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This central motif rather than the millennium as such dominated teaching about the future. Not all of it applies to us or speaks to us in the same way. "[13], The that the Mosaic Law can be divided into three groups of laws — those Dispensationalism encourages a certain type of correlation between prophecy and our time. "[14], The Usage Of The Word For Dispensation In The New The same thing happens with prophecy. Greenville, SC: Bob Jones University. Dispensational dispensationalism holds to a distinction between Israel (even of progressive revelation. Now that Christ has accomplished his work, salvation is no longer a matter of types and shadows, of anticipations or foretastes. So we try to understand Matthew and Paul and John and the author of Hebrews as much as possible “from the inside,” on their own terms. Or, because they believe that the coming of the Lord is near, they may abandon their normal occupations, somewhat like some of the Thessalonians did (2 Thess 3:6-13). Randy White Ministries Doctrinal Distinctives. But if you go to another economy the dollar is just a piece of paper, and you will have to exchange your dollar because the “house law” is different. Chicago: Moody. By Gerhard Friedrich, trans. Barr, James.

I was kidding. But it is not even necessary to establish that Rev 21:9-22:5 describes the eternal state, provided we at least admit that the Jerusalem in Rev 21:9-22:5 is an earlier stage of the Jerusalem coming down from heaven in the eternal state (Rev 21:1-7). These prophecies fill out and deepen the foundational promises made to Abraham concerning his inheritance of the land. But they need to help others out of errors here. This heavenly country centers in the “city,” the heavenly Jerusalem mentioned in Heb 12:22. The Coming of the Kingdom. agree with dispensationalism that there will be a millennium. is a literal meaning behind the figurative passages. Next, what about the issue of the influence of tradition on interpretation? In the previous chapters we asked those who were nondispensationalists to try to understand someone else’s position.

It is hard to know what Feinberg means when he says (1980, 46): How those [many previously listed] portions were understood in Old Testament times, one need not be informed; it is a matter of common knowledge and open to the careful investigation of all. Scripture. Each brings into prominence a particular aspect of the climactic work of Christ. Gratia’s New Covenant Theology Page Remember that Scofield altogether rejected this type of move in his general statement about the “absolute literalness” of Old Testament prophecy (Scofield 1907, 45-46). But this is not as easy as it might appear. The role of worldview and interpretive standards in the determination of meaning. Tan has no such reservation. Yet no explicit statement makes it absolutely necessary to think this. I had always owned them to be the word of God. Cyrus I. Scofield (1843-1921) was indebted to James Brookes and Brethren writings for many of the views that he held in common with John Darby. It maintains that all God’s relations to human beings are to be understood in terms of two covenants, the covenant of works made with Adam before the fall, and the covenant of grace made through Christ with all who are to believe. In Moses’s time Moses himself served as mediator (cf. 8:5), but since the death of Christ I maintain that several factors in Israel’s understanding of itself and its understanding of God should have led to an understanding of prophecy which was not flat. “Say to the towns of Judah, ‘Here is your God! It endeavored to bring into a coherent, intelligible relationship differences which might otherwise seem to be tensions or even contradictions within the word of God itself. For example, England and

Still less does it mean that we cannot learn from the people involved. are systematic fashion was the French philosopher Pierre Poiret (1646-1719). When it comes to human redemption, Rom 5:12-21 shows us the way we must think. You are in a different position than if you had never been in this kind of relationship with God. Are there stages in the agricultural “battle” when it may appear that one side is “defeated,” only to have the fortunes reversed? The dilemma can be further illustrated by laying out a series of gradual steps, starting from aspects of salvation and ending with aspects of corporate unity. Hence their presence is also an aspect of fulfillment of the promise to Abraham. But let us look at some of the more precise statements about “literal” interpretation that are made by dispensationalists. If you are a dispensationalist, you will recognize that Joshua 1:8 was a very accurate and literal promise to Joshua, son of Nun. But one might wonder whether many others leave the door open for a similar point of view by postulating the possibility of multiple fulfillments. One adds to Scofield the possibility that prophecy may, here and there, have an extra dimension of meaning, parallel to the extra dimension found in OT history. The Saturday (Ex. The covenant of grace is best understood in relation to What happens in the case of dialog with classic dispensationalists? Some were produced by highly worked-up imaginations.

The new humanity receives righteousness, salvation, inheritance, and fellowship with God through the “last Adam,” Jesus Christ. But a “minimally figurative” interpretation would hold that all this analogy of warfare is brought in in order to illuminate the farmer’s skills against thorns and briers.

But because the Book of Hebrews is such a large text, I cannot give a full discussion of it here. I’ll call it “Dispensationalism for Dummies.”. Rather, one proceeds by way of Christ himself as the center-point of fulfillment of the promises. For history, one preserves the genuine historical value of the account, while adding to it, in some cases, a typological dimension pointing to Christ and the church. Scofield is not a pure literalist, but a literalist with respect to what pertains to Israel. Craven. Chafer, Lewis Sperry. The decisions as to what is figurative, and what way it is figurative, may be a product of the system as a whole rather than the inductive basis of it. I have chosen these passages because they are useful in one direction of the argument: they are useful in inviting classic dispensationalists to rethink some of their views. It would be an interpretation that did not take into account the influence of context on the determination of which sense or senses of a word are actually “activated.” We might call such an interpretation “first-thought interpretation.”. The perspective is cosmic, not some limited series of events. All premillennialists believe that the promises to Abraham will find fulfillment in a more complete way in the millennial period, following the return of Christ. There is a unified approach to the Bible here, an approach that “makes sense” when viewed sympathetically “from inside,” just as your own approach that makes sense” when viewed sympathetically “from inside.”, What do we mean by “dispensationalist”? You can make as many as you wish by introducing finer distinctions. But is that necessarily a genuine implication of the passage in every case? We are now ready to look at some dispensationalist statements on the principles of “literal” interpretation. canceled and that, therefore, we are not to look to it for direct ________.

1972. But I would say this: Israel could on the one hand know much through a dim sense of symbolic overtones.


In this sense it gives the divine constitution for the righteous government of the earth…. Let us be more specific about the implications. But dispensationalists may have hesitancy about further steps that I suggest. It is unconditional, in the sense that Christ fulfills all conditions. new covenant. It would say that (possibly because the differences between our times and biblical times are rather minimal) it is sufficient for us to interpret the biblical against the background of our own knowledge and culture. Does Feinberg have this in mind?

For example, Scofield distinguishes the kingdom of God from the kingdom of heaven in no less than five respects (Scofield note on Matt 6:33).

NT authors may have all been premillennialists, they may have all been amillennialists, or some may not have had a particular worked-out conviction. Rather, church tradition must continually be resubjected to the criticism of the Bible.

The Bible and the Future. By Geoffrey W. Bromiley (Grand (Rom. How is it possible for a righteous God to save the unrighteous? To an amillennialist like Hoekema Ryrie’s criticism must seem like a misunderstanding or a begging of the question. Albertus. For example, it must have three essential characteristics. Thus Isa 40:4 is a figurative prediction of the coming of John the Baptist, and does not commit us to expecting topographical changes. The unity of the people of God is secured by the unity of the one head, Jesus Christ. If there is a problem here, it is less with the detailed eschatological views than with erroneous practical conclusions drawn from them. Share a Testimony, The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God After all was said I had to shake my […], […] of the better books that wrestles with the topic, comes from a covenant theologian, Vern Poythress. of that government.

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