diabetic feet pictures

But the earlier a patient starts, the more chances to cure the lesion he has. The point is that the uncontrolled glucose results in losing fluid and the organism replaces water by urine in order to remove the sugar out of the blood. The diabetic foot (images in gal.) In practice the diabetes feet symptoms can be different due to the exact problem. With the slightest suspicion of damage he should turn to a doctor. The diabetic foot sores (picture 3) happen for various reasons and need to be healed immediately after being revealed. Damaged nerves together with difficulty of blood supply because of microvascular disease usually connected with uncontrolled glucose can become a reason for foot infections. The skin is usually very dry. The crepitation may develop. The surgical removal of the damaged part of the body is carried out only by an experienced doctor. The doctors consider several foot ulcer stages, each of which demands corresponding care. In addition the small blood vessels providing the skin with blood get affected and lead to development of brown patches on the front of legs. The process is very rapid because the lack of oxygen is vitally important for keeping the tissues alive. It is strictly prohibited to puncture a bulla. Diabetic feet are the result of uncontrolled high level of blood sugar and can become a rather dangerous complication of the disease. People suffering from high blood sugar often have diabetic foot problems (pictures 1) being fraught with severe consequences like loss of a toe or leg. The color of skin on a foot or ankle can change and that is a reason to look for medical attention. The small wound is turning to an ulcer, which is hardly healed and can result in severe complications. Vitiligo is often regarded as diabetic foot problems (pictures below) for patients suffering from the first type. Information on this site is for informational purposes only. The diabetic ulcers on feet (pictures below) look like round or oval sores of red or brown color. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Diabetic blisters on feet are usually rather small sometimes achieving the size of 6 inches. Browse 118 diabetic foot ulcer stock photos and images available, or search for pressure ulcer or gangrene to find more great stock photos and pictures. They are characterized by hammertoes, fungal infections, and ingrown toenails. Select 100 images or less to download. At the first stage they are small sores but with time those wounds turn to sever ulcers reaching bones if left untreated. The situation may spin out of control and simple diabetic toes result in a serious and dangerous complication like amputations. Your doctor might call it digital sclerosis. To reduce the risk it is important to take care of feet carefully. When we speak about diabetic foot such a symptom as foot discoloration (picture 2) should be mentioned.
To prevent the difficulties a diabetic should follow all the recommendations of his doctor.

Thus, the blood circulation decreased and the needed nutrients are not delivered to feet. It is easy to get diabetic sores on legs (images at the bottom) wearing new tight shoes or walking with a bubble inside a slipper. Diabetic foot ulcer (pictures 2) is an external open sore that answers the medical treatment with a significant difficulty. At first the diabetic foot wounds (pictures below) are surrounded with puffed red skin discoloration to dark-brown in due course. They are not too large but deep reaching the bones when being neglected. This is one of the signs of diabetic feet (photos below). And when the foot is black, the only way to solve the problem is diabetic foot amputation (pictures below). Some of them do not pose a danger but the others are able to result in serious conditions including fatality.

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