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And please make sure Huey gets some sleep. Follow/Fav Grounded. It is time for bed. Huey tried again in vain to wake up, but the harder he tried the more real the nightmare room felt. Don't be afraid. Huey let out a choked sob. Is Huey gonna hurt himself? I would like to speak with Pato Donald.

After a half dozen sentences fell dead on his tongue, he simply leaned forward and said, "That bad, huh?

", "Yeh know, Ah said that meself, a long time ago about my own family," Scrooge said softly.

But that doesnae mean you cannae give her a chance. He collapsed to his knees and started to sob desperately. While things were far from okay, they were starting to look up. I didn't mean to scare you like that. A small lamp mounted by the door was the sole source of light, and it was only really successful in casting eerie shadows. He knocked on the door. ", "How about you explain to us your side of the story?" Huey was the one who had inherited his uncle's temper, though he was slower to anger and had a lot more control over it. I just did it. He quickly lurched toward the nearest tree, needing something solid to support his weight. Another voice, one laced with a heavy Scottish accent, cut off Dewey's retort before a fight could break out between the two brothers. "I know it's not an excuse. He's shaken up, but he's fine. José had a feeling that it had been doing that a lot over the past few days. ", "Huey, she bought an apartment in Duckburg!" Is he there? "I mean, when, in the past ten years, have any of us ever been alone?" They'd face them together. He was still waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night more often than not. The only sound coming from the other end of the phone was static, leading him to believe that either the line was dead or that his brother had hung up on him. Dewey had never been a heavy sleeper. When it came to anger, that was something that Huey shared with his uncle. Cartoons DuckTales. ", Huey threw his wings in the air. "We don't have to do anything," Huey said coldly. Hot New #1. But he can't stop thinking about it. I know you weren't thinking when you decided to run away. ", "I don't think that's the reason at all," Dewey objected. He was only almost used to it, though, because his dreams kept finding new ways of frightening him. There will be friendships, enemy fights, love songs, romance, high school drama, and much more! The hole Huey had dug himself into was so deep that Louie believed not even he would have been able to talk his way out of it. Dewey Duck & Donald Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck (125) Lena (Disney: DuckTales)/Webby Vanderquack (103) Donald Duck & Scrooge McDuck (96) Dewey Duck & Huey Duck & Louie Duck & Webby Vanderquack (85) Della Duck & Donald Duck (62) Drake Mallard/Launchpad McQuack (54) Daisy Duck/Donald Duck (51) Lena (Disney: DuckTales) & Webby Vanderquack (48) Scrooge … I think he created a problem that he didn't know how to fix. But I really want to know my own mother. ", Dewey sighed, but Huey knew he was doing it for comedic effect. He hadn't said a word since José had left the airport. Hurt didn't allow for rational thinking. He got honours every year and even won a few subject awards. He's been sneaking out, lying. atruedonaldist . There was a rap on the door a few minutes later. Then again, it was free ice cream. Huey was nothing more than a child — a child who had gotten himself into a situation that he didn't think he could get out of. Dewey hissed, clutching the phone to his ear. Evil!Louie AU.

I shouldn't have called; this was a mistake. "Okay," Huey said. I used an online translator, so it might not be 100% accurate (especially since online translators don't always show the different dialects, so the words might not be completely right for Brazilian Portuguese). At first, she wondered if she heard wrong. He was just so angry. Soon the triplets are faced with a decision that will change their lives-one way or another. ", "It is now, though!" Dewey crossed his arms. Yes, it's really me. His heart began pounding angrily and his blood seemed to begin to boil. 27 Stories. ", "It sounds so final when you say it like that," Louie muttered. ", "Wait, wait, wait," Dewey said in shock, "Huey, our Huey — the one who practically lives and breathes the Jr. Woodchuck Guidebook, that Huey — is in Rio de Janeiro? "I love you so much. But he had his work cut out for him if he was going to convince Huey that his family still loved him.

Louis asked. Della waved a waiter over and put the order in, along with a chocolate milkshake for herself. ", "Ah cannae say Ah blame him," Scrooge sighed. Though Louie couldn't see, he was sure that his brother was on the verge of tears, if he wasn't crying already. He closed his eyes and focused on his breathing, trying to wake himself up, not breaking his concentration until he realized the floor beneath him had grown cold and damp. It was the kind of softness that set off the alarms in José's head. "I don't want to…". "That's not even my name," he said sleepily. You're going to be fine, he tried to tell himself. "Of course!" Is Uncle Panchito coming with you? He climbed down the ladder and got into the middle bunk as gently as possible. But...I want to give her a chance. Della asked. Unfollow. However, the biggest and most drastic adventure for their family is waiting within Duckburg for them, mere miles from their home. When Huey was little, he always tried to imagine what it would be like for his mother to waltz back into his life. So naturally Dewey and Louie are suspicious. "You have not eaten all day, sim?

But now, Donald knew it was time to address the elephant in the room.

And while Huey could handle any punishment Uncle Donald and/or Uncle Scrooge dished out (a necessary skill with Dewey and Louie as brothers), he couldn't, he wouldn't be able to handle it if his family hated him. Huey knew his uncle didn't like talking about her and he understood why. "W-What do I say? The Saveur family, a long old friend of Scrooge McDuck who had helped him occasionally with his expeditions. "We said we'd come," Dewey said, tossing his bag underneath the table and taking a seat across from Della. "I d-didn't m-m-mean—" Huey began tearfully, but he cut himself off with a broken, guilt-ridden sob, which caused Louie to wince.

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