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6 English Constitutionalism and the Dutch Republic, (1603-1625) First Stuart Monarch. They coincided with each other to help the Republic. Huguenots in France had to flee when the Edict of Nantes was revoked and traveled to the Dutch Republic. ​ The profits of our East Indian trade have turned into losses, the java trade is declining, and the commercial competition from the English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Muslims in Asia cannot be checked. Match. ​ Not only the French monarch but other kings seem more and more to scheme how to ruin what remains of the trade and navigation of the Dutch Republic, and to take over part of it for themselves. For the war by sea the king of England will arm at least 70 warships. mrvbhhs. 13 terms. ​ England's interest consists in continuing or encouraging war between the Dutch Republic and France. This makes the lower classes happier and more faithful to the elected rulers, instead of absolute monarchs who appoint themselves. Test. Perhaps the greatest piece o…, James I increases restrictions on Catholics, Guy Fawkes tries…, (1625-1649) Son of James I. Dutch armies, allied with the English in his war against France, have suffered extremely: they have not a hundred men left in each battalion out of a total of thirty battalions that engaged the French at the beginning of the war. Paraphrase the document’s data [don’t quote it!] Toward the end of 1671, the mutual distrust among the Dutch provinces hindered deliberations on how to oppose the violent attacks of Louis XIV. Lastly the middle working class was built on the previous two things, overall boosting the economy and success of the Dutch Republic in the 17. Dutch Ships Seized by the English = 2,000 - 2,700.

(2) Place each document into one or more of the categories security, unity, prosperity. the center of government of the United Provinces. American Revolution & Early Years of the Republic | APUSH Period 3 | AP US History, 3.1: Early Stages of the Revolution | APUSH Per…, 3.2: Winning the Revolutionary War | APUSH Peri…, 3.3: Articles of Confederation | APUSH Period 3…, AP Calculus BC Practice Tests | AP Calculus BC Exam Preparation, Practice Test 1 - Series and Convergence | AP Ca…, Practice Test 2 - Series and Convergence | AP Ca…, Practice Test 3 - Series and Convergence | AP Ca…, AP Euro Ch. Most European countries did not have religious tolerance at the time. Browse 500 sets of terms dutch republic ap euro flashcards. Discuss ways that the 17th-century Dutch Republic differed from its neighbors, telling how these differences attributed to the country’s success. Ch. AP Euro Test Review Current Events AP European History The Dutch Republic DBQ Directions: (1) Read the documents and use the Dutch Republic DBQ organizer linked below to annotate the documents. Bel…, This Catholic woman was married to James I's son with a secret…, Displeased with James I, Guy Fawkes developed this plot to blo…, Stuart king who brought conflict with Parliament to a head and…, The name given to the Dutch government by European diplomats, Dutch Calvinists that favored a slightly less radical belief i…, Equalized currencies of different values. AP European History Thursday, January 13, 2011. Ap Euro Chapt 13. the king of France will defray all expenses of the campaign by land.

