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Imagine the horror etched on the faces of his terrified crew when Sky Lynx refused to accept their navigational commands and flew off at his own volition! ), Look, sir/ma'am, why does it seem like you're constantly complaining about stuff? As such, we encourage you to read the third party’s privacy policy and terms of use closely. The Route of All Evil, In Viron 704.31 Epsilon after the disappearance of several Autobots due to Unicron's abductions, Optimus, Sky Lynx, Hound, and X-Brawn did their best to hold out against Megazarak, but they ultimately all fell to the tyrant's onslaught. Rage Sky Lynx was later carrying the Dynobots to Iacon when he received new orders to help prevent a riot at Starsreach Spaceport. ', and you will not go far wrong. Not for children under 3 years. He also lacks details and weapons to kit said base out – and has no "proper" weapons otherwise than a couple of ill defined white lumps, personally I'd have prefered that they throw toy and show accuracy out the window and give the lynx some proper ears & paws too. or some fins on the dragon head.

Sky Lynx carried his team to Dread, where he was again forced to intercede, rescuing Blurr from a swamp while simultaneously leading the counter offensive against the Predacons. (Each sold separately. The Magnificent Lieutenant Commander, Sky Lynx brings class and firepower to the Autobot armies. Spacehikers! However, before speedily returning the kids to their home, Sky Lynx took them to a traveling space carnival. As Predaking squashed his foes, Galvatron chuckled, having ensured that Predaking's only worthy opponent, Sky Lynx, was entangled on Earth battling Decepticons in New York City.

Arrivato oggi, un esemplare assolutamente splendido.

A Lonely Pillar on the Plain Sky Lynx later attended a meeting between Optimus Prime and some dignitaries, which would have been impossible to arrange had it not been for his impeccable presence on the deck of Metrotitan. text-align: center; Revelation, Unfortunately, that monotoned malcontent managed to hack into Sky Lynx's impressive neural processors, and even though he put up a valiant struggle against his Decepticon passengers, he was forced to bring them to the Nemesis on Earth. Sky Lynx restrained that clod, Galvatron, and spat fire at Devastator until the combiner came to his senses; after which, Sky Lynx took the Autobots and Constructicons back to the Ark-7 with a space bridge in tow. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Such a heafty figure, great and solid with about every square inch both internal and external is utilized for hiding kibble. Required fields are marked *.

Upon landing, Sky Lynx took command of that ill-tempered, uncivilized group of evolutionary throwbacks and directed them in a proper manner, a task which nearly exceeded his incredible skill. The extra Transformation step in the shuttle body would have helped it look less lanky and the thicker legs on the bird mode might have made the bird mode stand better too. Big in size, very well articulated, all the joints are firm and tight, the colors and deatil are all clean, and even has a lite glow from the black lights. The humans would have obviously been lost without him. Several TFW2005 members including Prescient, Vampyre000, SJW, Tikgnat and myself (Sol Fury) have spotted Sky Lynx on the shelves of UK toy retailer Smyths. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. While they battled over control of the journal, the Quintessons reclaimed their toy, and Sky Lynx was later able to extract it from the Quintesson ship by deftly cutting a hole in the hull at exactly the right point. Then the Omnibots showed up and took him out. The Autonomy Lesson He visited Maccadam's Old Oil House with Bluestreak and Cliffjumper after Blurr reopened it. And can’t believe we actually got it. Earthrise Sky Lynx 10. The Crucible, When Cosmos came under fire while investigating the remnants of the EDC's Bikini Atoll base, it was up to the valiant Sky Lynx and his comrade, Sideswipe, to come to the rescue of the hapless 'bot.

