emissions sticker missing

located under the hood. I'll bring the picture from old guy's post and show it to them if they ask. A missing control label can be purchase at local dealership on special order if it's still available. Why would that be needed for emissions testing? I know i didn't have that sticker on there when i went for my last smog (at a different smog station). Emission-control-label-missing: Each vehicle’s underhood emission control label He's now stuck - CHP has to certify the bike and they haven't been very cooperative. diesel-powered vehicles are equipped with a second or additional emission control label additional instructions. From 1970 and on all vehicles must have a VECI emissions label.

So you will need a separate emissions sticker for each vehicle. If

between vehicle manufacturers.

that's audi doing what they do best: highway robbery! In cases where the label is constitute an inspection failure. It is important to review emission control

These are part of a three category system, with cars given either a green, yellow or red sticker that denotes how heavily polluting the vehicle is according to its Euro emissions standard. Since my car had a engine swap to a new year, higher spec engine, the concept of the sticker to prove it was a cleaner running truck was kind of pointless, I had a two year newer engine from a passenger car ( the donor car was CA legal). !. The barcode is not the VIN. Can anyone with a 2004.5 A4 1.8T (USP if it makes any difference) please take a look under their hood and snap a picture of the emissions sticker? I'd guess that the dealer orders them based on the vin and the barcode is vehicle specific. The white Federal Emissions sticker is missing from the frame. inspected and certified by a licensed Smog Check station. OEM Replacement labels can take sometimes months to get to your body shop and often cost a lot more then replica OEM labels. Stickers, All information, images, and logos associated with Vin's Labels are property of Vin's Labels LLC, Copyright © 2017 Vin's Labels LLC, Vin's Labels, VIN (vehicle identification number) labels. Note: Some

aftermarket parts labeling requirements.

part number is on the side there 8e0 010 197 g, 2001 Audi S4 Manual - Nogaro Blue/black - Full AWE stg 3 kit w/ manifolds,h&r coilovers,jhm trans rebuild,UUC VM3 exhaust , 2.5" dp's - Needs Love - Got some love now 442awhp and 512 awtq. Information on the label includes spark plug replacement and certain testing parameters. Joined: Oct 3, 2008 Oddometer: 28. The cost of the sticker is likely because it is an official emissions sticker. Most VECI emission labels are located under the hood, although some VECI stickers can be located in the door jamb with the VIN (vehicle identification number) labels, Tire Pressure labels and air bag warning decals. BAR Referee Labels are typically affixed to the driver’s side door post or, in some cases, We offer replica auto labels with the best deals around. Update: the printout worked for me.

Missing Label: Your vehicle will NOT fail the smog inspection if the Emissions Label is missing. BAR Referee Label must be first inspected at the Referee. What are replacement VECI (Vehicle Emission Control Information) auto labels? A non CA sticker would have cost me a $350 fee or something like that. Labels (APL) must be affixed or stamped on approved/exempted parts or, if not practical, Please use the abbreviations below and your vehicle's emissions label to learn about your car's required smog components. Smog Tech Training for a low and reasonable price with online study guide to help you PASS the Smog Inspector or Smog Technician Repair Examination. VECI labels also have your cars emissions group, there are 3 groups your emissions label can display (US): In order to determine your group, each car is tested on rollers to see which VECI emissions group your car is in. Most times these labels are necessary while preforming maintenance under the hood. With FREE 1-3 day shipping and overnight delivery available, we will beat any competitor and provide you with the best auto data replacement labels.

Car owners who have a European Disability Parking Card (clearly visible behind the windscreen) do not need to purchase an emissions sticker. controls can be determined using other sources as described in section 1.3.1.

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