a conspiracy in 1605 in England to blow up James I and the Hou…, the federal assembly of the United Provinces of the Netherland…, act which barred Dutch ships from carrying good between other…, He was hesitant to come into England from the Netherlands and…, He tried to prove that such a thing as a natural law existed a…, Constitutionalism: the Dutch Republic and England (1600-1689), 1.Each of the seven Dutch provinces was politically independen…, 1.Calvinism was the dominant religion.... 2. however, Catholics l…, Displaced the Portuguese and gained control of the lucrative s…, Dutch bank founded in 1609; it had a reputation as the safest,…, - each Dutch province was politically independent... - not gover…, - Calvinism= dominant religion... - other religions all enjoyed…, - Europe's leading commercial power... -shipbuilding, the banker…, - no commissions from Catholic Church and royals--> artists tu…, Constitutionalism: The Dutch Republic and England 1600-1689, Each of the 7 Dutch provinces were ________ ______. Ended 30 Years' War and officially recognized Netherlands. The Dutch fleet was…, Chapter 16: Constitutionalism in England & Dutch Republic, sect of Calvinism that wished to "purge" the Anglican Church o…, sect of the Anglican Church that is more similar to the Cathol…, sect of the Anglican Church that is heavily influenced by Prot…, United Provinces of the Netherlands from 1581-1795; won indepe…, period in the 17th century when the Netherlands, known for eff…, economic system based on profit-seeking, private ownership, an…, spread of deep interest in acquiring material goods and servic…, 7 provinces of Union of Utrecht formed United Provinces of Net…, Each province led by oligarchy of regents (wealthy merchants);…, Federal branch; handled foreign affairs; checked by Estates; a…, Powerful navy; Amsterdam financial capital of Europe; dominate…, Spanish troops invade Netherlands, kill Dutch, end inquisition... end excessive taxes ... eliminate foreign rule ... a…, To consolidate the lands he inherited from his father, AP Euro Chapter 8: Constitutionalism: The Dutch Republic and England, 1600-1689, In the Dutch Republic, each of the seven Dutch provinces had _…, In the Dutch Republic, Calvinism was the dominant religion. 20: The Revolution in Energy and Industry, Ch. Flashcards. This is proven by the success that the Republic had in the 17, If the Dutch would have tried to be like other European countries, they would not have experience the amount of success they did. In Machiavelli’s book The Prince, he states that they key to success of a prince, or any form of government for that matter, is the people being happy enough to follow and not cause problems. Hugo Grotius. However, they were a seafaring power, NOT a military power. Spell. Belief that a ruler's authority comes directly from god. The nobles in these types of governments also had a large amount of power over the common people. AP Euro section 18 The Dutch Republic. ​ The government of the Dutch Republic is a shattered and divided thing; the province Holland alone must expect to bear the financial burden in a war because the other provinces are poor. ​ We must make defensive fortifications o n land as well as outfit warships at sea; but we must also try to end the heavy taxes that are most burdensome on our merchants, especially those taxes levied to provide convoys for merchant ships. The Dutch Republic experienced advances in many categories such as science and art during the 17 th century. ​ The English East India Company has grown larger and causes the Dutch much anxiety. This makes the lower classes happier and more faithful to the elected rulers, instead of absolute monarchs who appoint themselves.

This is proven by the success that the Republic had in the 17th century. This trade competition was the real cause of the war which broke ou in the 1650's between England and the Dutch Republic. Most European countries had an absolute monarchy at the time. The Dutch Republic had its own unique style of government and religious views along with a different class make-up that allowed for its successes.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Most European countries had an absolute monarchy at the time. A period of Dutch History (1600s ) in which The Dutch Republic dominated world trade and xused that wealth to become the world's center for arts and sciences. They were…, dominants religion for Dutch, but everyone else enjoyed religi…, Europe's financial center until the French Revolution, Development of an oligarchy, urban gentry, and rural landowner…, Oligarchy... Confederation: 7 provinces; each had a representativ…, each province elected one; it was a governor and military lead…, Calvinism was the dominant religion, but it split between the…, Official name of Holland/Netherlands/Dutch territory.... A confe…. Because of the religious tolerance, they were allowed in, and the merchant class grew, which strengthened the economy. This means all the power was in the hands of the King or Queen. For the Dutch Republic, the period from 1650 to the Peace of Utrecht (1713) was one of shifting alliances and a series of military conflicts with other European powers.] Ho…, The Dutch Republic was Europe's leading commercial power durin…, They were commissioned by prosperous merchants who wanted pain…, English Constitutionalism and the Dutch Republic, (r. 1660-1685) restored the English monarchy after Oliver Crom…, reestablishment of the monarchy under Charles II in 1660, 1679-1681 Whig attempt to remove James II, younger brother of…, England and the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century, Also ____ the VI of Scotland. Claimed the throne by Divine…, Translated by King James in 1611. The Dutch Republic had its own unique style of government and religious views along with a different class make-up that allowed for its successes.

In the Dutch Republic, their form of government allowed the people to elect rulers of their different provinces. Lastly the middle working class was built on the previous two things, overall boosting the economy and success of the Dutch Republic in the 17th century. AP Euro: England and the Dutch Republic Terms James I (1603-1625) James II (1685-1688) Charles I (1625-1649) The economy grew as more people came because they wanted religious freedom. We who are naturally merchants must have low taxes, peace, and trade as well as protection, and we cannot be turned into soldiers.

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