yoo a hard time. [King Chungsuk] – Abdicated the throne for his son. Empress Dowager (Kim Seo-hyung): Ta-hwan’s aunt. I happened to come upon it while surfing Hulu Plus. Tried to install her family members back in Goryeo as the dynasty’s ruler and planned several attacks on Goryeo but defeated. An eunuch who serves Ta-hwan when he ascends the throne as Yuan’s emperor. He is responsible for picking the ladies sent from Goryeo to become palace maids in the harem, where all of them belong to the Emperor. He finally became the emperor after Rinchinbal’s death, but the real power was in the hands of Tugh Temür’s widow Khatun Budashiri, who was made the Great Empress Dowager, and also the family members of his first empress Danashiri. Not even a little."

Golta (Jo Jae-hyun): Ta-hwan’s eunuch in the Yuan court. Baek Ahn (Kim Young-ho): General/ Commander of the Imperial Bodyguard [Bayan]. Mak-saeng (Song Kyung-chul): Goryeo Village’s Chief – A leader of the Goryeo people living inside the village near Yuan’s capital, he is respected by his people. He falls for Seung-nyang when he meets her in Goryeo and she protects him with her lies. She grows closer to Ta-hwan, but his betrayal causes the death of her father and she vows to avenge him. The loyal protectors of Ta-hwan who are always following behind him and Golta. As the primary empress, she is expected to give birth to the successor of the throne. Forget me in the next life. Empress Ki (Mongolian name Öljei Khutugh). Here’s my Korean drama review for Empress Ki and why I recommend it.

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