ecw heatwave 99

Also, Rick Rude and Steve Austin take on Sting and Ricky Steamboat. viewings. Guido/Crazy and Lynn/RVD are probably the only two matches worth really checking out, but nothing is outright bad.

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William and Charlie return with Clash of the Champions XIX, which took place in our backyard of Charleston, SC.

Headlining is Sting taking on The Black Scorpion who continues to play psychological war games against the newly crowned World Champion. In the opening match, Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill competed against Chris Chetti and Nova.

We wanted to exit out of this season right for you all. We had an absolute blast dissecting this one as we talk a little Hateful Eight and the Tarantino filmography overall. Also in action, Lex Luger defends his US Title against Dan Spivey, Doom defends the WCW World Tag Team Titles against The Fabulous Freebirds, and a real beauty in Big Van Vader taking on Stan Hansen. Follow us on Twitter (@newbloodpod) and on Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast)!

Get ready for Knocksville USA!!

podcast on Twitter, @newbloodpod and check out some of the other shows on the Please send your feedback on Twitter (@newbloodpod), Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast), and through email ( To keep the conversation going, we are on Twitter, @newbloodpod, and on Facebook, New Blood Rising Podcast! DDP takes on Scott Steiner for the World Title, Booker T. looks to complete his elusive journey toward the US Title against champion Rick Steiner and finally, a journey through WCW wouldn't be complete without a little Rhodes vs. It's a wrestling show that happens to have a tournament which is always fun, especially with expendable international teams. nights; a program that for a brief window was THE wrestling show on Monday Please continue to download/subscribe/rate on iTunes! Finally, it’s been seven years in the making. Download, subscribe, and rate on iTunes as well as on Twitter (@newbloodpod) and on Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast). Season 1: WCW 1999-2001, Season 2: WWF 2001-2002 Season 3: ECW, Season 4: The Undertaker's Streak, Season 5: From Sting to Hogan (WCW 1990-1994), WWE has finally brought Halloween Havoc out of its WCW's mothballs, and it worked out perfectly because here we are in Season Five with Halloween Havoc '92.

Its a dandy. is very active on the independent wrestling scene in the states and (@WAManuever)! Subscribe on iTunes and follow us @newbloodpod on Twitter. We're on Twitter, @newbloodpod, and on Facebook, "New Blood Rising Podcast. Follow us on Twitter (@newbloodpod) and on Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast) and send us email at We including “Disapproving Taker” on this episode of the New Blood Rising Podcast!

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Now 15 years after the fact, how angry are we still? debut of a new faction within WCW: the New Blood! It lacked the killer match-stealing show from last year, but then ECW is lacking Tanaka and Awesome right now anyway." Follow us on Twitter (@newbloodpod) and Facebook (New Blood Rising Podcast)!

Take WCW Funk and Ric Flair? We are on Twitter, Please continue to follow us on social media (Facebook: New Blood Rising Podcast, Twitter: @newbloodpod) and rate/review on iTunes!

It's November and that means it's Bond Month, except we're going in a not often traveled direction.

another one of our WCW favorites making their debut on the podcast very soon!

away from the spotlight hogging Millionaire’s Club. Please continue to download and subscribe on iTunes as well as leave us a rating!

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We'll never know. of our episodes at as part of the OSW Podcast Network! Jarrett squaring off against DDP….and WCW World Champion, David Arquette.

while Vampiro writes another chapter in his feud with Sting.

Dubbed "The Return from the Land of the Rising Sun," the controversy surrounding the World Title comes to a conclusion as Ric Flair and Tatsumi Fujinami have a rematch to decide once and fall for who is the undisputed World Champion. It's an angry crowd in Asbury Park, NJ, but we're treated to our first pay per view showdown between Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn for the ECW TV Title as well as another entry into the Sabu vs. Taz series with a match for the ECW World Title. Even with the long Dreamer and Dudley promos, something about ECW shows are just fun.

Welcome to Clash of the Champions XV where Bobby Eaton challenges Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Title in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Join William Renken, Jason Keisler, and Charlie Stabile and subscribe to the New Blood Rising Podcast as well as other OSW Network shows. Subscribe to us through iTunes and listen to our show as

It's been an interesting two pay-per-views since WrestleMania X7, but things  are picking up with King of the Ring 2001.

Twitter: @newbloodpod Crazy then hit a powerbomb on Guido for the win.

A lot of faces coming in and coming This week, we’re headed to Poughkeepsie, New York for Hardcore Heaven ’99 as we are treated to possibly one of the greatest matches in ECW history, in the second installment of RVD vs. Jerry Lynn with the ECW TV Title on the line. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@newbloodpod, New Blood Rising Podcast)!

Next, Jazz competed against Jason in an intergender match.

Please continue to check us out on social media: Facebook - New Blood Rising Podcast, Twitter - @newbloodpod, Movies For Guys Who Like Movies - Santa With Muscles.

Sal E. Graziano interfered in the match on Guido's behalf but Crazy took him out with a plancha and Guido nailed a Maritado to Crazy but got a near-fall. Follow us on Twitter, @newbloodpod!

Change is in the air in ECW as we’re heading toward the end of 1999.

The podcast returns fittingly with Batman Returns as the dust settles from Batman vs. Superman in theatres now. Follow us on Follow us on Twitter, @newbloodpod and subscribe on iTunes! OSW Podcast Network.

Look at the pinned tweet onbour Twitter @newbloodpod! Jeff Jarrett gets his rematch against WCW World Champion, Booker T. Also, it’s actually turned out to be were two very different things…And that’s not really

So, it's 1991 in WCW, and with that comes some changeover both onscreen and off.

On September 5, 1995, it was history before the eyes of the

We're going to the extreme!!! defense of his new Undisputed Championship, goes one one one with The Rock in their continued rivalry.

Please continue to And how the in the world can Sid Vicious walk out of San

More on that next episode.

With the World Tag Team titles on the line, The Steiner brothers defend against Lex Luger and Sting. Plus, an epic clash between ECW TV Champion, Rob Van Dam, defends against Sabu. It's March of 1999 and it's time to Live Dangerously again with ECW in the aptly titled Living Dangerously '99.

Please continue to follow on Twitter and Facebook and feel free to email us at! We are huge fans of this one and have a ton to talk about. It's a two-man pod this week with William and Charlie charting through one of Undertaker's most important pack of WrestleMania matches.

But before we get to Independence Day: Resurgence, the podcast travels back to 1996 to the one that started the Will Smith run as the champion of the 4th of July. Please continue to download and subscribe/rate on iTunes! A great card on paper, including Chavo Guerrero Jr. defending the Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mystery as well as a six-man elimination match featuring our favorite batch of WCW cruiserweight.

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