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Under Skins\Tutorials\ create a new folder called Clock. 330 Recently added Clock Skins and Widgets for Rainmeter. This uses the Play bang to load and play the HourChime.wav file. Right-click the link below and save the file HourChime.wav to your computer. Rainmeter Clock Skins. Save and refresh the skin to see the changes. What we will do is have the skin play a .wav file of a grandfather clock striking when the time is exactly on the hour. Download Elegance 2. Next, we can add some sound to our clock. First, we need get the sound file and put it in the right location in your skin folders. • Font size range from 0-100. anything larger looks pixelated.

Click on the Refresh all button on the bottom left, and you should see your new Tutorials / Clock config in the list. Now, start building meters to display all these different measure values.

Elegance 2 Rainmeter Skin If you are familiar with the previous version of Elegance, then this new and polished version will surely fascinate you. In addition to the minimal UI, the fonts on Elegance 2 are also elegant. Now, if you look above, you will see that in the MeterStyle section [TextStyle] we have defined many format options for our string meters that we want to share with the meters rather than repeating them in each one. First, we are going to use the MeterStyle option by creating a [TextStyle] section to set up some common string formatting options. This popular Rainmeter skin is a simple, clean and easy to read skin that can appeal to a lot of users. What that means is that this meter will display the value returned by the measure on each Update. Sizing and spacing are adjustable. Simple Clock. A simple, yet useful clock. Give it the name Clock.ini. We are using a format of "hour in 12 hour time:minutes" for this measure. Either it is the colour of the skin or the orientation, you can change everything easily.

In the previous tutorial, you should have already created a folder under Skins called Tutorials. Since we want to use the value of three different measures in this meter, we use the MeasureName option to define all three measures as being bound to this meter. A simple & efficient way to keep time, with style. Skin includes:• 12 & 24 Hour format• Window Configuration• Change color of hour and minutes seperately using a color picker in configurations• Font size range from 0-100. anything larger looks pixelated. What we are doing when we move the mouse over the meter is to use the !SetOption bang to change the Format option of the [MeasureTime] measure to obtain the time from the system using the code for 24-hour time (%H) instead of 12-hour time (%I). Continue creating the meters at the bottom of your skin, to display the information from the various measures. Then we are using the !UpdateMeasure, !UpdateMeter, and !Redraw bangs to have the change take place as soon as we move the mouse over, and not wait for the next update of the skin. After making the changes, save and refresh the skin. Now, left-click the Rainmeter icon in the Windows notification area on your taskbar, to open the Manage dialog. 7. Let's go up to the top of the skin, right after the [MeasureTime] measure we already have, and add a new one. Available in Black and White. If the value is equal to zero IfEqualValue=0, then the associated IfEqualAction=[Play "#@#Sounds\HourChime.wav"] is executed. The skin contains clock, date, now playing player, recycle bin +meter, net download, hard drive (up to 4 drives), CPU, weather (w/icons), RAM, net upload and Gmail. Nice looking clock skin. As the time changes and becomes longer and shorter, we don't want the position of the meters to change. Other skin styles included with suite. Clock with Date.

If you are familiar with the previous version of Elegance, then this new and polished version will surely fascinate you. Keeping true to minimal themes, Dresses is a really simple clock Rainmeter skin. The key to using measures and meters together is using the MeasureName option to "bind" the measure [MeasureTime] to the meter.

Do check out the manual entry for the Time measure to see how that Format option is used to obtain the time information you want. In addition, we will be using some more features of the String meter and dip our toes a little deeper into using action options and Bangs in your skin. In this case, we are going to right-align all of our meters. One of these is the StringAlign option, which will allow us to align the text in the meter based on the X and Y options for the meter. Give it the name Clock.ini. When we move the mouse away from the meter, we are using the same combination of bangs to set the format back to 12-Hour time and update things. Head back down to the bottom of your skin and add this new meter. PriceDown. Scroll Time. DigiTime and DigiDate. In that Tutorials\Clock folder, create a new empty text file. This tutorial will introduce using Measures in a skin. We are going to use various elements of the system time in different meters in our skin, so let's create some more measures to gather different types of information. A cool time, date, and weather skin derived from GTA Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. As you can see, there is a different approach to binding measures to meters in the [MeterMonthDayYear] meter above. You will see why as we continue with the layout. Now, left-click the Rainmeter icon in the Windows notification area on your taskbar, to open the Manage dialog. We have jumped around a bit, so here is the entire completed skin so you can check that your code is the same. Go back up to just under our [MeasureTime] section and add some new measures. Click on the Refresh all button on the bottom left, and you should see your new Tutorials / Clock config in the list. In Windows explorer, you can simply right-click in the folder and say "New / Text document". Caruso Clock. So it will be Skins\Tutorials\@Resources\Sounds\HourChime.wav. The slim font and the minimal design makes it a good companion for many different genres of wallpapers and other Rainmeter skins. You can also right-click the skin to change other skin options as desired. So let's add a meter to display this value we obtained with our measure. Semplice Rainmeter Suite. Rainmeter will remember the position any time you load this skin in the future. Available in light and dark versions. The package includes four versions – binary-coded decimal in HH/MM/SS or HH/MM, and binary-coded sexagecimal (base 60) in H/M/S or H/M. The redesigned clock widget in Android 4.4 KitKat. This will open the new skin file in your default text editor. Rising Bars.

In the previous [MeterTime] meter, we aligned the meter so the right-most edge was at the X position of 165 in the skin.

This skin is part of the larger suite, Simple Media. Let's start with the first one, so we can look at a new meter positioning concept. The Elegance 2 Rainmeter Skin is the most unadorned skin for rainmeter, and it has almost every detail about your PC in the skin itself. Then add the new [MeterTime] meter. This way we won't have to repeat them in every meter we create. Find Clock.ini in the list, right-click it and say "Edit".

RKS Aevum. You now have a beautiful, functional AND annoying skin! This is using a Mouse action and a handful of Bangs. Accent Clock. Dresses. Orbital Clock.

We want to keep things lined up and tidy. Beta Clock.

You will get so many features, and it depends on you how you want your skin to be. Elegance 2 displays the CPU & RAM usage stats, recycle bin status, time & date, and Media playback information and controls. Congratulations! Measures are used to obtain some information in Rainmeter, from your computer's system, text files, web sites, and other sources. We are going to add a couple more features to our clock, so we can touch again on using Action options and Bangs in your skins. The time and date skin from the larger Raleway Suite. Then we can use the Text option with %1 %2, %3 to display each of the three measure values, including adding a hard coded comma for formatting. Now you can see why we wanted to right-align our string meters. First, as we did in our earlier tutorial, let's add the [Rainmeter] section to control the Update speed of the skin. Put it in a new Sounds folder in our Skins\Tutorials\@Resources folder we created before. Now let's add our first Measure, in this case a Time measure to retrieve information about the system time from your computer.

Save and refresh the skin to see the changes. Note that we are using the MeasureName=MeasureSeconds option to bind this meter to the appropriate measure. We are going to add a new folder under that one to create our new skin.

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