Mode "Eva" chapter 1, Vector Prime noted that 'bots such as Sky Lynx had mitotic sparks. Thief in the Night, While his beauty was gracing the entrance to a peace conference, Sky Lynx was approached by Ultra Magnus, who needed a ride to some dingy asteroid or other to save the galaxy. (Adaptable Interconnection Retrofitter) Locks system, fighters don’t head to the battlefield -- they become it. Includes 8 accessories. He was nonetheless able to provide air support against the Predacons, and spirited away the Autobots along with the Quintesson Journal they'd found. Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner? Massacre Following Trypticon's defeat, Sky Lynx took Grimlock and Hot Rod on a fly-by over Harmonex to confirm the body of the beast was still there. Night and the City Wheeljack would later mention that he was recovering.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5, A Quintesson once used Sky Lynx's sublime appearance as a disguise. You can see it attached to the legs in other design pictures. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3, After awakening from the Great Shutdown, Sky Lynx found himself operating the regime of that uncharismatic, mono-visioned walking calculator, Shockwave. CHOKING HAZARD -- As a shuttle, he can easily travel between star systems and carry passengers as well. Transformers Studio Series 72 Voyager Transformers: BB Starscream PreOrder Now Live on BBTS and Pulse, Takara Tomy Golden Lagoon Figures Up for Preorder on Hasbro Pulse, Takara Tomy Transformers Kingdom T-Rex Megatron And Blackarachnia New Stock Images. Hello Cruel World On Prowl's orders, Sky Lynx delivered the Constructicons from the Ark-7 to the battle in Poverty Flat, Detonation Boulevard then ferried everyone straight back to the ship where he got some energon to slurp. Vs. Upon the venerable Sky Lynx's arrival, Wheeljack requested that he put his considerable skills on temporary hold. He was magnificent, as always. An interesting view at the development of this figure.

Edge of the Earth, Indispensable as ever, Sky Lynx carried a complement of Autobots and Decepticons over the ocean to make an attack on Galvatron's submerged base, the Nemesis. Sky Lynx's unusual form grants him several abilities. it's sturdy and big. Kids Robots Toys Robot Digital Watch for Kids 2 in 1 Electrical Watch Robot Watch f... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The Magnificent Lieutenant Commander, this Transformers Earthrise Sky Lynx figure converts from bird to shuttle transport mode in 35 steps, lynx to Modular Battle Station mode in 20 steps, from bird and lynx modes into combined bird-lynx beast mode in 22 steps. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Allspark and receive notifications of news articles by email. Now, fighters must instantly adapt to battle anywhere in the cosmos. Joes. Includes 8 accessories.Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.BUILD THE BATTLEFIELD BEYOND: Earthrise figures allow fans to build out epic space battle scenes, featuring figures that can convert into and connect to Modular Battle Station modes (each sold separately, subject to availability)5 ALT MODES: Figure converts from bird and lynx modes into combined bird-lynx beast mode in 22 steps, from bird to shuttle transport mode in 35 steps and lynx to Modular Battle Station mode in 20 stepsCONVERT TO MODULAR BATTLE STATION: Features a Modular Battle Station mode. Once Upon a Time on Earth To convince the humans of their innocence, Sky Lynx and his comrades began flying across the globe, heroically helping the small creatures with their petty problems. Despite acknowledging his "ace work", Rodimus, for some reason, dispatched those uncouth flyboys to investigate. Free Home Delivery for orders over £19 ️ Free Click & Collect within 2 hours! The Obliterati, When Arcee brought an Onyx tablet aboard the Ark-7 for examination, Sky Lynx tried to tell his fellow crew members of how useless looking at such primitive human tech would be, but alas, his advice was harshly brushed aside. During the battle, Sky Lynx fought Roller to stop him from destroying the body of Optimus Prime, then combined with the others to battle Grand Galvatron directly. Subject to availability).

While this news was most distressing, it did not warrant such uncivilized violence against one's vehicle. I'm really glad they didn't do the solar panels on his face. The Quintesson Journal On one occasion, Sky Lynx's normally-superb gyros malfunctioned, causing him to crash on Cybertron. Naturally Sky Lynx suffered only minor damage, and he was about to execute his usual daring nick-of-time rescue for Kup and the slaves as the mountain erupted. Jolly good show! Comes with Astroscope figure with a satellite mode, Every pack includes a piece of the Transformers Universe map and a red decoder to unlock the map's hidden paths (Each sold separately. Some time later, the Mecannibals, through an unfair deception, managed to capture the magnificent Sky Lynx.

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