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Not everyone is entitled to these wayleave payments though, which is where things get tricky. Some people view them as essential, others as unsightly and intrusive. are receiving payments from the electricity company; and/or know that, if they make a fuss the utility company will just use its statutory power to get the same right. Good luck! There’s no hard and fast rule to the value of payments. It’s been over 20 years since a survey of this kind has taken place, so we need you tell us how pylons, poles or other electricity line supports on your land are affecting your farming practices and impacting on your business. 11KV is the lower end of the HV spectrum but it’s still worth considering your options. The other end of the HV pole is the transmitter?

Guide to potential payments – the guide below is dependent upon how visible and how close the electricity equipment is to your property. In short, no.

How long does a wayleave agreement last in the UK? It gets trickier with lighting. An electricity wayleave is the legal right commonly agreed over land ownership for overhead electricity lines and cable apparatus. Companies such as BT and Openreach may offer a legal written agreement between themselves and a landowner.

I believe the main difference is the term over which the payment compensation is awarded. Glad you had a success though, may I ask the duration of the claim? in order to ascertain whether there is an agreement in place on your land you will need to obtain a conveyancing deed. ( Log Out /  I can give an opinion, but not advice. Furthermore 3Mts from your property might be considered a bit close for an HV cable. Learn about how you can help to shape our future investments. Now I have received a letter with enclosed paperwork to sign and send off saying I would have a claim for £150.04 a one off payment lasting 15years, for a low voltage cable which comes up my drive to my front door then comes directly along the front of my house. “The payment covers the losses incurred by farmers including time loss, area loss, yield loss, wasted inputs, weed control and health and safety.
Thanks for your info Lou. Ive read about other claimants payments and my one off payment of £150 for 15years doesn’t seem very much to me. In your local area you will also have a wayleave officer. .

Yes it is a 11kw pole with transformer. eg. 8. which electricity companies pay compensation for power lines? Over 95% of all electric overhead lines across the UK on held on wayleaves which can be terminated. ( Log Out / 

Obviously, all claims and values are different.
Post was not sent - check your email addresses! SSE recently entered my land and carried out excavations along with installation of a cable without my knowledge or consent. Hi thank you for the article, it was really useful!

New electricity advisory wayleave payments announced The NFU has been working closely with the Energy Network Association (ENA) giving input on how the advisory arable payments are calculated. Potentially I would open up dialogue directly with them and see about what payments they would offer you. If you apply yourself and reject an offer, can you then go to a wayleave company?

Several wires run from it. With backgrounds in property law or chartered surveying they offered a good level of experience when it comes to making a claim. Nothing to stop you going back to them and enquiring why you case might be less in amount than others you’ve seen. Have you had any conversations with SSE about the access they had to the land? I contacted western power and they sent me a map that I have plotted everything on. Annual wayleave payment which addresses the right to hold the apparatus on the land. Also would asking the electricity company to remove the poles prompt a larger offer ? It directly supplies our 2 closests neighbours with low voltage and then high voltage crossing our land and beyond. These are the poles and lines that have been claimed on less. when it comes to High Voltage (HV) and Extreme High voltage (EHV) payments can rocket into the tens of thousands.

We have today received a letter with regard to “the underground electricity distribution cables that have been identified to be within our property boundary”. Find out who supplies the electricity to your property. What you describe, installation of equipment without knowledge let alone consent, appals me. I keep getting letters from Thompson Broadbent offering their services at 20% plus VAT. Wayleave compensation comprises two elements divided between owners and occupiers – owner/occupiers receive both payments. Occasionally the utility company will prefer an easement because that will be legally binding on successors in title to the land and they will not be reliant on the above trade-off. An alternative arrangement is called an Easement (also known as Deed of Grant) which provides permanent access rights for installing and maintaining infrastructure, but for a one-off payment, effectively “capitalising” the wayleave payment. You can also check out Sherwill Drake Forbes reviews too. Annual rate offer was £25. It may be worth seeing if you can find out what EDF referred to the equipment and usage as being for comparison and leverage. Thanks for the clarification, Peter. I wish there was a going rate. Looking at the biggest surveyor firms assisting claims at the moment they offer to do everything in exchange for 10-20% of the claim worth. The main trading address of the Group is Borron Street, Stockport, SK1 2JD. There is no underground agreement for any of the other DNOs (as of yet). How do I get a copy of my wayleave agreement? Additional Stay Wires or Struts an extra £60 each. (There is no equipment on the land). Learn more about our events and register to take part. Every major DNO in the UK is settling wayleave and/or easement compensation claims for residential properties. Would I be best not entering into an agreement at present or waiting and letting the future buyers do this? The lump sum offer is likely an “easement” agreement. The rate is £150.04 but only for the area who are supplied by SSE (Scottish and Southern Electricity. This is the first time we have ever come across wayleaves and found your website. The Energy Networks Association periodically publishes proposed wayleave payment rates for electricity apparatus. I’ve been offered a one off lump sum of £313.80 (representing £31.80 per year for the next 10 years) along with the 6 year back dated payment of £188.28.

Sign up to receive our quarterly ICE newsletters, event invites and relevant updates. An annual payment of £45.33. ( Log Out /  Doing this might outweigh the difference/potential gains. Hi, It’s most likely worth asking direct for comparison (unless you’re in a hurry). To increase the reliability of this investigation, it is planned that the online survey will be followed up by on the ground calculations.

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