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All of the Brothers' natural receding-hairline patterns were similar, but Harpo and Chico covered theirs with wigs (Groucho later sported an obvious toupee in the films At The Circus and Go West). No one's allowed to smoke, Sure enough, Pinky is wandering out on the front lines wearing a sandwich board sign reading, "Join the Army and see the Navy." This is the land of the free.

If we should choose to chew, First, there is a scene involving the knocking off, dropping, picking up and exchanging of hats. Unfortunately, the fact that Duck Soup didn’t do as well at the box office as the smash hit Horse Feathers would later be used as an argument that the team needed to restore those boring romances to their films. Duck Soup is a 1933 Marx Brothers comedy film written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, with additional dialogue by Arthur Sheekman and Nat Perrin, directed by Leo McCarey. And of course, it's impossible to tell when Groucho is being sarcastic and when he isn't. Screenwriters Harry Ruby and Bert Kalmar were standing on the set one day when an extra standing next to them said, "I don't know who wrote this stuff but they ought to be arrested...they should be in a different business." Encouraged by this success, the studio suggested on August 2, 1932, that they rush out a follow-up. We of course see its countless virtues. This song is mentioned on the sheet music of "Do not say goodbye", but it was a popular song at the time and not written for "Home Again", Marx Brothers, Metcalfe, Gardiner, Corbett, Darby, the music is an excerpt taken from another piece of sheet music for this show, note the extra verse in the Australian sheet music, sung to the music of the Toreador Song from Carmen, This became Groucho's signature tune and was, for example, used in "You Bet Your Life", The sheet music cover is from the time of "Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel", this title is performed several times in the movie by different people, played when Harpo finds the room with all the treasure, this song may have originally been written for "Go West", but wasn't used in that movie, Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, The Merry Macs and Groucho Marx, As far as I know this is the only song in the movie where Groucho was amongst the performers, The Marx Brothers' uncle Al Shean was well known for this song, not a Marx Brothers piece but a nice link between the actors from "The Cocoanuts" and the authors of "Animal Crackers", this may be a variation of "I'm Daffy Over You", Groucho often sang this and recorded it in 1951, Groucho recorded this in 1951 and performed it in his Carnegie Hall Concert.

The Marx Brothers had many great moments ahead of them, as a team and as individuals. [11] Grover Jones was also reported to have contributed to the first draft by Ruby and Kalmar. "This Country's Going to War"- Duck Soup sequence - YouTube To raise a family. If any form of pleasure is exhibited, By letting her decide. Relations between the two countries deteriorate during the film, and they go to war at the conclusion. Conversely, "to duck something" meant to avoid it. So everyone beware,

The site' consensus reads, "Fueled by inspired silliness and blessed with some of the Marx brothers' most brilliant work, Duck Soup is one of its – or any – era's finest comedies". Five movies and that was that. Mussolini and Hitler had been in the headlines for years, and they hadn’t yet committed their greatest atrocities. Beggar's Song lyrics performed by Duck Soup: I had a girl she won't see me no more She caught me cheating with the It just so happens that Trentino is a spy with malevolent intentions.

Groucho's character—originally named "Rufus T. Firestone"—eventually became Rufus T. Firefly, while the name of Harpo's character—named Pinky in the final product—was given in the pressbook as "Brownie". Duck Soup Lyrics: Y'all cats can't examine my stamina / I flow greater than eight of your favorite / Rap individuals / Trappin', I did it too...but not kilos of coke / More like these MC's in a I'm gonna walk all over the battlefield, Although it did not do as well as Horse Feathers, it was the sixth-highest-grossing film of 1933, according to Glenn Mitchell in The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia and Simon Louvish in Monkey Business, his biography of the Marx Brothers. Firefly assures his generals that he has "a man out combing the countryside for volunteers." Chicolini is caught by Firefly and put on trial, during which war is officially declared, and everyone is overcome by war frenzy, breaking into song and dance. [9] In 2000, readers of Total Film magazine voted Duck Soup the 29th greatest comedy film of all time. It seems like the climax of the best phase of their movie career, their early years at Paramount, with the zaniest script and songs (by Kalmar and Ruby), the biggest pretensions toward satirical meaning, and a director at the helm who himself was a comic … (Ensemble:) ( Log Out /  The recurring gag of Harpo’s motorcycle taking off and leaving Groucho in the sidecar, with the inevitable topper of Harpo on the sidecar leaving Groucho on the motorcycle. If you think this country's bad off now, The hat business with Chico, Harpo and Edgar Kennedy is old Laurel and Hardy stuff, they did it in half a dozen films. Who does he think he is? Change ). and Pop goes the Weasel!

", is also used several times.

They got guns, Later, Chicolini volunteers Pinky to carry a message through enemy lines; Firefly tells him, "[...] and remember, while you're out there risking life and limb through shot and shell, we'll be in here thinking what a sucker you are." Zeppo's character remained Firefly's son until very late in production, finally becoming Bob Roland, his secretary; also, Mrs Teasdale's niece "June Parker" transformed into Vera Marcal, first introduced as Trentino's "niece" before ultimately becoming his companion.[11]. This site uses material originally created by Frank Bland for his website. In our midst you stand The ruler of this land, Episode 117 – Lou Prosperi Interview", "Universal Studios Home Video Announces the Release of 'The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection' on DVD", Credit summary with "Four Marx Brothers" poster,, Films made before the MPAA Production Code, United States National Film Registry films, Articles with dead external links from July 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Davison Clark as Second Minister of Finance, "All God's Chillun Got Guns" (parody of "All God's Chillun Got Wings"); "Oh Freedonia" (parody of ", This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 19:43. On January 18, 1933, Harry Ruby, Bert Kalmar and Grover Jones submitted to Paramount their "Second Temporary Script" for Cracked Ice,[11] and Paramount announced that shooting would commence on February 15.

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