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The White House Farm murders shook the nation, but Colin Caffell was more deeply affected than anyone in the ordeal. She had a poor relationship with Sheila, who felt June disapproved of her, and June's relationship with Jeremy was so troubled that he had apparently stopped speaking to her. [162] During a full hearing in March 1989 before three Appeal Court judges—Lord Lane, the Lord Chief Justice; Mr Justice Roch; and Mr Justice Henry[163]—Bamber's lawyer, Geoffrey Rivlin QC, argued that the trial judge's summing up had been biased against Bamber, that his language had been too forceful, and that he had undermined the defence by advancing his own theory.

But that it was found by one of the cousins who inherited part of the estate—days after the police had searched the house—blighted the prosecution's case, although it was accepted by a majority of the jury. [131] A firearms expert, Malcolm Fletcher, said the blood was backspatter, caused by a close-contact shooting. She had taken a holiday job in Sloppy Joe's, a pizzeria in Colchester, where Jeremy had a bar job in the evenings. [10] The couple gave the children a good home and private education, but June was intensely religious and tried to force her children and grandchildren to adopt the same ideas. [53] Bamber's girlfriend, Julie Mugford, alleged that he had talked about killing his family. She spoke to Sheila, who she said was quiet, then to June, who seemed normal.
[65] In 2004 he went to the High Court again to claim a £326,000 share of the profit from the caravan site.

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It was deemed to have been on the rifle when it was fired, because of the blood found inside it. [108], Nevill was found in the kitchen, dressed in pyjamas, lying over an overturned chair next to the fireplace, amid a scene suggestive of a struggle. Bamber allegedly said he had told this friend how he could enter and leave the farmhouse undetected, and that one of his instructions had been for the friend to telephone him from one of the phones in the farmhouse that had a memory redial facility, so that if the police checked it, he would have an alibi. [95] This states that Bamber's call came in at 3:36 am on 7 August 1985.

£1,004,000). [144], A letter dated 26 September 1985 from the assistant director of public prosecutions who prepared the case against Bamber suggests that Mugford not be prosecuted for the burglary, the cheque fraud, and for a further offence of selling cannabis. During this process, the Home Office declined to give Bamber the expert evidence it had obtained, so Bamber applied for judicial review of their decision in November 1994, which resulted in the Home Office handing over the evidence. The court heard that the telescopic sight had to be removed with a screwdriver, but it was usually left in place because it was time-consuming to realign it. – video", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=White_House_Farm_murders&oldid=986984602, 1980s mass shootings in the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with disputed statements from July 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from December 2013, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ground 1a – "hand swabs from Sheila Caffell", 1b – "the testing of the hand swabs from Sheila Caffell", 4 – "timing of phone call to Julie Mugford", 5 – "evidence relevant to the credibility of Julie Mugford", 8 – "photograph showing carving of the words 'I hate this place'", 11 – "the proposed purchase of a Porsche by the appellant", 14 and 15 – "blood in the sound moderator". The bodies were released days after the murders, and three of them (June, Nevill and Sheila) were cremated. [a] The cottage lay 3–3.5 miles (5.6 km) from the farmhouse[b], a five-minute drive by car and at least 15 minutes by bicycle. [138] During one argument on the 4th of September 1985, another woman telephoned Bamber in Mugford's presence.

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