diamond shape meaning significance

[Altman, pp.] Very appreciated your help!

You probably want to drop me an email. Even the office is decorated with a balanced mix of blue (water) and white plates in a rectangular pattern (wood), showing the round plate shape (metal) , in rows of 5 (earth) in three rows (wood) for a total of 15 plates (heavenly metal number). I know this because I had experienced it myself and I often get such questions from readers as well. [Fernie, 66, 69-70], According to wide-spread superstition, the talismanic power of a Diamond was lost if the stone were acquired by purchase. Metal shapes help to keep too much wood (often found in homes) from overtaking the energy of a home. If the person was guilty, the gem grew dim and lusterless; but if the accused was innocent, it would shine out with its glory increased tenfold. It is an indication of wisdom, stability, harmony and togetherness. This he did, and the Diamonds became attached to the flesh. Diamond Shaped Birthmark Meaning.

If it’s Wednesday, you can bet the Red Lotus Letter is the first thing I read. [Gienger, 33][Ahsian, 136][Melody, 243][Kunz, 73][Mella, 84], Perfect in structure, Diamond is referred to as the “king of gems,” unique in its powers of light reflection and dispersion, and the hardest natural substance known. Princess diamonds can look really good in both traditional and modern engagement ring designs. Look at what your missing in your home and add it in with shapes! [Raphell, 159, 164], For anyone who has lost their identity or self-worth, is confused, reluctant or unable to step into their spiritual destiny in this life, the Diamond brings a sense of radiance, a loving energy that clears the aura and fills the emptiness with purity and Light. There is a vast amount of history in translations, books and articles relating these tales. The Asscher shape has a vintage appeal and looks identical to the emerald cut except except that it has a squarish appearance. (Find out your kua number here.). The shape is made up of two overlapping circles, which form an almond-shaped ‘mandorla’ in the middle. Yet when its ray is resolved in the spectrum, it displays all the colors of the gems from which it was made. [Kunz, 240-241], Listed in the Talmud and Bible as the sixth stone, yahalom, in the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest, the Diamond was engraved with the tribal name Zebulun, and was reputed to show the guilt or innocence of an accused person. Ultimately, you need to figure out what you or your recipient’s preferences are before you head into the stores.

Thanks for this comprehensive article on the different cuts of diamonds. This shape is considered the most auspicious as it is the shape of heaven and the element of gold, or metal, and the numbers six and seven, with six being the most auspicious. The wave shape signifies water and is very auspicious! It should be avoided in cases of paranoid psychosis, depressive manias, and obsessive jealousy. They offer a classic appeal and have a long history in its evolution since the Art Deco period. Look around your home to see if you home and office has a variety of shapes. While quality Diamonds are carefully cut into gems and used in jewelry, lesser Diamonds are used in industrial applications, especially for cutting and polishing. Here summer reigned for six months and winter for the same. [www.mindat.org][Simmons, 134-135] Diamond Uses and Purposes. Every once in a while, we will hear news of celebrities being engaged and presented with huge emerald cut proposal rings. It connects us to the higher planes of existence and is the source of universal energy and truth. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. It would be great if you could provide your expert advice for the stone and also on the type of setting you recommend. [Simmons, 135], The Divinatory meaning of Diamond: Proof of your abilities will come from an unexpected source. Heart. [Eason, 136], Dreaming of Diamonds signifies victory over enemies. Only a few, such as gold, silver, copper, sulfur and carbon (as Diamond) are found in a pure state and are suitable as talismans. He sought counsel from the wise men, and was told to throw a piece of flesh down into the valley. ]Cassandra Eason, The New Crystal Bible (London: Carlton Books Ltd., 2010). This is one of the symbols that have various sacred geometry meanings in different cultures. Katie provides fun and practical feng shui solutions to everyday problems and situations. They embody true humility and provide a soul connection, the highest self-illumination, and a cosmic doorway to other worlds. Applying a Diamond at the kidneys is reputed to accelerate the evacuation of stones. Add a few drops in the bath to re-energize.

As a natural prism, they take light and energy from the sun and disperse it freely within the room. The outline of the oval helps create an illusion of a slender looking finger and is popular with people who have smaller hands. [Kunz, 71, 295][Fernie, 64], Chinese legend speaks of a wonderful “Diamond Throne” which stood near the Tree of Knowledge, beneath whose branches Gautama Buddha is said to have received his revelation of truth. Used in meditation, especially when placed on the Third Eye, these crystals facilitate the entry into meaningful visionary states and may heighten one’s psychic powers. Too much wavy shapes can create depression and too little can create a lack of opportunity and growth. It was also called “a gem of reconciliation,” as it enhanced the love of a husband for his wife. It measured one hundred feet in circumference and was made of a single Diamond, remaining immovable even through violent storms and earthquakes.

This is the shape of success for the 9 and 1 kua. Look for this shape to add more success and increased energy, but use this sparingly as it is the element of fire and too much fire can burn down the house!

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