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"Obey your parents. So stay in school, say no to drugs, oh yeah! After All- Mandalay- No Way Out ", "You should brush your teeth, and you should wash your hands.". “On the end of Rain you hear me singing it backwards,” John Lennon told Rolling Stone magazine in 1968. The message is more noticeable on the a cappella version of the song. Give a real listen to "Rock 'n' Roll Is King." - 3:35 ", Heard after "licked the back of his neck and said..", "Yeah, if you flip this message cuz you think there's some secret message, there ain't shit! A very obvious backmasked message at the end of the track which is actually just a replay of the last few seconds of the song. Is there some truth to these mysterious messages, or do some people just have way too much free time on their hands. Several years later, Page did weigh in to Musician Magazine on the matter. After the song "The Damned", at the end of the album. Lynne took it a little backwards: lots of Queen-type layering but without the other-worldly effects. From classic groups like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, through to the metal boom of the ’80s and even to today, the stories are endless! “Clues” were supposedly littered throughout their Sgt. "Seven, seven, seven. Various messages, including "I am the heaven / I am the water / Ich bin deine Ritze / Ich bin deine Ritze und Schlitze", "You're a lonely little girl / But your Mommy & your Daddy don't care", "I'm like reach / I'm like squat / I'm like roll / Repeat / Like roll over / Like thrust / Okay, like pull / Like push / I'm like . The gibberish spoken by John at the end of “I’m So Tired” is heard by some as “Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, MISS HIM.” But the freakiest message of all occurs near the very end of the record, on the notorious avant-guarde sound-collage, “Revolution #9.” An engineer’s droning voice intones “Number nine” throughout the plus-sized track, but in reverse it appears to say “Turn me on, dead man.” Upon closer examination, we’re not entirely sure what that means, but it’s still pretty scary! At the beginning of the track, accompanied by bleating of sheep. 06. Baaaaaaaah!”. had to endure at the time named 1975's Face Featuring in the fade-out, the reversed vocal is the first line of the song. ", "Good day, I'm Bob McKenzie. ", "What are you looking for the devil for, when you ought to be looking for the Lord?". The title, "Renholdër", is "Re: D. Lohner" backwards. This occurs after the song ends (about 3:06 of the track). "She's worried about you, call your mother. "Forget it!". 18. Caiger he worked all out on a double album concept based on his reaction This was one of the earliest instances of backmasking.

14. - 3:47 'Cause I know that the Lord is coming soon. 09.

", Reversal of gibberish at the end of the track. Read on, give a listen, and decide for yourself! Backwards readings of the Lord's Prayer are allegedly used in certain demonic rites. with Secret Messages and Rock Heard once at around 0:25 to 0:35, and four times from 1:45 to end. In 1878, a year after he created the phonograph, US inventor Thomas Edison noted that the cylinder could be rotated backwards to pleasing effect: “the song is still melodious in many cases, and some of the strains are sweet and novel, but altogether different from the song reproduced in the right way”. "This is the backwards part."

", "Have mommy or daddy ever had to spank you? This is our way of replying.... it's very tongue-in-cheek, "Respect your parents." "You take off!" Congratulations. acetate of SECRET MESSAGES, four The cover art sans the spaceship, for a second time in a row, also has it's share of esoteric messages and the back with the anagrams as well. Two all beef patties. sides of which are the complete original double album whilst sides I am the bringer of the end, fear me, I am the beast that is technology. Lynne: The message is composed of rearranged verses from earlier in the song. Between the second chorus and the third verse. "I don't know what to do, no guilt is in my heart, I don't know what to do, I'm not the reason". 03. In their 1991 song Christian Rock Concert, the UK group Half Man Half Biscuit included the vocal: “The body of Shane Fenton is in the laundry chute of the New Ambassadors Hotel near Euston Station”. Stranger Influenced by the techniques of musique concrète, they featured a backmasked line in Rain, a single released in 1966. 16. Carolyne is on the phone!" satanic messages in their songs. "This is my lowest point of vulnerability", Various messages. I'm fine. Secret Messages was named after a controversy that followed ELO's career starting with their Eldorado album in which they were accused of recording Satanic messages backwards. Was commented upon by many newspapers after the album's release in 1995 and the discovery of the message by, "Soy un perdedor.

I'm not sure who originally discovered this, but good job! (laugh)". Denying that Eldorado contained any subliminal messages, ELO went on to record Fire on High with an opening line that, when played backwards, says: “The music is reversible but time is not. ", "I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it." I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass, you profaner of vices.You have done nothing.". "Everything falls apart even the people who never frown eventually break down.
I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me", After the last time Beck says "I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me," and before the vocal "I'm a driver, I'm a winner.". But which are the best, and which are just myths? 12.

When I made this, I was meant to get a recording of Jeff Lynne's voice playing at the end, but I used an experimental recording by accident and I didn't notice until after I had posted this.Note: Before anyone else asks why I didn't include 'Eldorado' in this video, it's because there's no backmasking in the song - it's just a silly rumour that was stirred up by people who thought rock music was evil, sort of like what happened with a certain Led Zeppelin number. Toward destiny, we ascend to it forever. The following is an incomplete list of backmasked messages in music. ", "All my people right here, right now... d'you know what I mean? Bluebird And Roll Is King. Do your homework. / Oh, oh, oh / It's magic...", Appears during the song's fadeout.

Heard by reversing the song starting at the 94-second mark. Two

Occurs at the very end of the song, after the breakdown. - 4:30 Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour albums, but 1968’s so-called White Album had the motherlode. After Christian fundamentalists claimed that a line in the title track of their 1974 album Eldorado sounded like “He is the nasty one – Christ you’re infernal” when reversed, the Electric Light Orchestra inserted a deliberately backmasked segment into their next album. If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter. Said in a high-pitched voice. The opening song lulls you into a false sense of "oh, yes, this it the ELO that I know and love. Your father is right.". "No, how's it goin'?" Baaaaaaaah!

Read about our approach to external linking. The vocals are made up of distorted outtakes from ", This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 23:54. "Ooh what a hell of a price, what a hell of a price.". Fundamentalist Christians in America were joined by concerned parents after the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) was formed in 1985; bands like Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and even The Eagles were accused of spreading satanic messages subliminally.

The song speaks degradingly about angsty teenagers who look for backwards messages in music, and contains the lyrics "Play that record backwards/ Here's a message yo for the suckas/ Play that record backwards/ And go fuck yourself. Lead singer, "...your enamel / made no reflection in our mirror / coughing up the coffins / cotton candy coated teeth / these pockets were clinching all filled with teeth / amnesia proletariat / in the unlikely event / that sarcasm is an unfitting dress / amnesia proletariat / amnesia proletariat / amnesia / coughing up the coffins / cotton candy coated teeth / these pockets were clinching / all filled with teeth / sharpened on the fucking hides of men...". The group created a backmasked message for the 1995 recording of John Lennon’s 1977 demo Free as a Bird: released as a studio version 15 years after his death, it featured a clip of Lennon saying “turned out nice again” at the end of the song. - 4:30 Kill yourself! Reversed version of the preceding line. . Rock ’n’ roll originally had a reputation as “the devil’s music,” but these folks took it a little too literally! Beatles Forever ", Reversal of a deep mumbling spoken by drummer. "In a single stroke, you poor, stupid, running dogs. 13.

5:20 against live work, ELO made two of their finest promotional videos "Thanks a lot boys.

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