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One day a rather inebriated ice fisherman drilled a hole in the ice and peered into the hole and a loud voice from above said, “There are no fish down there.” He walked several yards away and drilled another hole and peered into the hole and again the voice said, “There’s no fish down there.” He then walked about 50 yards away and drilled another hole and again the voice said, “There’s no fish down there.” He looked up into the sky and asked, “God, is that you?” “No, you idiot,” the voice said, “it’s the rink manager.”, What is the fastest fish in the water? The tackle shop.
What did the fish do when his piano sounded odd? Game warden: Didn’t you see the no-fishing sign, son? Fishers have long rods. What kind of musical instrument can you use for fishing? The little kid sat on the side of the road with a fishing line down the drain. Why are sardines the stupidest fish in the sea? Why did the fish cross the road? Because they have electric eels !

Keep calm and fishing on. Net profits, Why do fish like worms? How do fish get from place to place while playing golf? One day, two guys Frank and Bob were out fishing. Fisherman: What are you fishing for sonny?

A funeral service passes over the bridge they’re fishing by, and Bob takes off his hat and puts it over his heart. How many South Dakotans does it take to go ice fishing? Our Guide to Fishing Rods. “Name That Tuna.”. Nothing grows faster than a fish from when it bites until it gets away. Then the second fisherman said, “Triple my I.Q.” and sure enough the mermaid did it and amazingly he started doing. There are many benefits associated with fishing from activating muscles in your arms and shoulders to increasing oxygen and vitamin D. The following collection of fishing slogans come from other fishing enthusiasts and intended to inspire your passion.

', Woman reveals ingenious hack to get full Starbucks drink for just $1: 'You're so smart'. I could spend all my money in a good fishing store. The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.

Panic attack vs. anxiety attack: Is there a difference and what are the symptoms? Which fish dresses the best? Name that tuna, What fish can write books?

The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing.

Jack the Kipper, What do you call a man with a large flatfish on his head? The first priest got up and walked across the water to get some more bait.

Nov 30, 2015 - Explore Sportsmans Lodge's board "Funny Fishing Sayings", followed by 286 people on Pinterest. Three fishermen were fishing when they came upon a mermaid. The second fisherman looked at the marlin, turned to the first fisherman and said, “Only caught one, eh?”. You can’t tuna fish. Fish Leech Lake! Where do football players go shopping in the offseason? What do you get if you cross a trout with an apartment? Hi all!

Fisherman: What are you fishing for sonny?

The little kid sat on the side of the road with a fishing line down the drain. What kind of money do fishermen make? On the way back to camp, he stopped at a fish store. The first fisherman said, “Double my I.Q” so the mermaid did it and to his surprise, he started reciting Shakespeare. Why did the husband go fishing on Valentines Day? Fish or cut bait. What did the fisherman say to the card magician?

“That’s what I like to see,” said the priest, “A man helping his fellow man.” As he was walking away, one local remarked to the other, “Well, he sure doesn’t know the first thing about shark fishing.”.

A bass drum. Having done a quick search on the Internet, we realised that there aren’t many pages showing decent fishing jokes, and those that do seem to care little about how good the jokes are.

Speeder: “I was going the same speed as everyone else!”

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