diablo 2 mephisto quest bug

After their initial inception, all of these items were of course duped and the few that survived beyond the 1.10 patch and any subsequent purges were further duped leaving any perm ones vastly outnumbered by unperms. i dont wanna try this untill its verified a few times cause that would take a while. i've found the quest drop every time bug gets you no elite uniques. In this article we will attempt to go through the whole lot of them and provide as accurate information as possible but please not that it is a work in progress and we would love to see your feedback in the comment section. The other bug also worked, and AFAIK still does. Real name:Rarity: UniqueRealms: Description: Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Stats: Real name: Undead Crown RingRarity: UniqueRealms: USEastDescription: A unique ring with the stats of the unique Undead Crown Crown.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Yes.Price / Worth / Value: Stats: Also known as: Wiz Armor.Realm name: Wizard Spike Leather Armor or Wizardspike Hard Leather Armor (upgraded).Rarity: UniqueRealms: USWestStill in existence (as of v1.14D): Stats.

dufresne #1 Mar 28 2010 05:29pm. One second your talking about a silent fix, the next, crying about not getting good drops, and then telling people not to listen to yourself.

It is part of a special code that pick quest TCs for bosses (actually it is part of a generic "pick correct base TC" from a base monster, update it for superuniques and quest drops" function). If you never get the quest for Mephisto, you'll always get a quest drop when you kill him. Specifically between 29th of June 2001 and 28th of October 2003. You must log in or register to reply here. Andariel has a quest bug that allows you to get quest drops every time you kill her, and I am wondering if Mephisto, Baal or anyone … Its called exaggerating. Also known as: Wiz Gloves.Real name: Wizardspike Light Gauntlets.Rarity: UniqueRealms: USEast, USWestDescription: These are Light Gauntlets with the stats of the unique Wizardspike dagger. are you robo-tripping or something? Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Stats.

); Three partied players, unpartied players o**** as half a partied player rounded down. If you never get the quest for Mephisto, you'll always get a quest drop when you kill him. i was convinced they fixed it because a few other people posted the same results but last night when people said they were getting good items, I tried it again and got a few elite uniques in a short amount of time. Diablo 2 has seen a lot of bugged items throughout the 19 years of its existence but the vast majority of them came into existence on closed battle.net during a relatively short period of time.

Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Yes.Price / Worth / Value:  Stats: Defense: 919Durability: 55Required Strength: 84Required level: 71+2 To All Skills+25% Faster Run/Walk+400 DefenseAll Resistances +40Damage Reduced By 25%Magic Damage Reduced By 15Requirements: -60%, Rarity: UniqueRealms: USEast, USWest, EuropeDescription: A unique item that actually existed in the game files but was never dropable.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): No.Stats:Required Level: 95Drain Life -10+15 To Maximum Fire Resist+15 To Maximum Cold Resist+15 To Maximum Lightning Resist+15 To Maximum Poison ResistAll Resistances +100100% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items, Also known as: Hexing Charms or Hexes.Real name: Hexing Small Charm of Immolating Arrow.Rarity: Magic.Realms: USWest, Europe.Description: Still in existence (as of v1.14D): No.Stats: Required Level: 42+90 To Strength+90 To Dexterity+90 To Vitality, Real name: King’s Jewel of Blazing.Rarity: Magic.Realms: USEast.Description: Still in existence (as of v1.14D): No.Stats:Item Level 48.Required Level 48.+1 To All SkillsAll Resistances +2522% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level), Also known as: Occy Soj, Occy Ring, or Oculus Ring.Real name: Stone of Jordan Ring.Rarity: Unique.Realms: USEast, USWest.Description: This is a ring with the stats of the unique orb The Oculus Swirling Crystal with the notable exception that the USWest version of the ring had faster cast rate and strength while the USEast version had faster block rate and energy.

Also known as: Bmana, or 70mana/15life small charmsReal name: Fine Small Charm of DecrepifyRarity: MagicRealms: USEast Still in existence (as of v1.14D): No.Stats:Required Level: 24+15 To Life+70 To Mana, Also known as: Btals, Bug Tal, Btal, bt, or Bugged Tals Armor.Real name: Tal Rasha’s Laquered Plate Realms: USEast, USWest, EuropeDescription: This is an armor with the physical appearance and name of Tal Rasha’s Laquered Plate but with completely different stats. Yes, it's true: talking to Asheara guarantees you one Isenhart's Case as your best find. I've made calculations using following data, please note that these are pretty much Ideal circumstances (correct spelling?

The Andy bug existed but has been patched.

Something that conclusively proves that the ring was transferred from open bnet rather than being created through the Mephisto fusing bug as has been touted by ignorant people.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): No. I can't think of any way to prove this beyond a doubt though. i don't know what that one guy is smoking, I ran only about 20 runs last night and found a couple good elite uniques. As far as I know, there is no MF related bug for quest drops, Andariel or much anything else related to what has been mentioned in this thread. The "1st kill" is the same as a quest drop in ATMA. Real name: Buriza-Do Kyanon AmuletRarity: UniqueRealms:  ?Description: A unique amulet with the stats of the unique Buriza-Do Kyanon crossbow.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): .Stats: Real name: Cliffkiller AmuletRarity: UniqueRealms: Description: A unique amulet with the stats of the unique Cliffkiller bow.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Stats: Real name: Rarity: UniqueRealms: Rarity: UniqueDescription:Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Stats: Real name: Rarity: UniqueRealms: USWest Description: Unique gkives with the stats of the unique Cliffkiller bow.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Stat. 1.

It is even speculated that some of the original ones were imported from open battle.net and that they managed to stay under Blizzard’s radar thanks to their legitimate stats. you can create a game with a character that has already completed the mephisto quest and then kill meph with the character that hasn't done the mephisto quest yet. being stuck in act 3 forever would suck horribly.

You'd need to be five unpartied players to get the same effect. Specifically between 29th of June 2001 and 28th of October 2003. Price / Worth / Value: Stats:Defense: 151Durability: 55Required Strength: 118Required Level: 42+1 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)+2 To Barbarian Skill Levels + 0.625 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)-15 Target Defense+25% Enhanced Defense+30 To Life, Also known as: 08 AzurewrathReal name: Azurewrath Crystal SwordRarity: Unique.Realms: USEast, USWest, Europe, Asia.Description: This sword actually had worse stats before the 1.09 patch so it is mostly a rare and odd collector’s item.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Yes.Price / Worth / Value:Stats:One-Hand Damage: 11-48Durability: 45Required Strength: 43Required Level: 18+120% Enhanced DamageAdds 5-10 Magic Damage50% Deadly Strike10% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Item, Also known as: Bbelt or bb.Real name: Siggard’s Stealth Vampirefang Belt.Rarity: Unique.Realms: USEast, USWest, Europe, Asia.Description: This belt went under the name Nosferatu’s Coil up until patch 1.10 when all in existence on CBN realms were renamed to Siggard’s Stealth and a new Nosferatu’s Coil with inferior stats started dropping in its place.Still in existence (as of v1.14D): Yes. Group: Member Posts: 6,917 Joined: Aug 21 2008 Gold: 299.00. Isn't there a bug where if somebody makes the game who hasn't killed meph, then leaves while the mf character kills, it still counts as a quest kill, increasing the chances of better items? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JavaScript is disabled. also the andy will always make a quest drop as long as u talk to warriv after the first time u kill him. Most if not all of these items would have been transferred during v1.09.

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