ece 3550 gatech

3 Credit Hours. ECE 1010. ECE 2031 or ECE 20X2 [min C] and ECE 3084 or ECE 3085 or ECE 3550 Corequisites None Catalog Description Design of control algorithms using state-space methods, microcontroller implementation of control algorithms, and laboratory projects emphasizing motion control applications. Special Topics. 2 Credit Hours. ECE 2811. Processors, chipsets, busses, and I/O devices for high-ended embedded systems. Algorithms and methodologies for the design of real-time, low-power embedded computing systems. 1 Credit Hour. ECE 3550 Corequisites None Catalog Description Study of the basic concepts in linear system theory and numerical linear algebra with applications to communication, compution, control and signal processing. 1 Credit Hour. Introduction to a design methodolgy that encompasses the range from architectural models to circuit simulation. 1-21 Credit Hours. Modern Electric Energy Systems. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 4320. 5 years ago Copeland is BOOOORING. Credit not allowed for both ECE 2026 and ECE 2025.

First semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Fall 2002. ECE 4863.

Course Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: Analyze small RLC circuits by hand. Transfer-Digital Des Lab. Special Topics. ECE 1891. Analysis and design of electronic circuits and systems. ECE 3894. Programming design projects. Apply the concepts of system response (including transients and steady-state) and of system stability. 1 Credit Hour.

Introduction to random signals and processes with emphasis on applications in ECE. Credit not allowed for both ECE 2036 and ECE 3090. 1-21 Credit Hours. Introduction to a design methodology that encompasses the range from behavioral models to circuit simulation. Credit not allowed for both ECE 4781 and (CHE 4781 or CHBE 4781 or BMED 4781 or ME 4781).

ECE 3882.

Team project in ECE incorporating engineering standards and realistic constraints. 2 Credit Hours. ECE 2812. 08. ECE 4823. Continuous-time linear systems and signals, their mathematical representations, and computational tools. 4 Credit Hours. ECE 3813. ECE 2804. Processes, threads, CPU scheduling, and associated techniques. Post-processing effects. Computer Communications. 1 Credit Hour. Credit is not allowed for both ECE 4130 and ECE 6130. Special Topics. 3 Credit Hours. 1 Credit Hour. Special Topics. Credit not allowed for both ECE 3055 and ECE 3056.

VLSI and Advanced Digital Design. GPU architectures. Special Problems. ECE 3071. 3 Credit Hours. Embedded and Hybrid Control Systems. Design of control algorithms using state-space methods, microcontroller implementation of control algorithms, and laboratory projects emphasizing motion control applications. Special Topics. Practical Skills and Design. Special Topics. ECE 4562. ECE 3075. Z Transform. Power spectrum, discrete Fourier transform and the FFT algorithm, Z-transform, digital filter design and implementation. <> To gain an understanding of the device needs for current and future computers, and fiber optic and wireless communication systems addressing the future needs of high- frequency, GHz-range, device operation. Functionality of relevant organs and systems; instrumentation tools which monitor electrophysiology function. Special Problems. 4 Credit Hours. Laplace and Z-Transforms. ECE 4812. Biosystems Analysis. Advanced theory of AC machines, including AC motor winding design, finite element analysis, induction motor design, permanent magnet machine design, and synchronous machine dynamics. Fundamental concepts in discrete mathematics and their efficient realization via algorithms, data structures, computer programs, and hardware. ECE 4XXX. Elementary passive and active circuits using both discrete (diodes, bipolar junction transistors, MOSFETs) and integrated devices (operational amplifiers). Architectural concepts, software, Boolean algebra, number systems, combinational datapath elements, sequential logic, and storage elements. Introduction to three phase power systems, electromechanical energy conversion and operating principles of electric machines. Special Topics. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Analysis and design of analog ICs using analytic techniques and CAD tools.

Special Topics. Introduction to HDLs with Applications to Digital System. Introductory topics in computer security are presented with an emphasis on fundamental security primitives and current security challenges facing society. Special Topics. Introduces students to radar systems, including pulsed, CW, CWFM, and MTI radars. Combined lecture-laboratory exploration of the technology of fiber optics, with special emphasis on optical fiber communications systems. Course Syllabus. 1 Credit Hour. ECE 20X3. 3 Credit Hours. 1 0 obj <> Feedback systems: tracking and disturbance rejection.

Laboratory emphasizes computer-based signal processing. ECE 4445. 1-12 Credit Hours. Special Topics. Requires formal reports and group presentations. Analog Electronics. Other techniques for electromagnetic sensing such as radiometry and EM tagging are discussed. To present concepts in waveguiding and radiation, with application to microwaves, antennas, and optics. Exploration of Internet implementation as a network of computing systems.

Electromagnetic Compatibility. Credit not allowed for both ECE 4325 and ECE 6340. ECE 3020. 3 Credit Hours. Machine learning and data science in networks or other emerging topics.

Special Topics. Special Topics. Basic electronic test instrumentation. Special Problems. Transfer function and state space representations. ECE 4753. Second semester of ECE culminating design sequence. Advanced digital design issues in the context of VLSI systems. Measurements, Circuits, and Microelectronics Laboratory. ECE 3884. ECE 2026. ECE 4805.

Sampling theorem, discrete-time Fourier transform.

ECE 3025. ECE 2045.

Analysis and design of bipolar and MOS digital integrated circuit families and their applications in modern electronic systems. Special Topics. CAD tools, project design methodologies, logic synthesis, and assembly language programming. ECE 2030. Special Topics. Basic digital telecommunications systems are examined in a laboratory setting using electronic modules, covering concepts such as modulation, channel coding, AWGN, eye diagrams, and BER. Courses Taught in Princeton University: Spring 2007: MAE 306 Engineering Mathematics (junior level) 2 Credit Hours. ECE 4100. Basic organizational principles of the major components of a processor - the core, memory hierarchy, I/O subsystem and basic operating system constructs that utilize them.

1-21 Credit Hours. Special Topics. 4 Credit Hours. Special Topics. Applications of Digital Signal Processing. 1-21 Credit Hours. ECE 3006. Design, analysis, simulation, implementation, and evaluation of advanced electronic circuits. 4 Credit Hours.

ECE 2031.

Computer system and digital design principles. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 4901.

Memory hierarchy, memory management, and protection. 4 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours.

A unified treatment. 2 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 4370. Non-renewable and renewable/sustainable energy sources. Special Topics. Undergraduate Research Assistantship. Network Design and Simulation. Apply basic principles (such as feedback) in a broad context of engineering. 1 Credit Hour. 5 Credit Hours. Special Problems. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 3090. Biasing, small-signal analysis, frequency response, feedback amplifiers, active filters, non-linear op-amp applications, and oscillators. Special Topics. Properties of semiconductor devices.

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