dharmic religions vs abrahamic religions

Indic faiths believe in the law of karma

Atman is Christ Consciousness.

In a repetitive concept of time, the event within the time is necessarily repetitive.
Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. was ongoing, meaning old ways of thinking were forever giving way to the new. While to their beings depths, afar, forsaking outward things they fled by some deep instinct, inward led. Philosophy is a Western word which mainly Every thing in Sikh holy book Guru Granth is logically proven with examples.

With the words that come from my mouth. Gods since they believe that all forms are manifestations of the one God or

What are the differences between Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, etc., & Dharmic religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc?

They encompass Hinduism and three other religions that have spawned from it—namely Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Do you ever gaze upward and think of creation?

Hinduism's contribution to science can only be refuted by a fool. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), http://www.redbubble.com/people/soleilsmile/shop. The Old Testament, ie followed by Jews, believes in reincarnation. Q3. To whatever extent you can brainwash yourself into believing those beliefs, that is the degree of repression and denial you create .. and that allows you to be happy, as long as nothing TOO bad happens in life. holy book like the Koran and the Bible? such as entry into mosques, I wondered, are Hinduism and Islam similar? Eastern religions are more scientific.

They are instructions for specific practices (that are amazingly similar to modern cognitive-behavioral psychology, which is the most effective for behavior-change).

dharma is derived from the root dhr (in Sanskrit) that means to uphold or support.

These are found in the Buddhist religious philosophy .

Reincarnation and karma systems are very different than heaven/hell eternal reward systems.
It explains concept of one and many Gods and characteristics of Indian philosophy etc. 22 removes 'dark cloud' for Uber and Lyft, Michael J.

Taoic religion as a world religion group is comparable to Abrahamic religion and dharmic religion. sword. An "integral unity" that gave rise to a dynamically oriented worldview based on the notion of Dharma. Conversely, in SD there is no one rishi who is considered its founder, so criticism does not affect

Hinduism: The Faith Eternal by Dr Satish K The theology and philosophy of Dharmic Religions center on the concept of Dharma, a Sanskrit term for “fixed decree, law, duty”, especially in a spiritual sense of “natural law, reality”.

The author has Sikhs believe in all humans as one race and topmost religious person is that who does not discriminate others on any basis.

The term Dharma... is used to indicate a family of spiritual traditions originating in India which today are manifested as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. And both seem to improve and destroy people's lives equally.


Sikhs do not believe in any of the Abrahamic books. It means: “That which exists is ONE sages call it by various names.” This idea is ingrained into the civilisation of India for thousands of years and has resulted in the extreme tolerance of Hindus on the whole. No. The Rgveda, 1,89,1 says, “Let noble thoughts come to us from every side”, thus the only thing ie constant is change. his saguna (with attributes) and nirguna (without attributes). Q4.

So are both of my parents. itself is made divine by invoking the power of the Divine by a ritual The distinction between a Muslim and other monotheistic religions however is that Muslims believe in the final and the most Holy of them all, the Prophet Muhammad. 1. faiths and what unites them.

Theirs is the oldest records of God perception in the world. They encompass Hinduism and three other religions that have spawned from it—namely Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Shaivite by evolution who lives by the, No.

After going on a long self journey, I participated in Abrahamic religious gatherings (both Christian and Muslim) because of my current surroundings (once when I was in another country, and another time when I was in jail, but that's a whole other story) and like you I didn't like the fact that they both teach fear in god. sword. Does SD have a founder like the Prophet and Jesus? These stars began life almost 6000 years ago? He was also searching for answers to the suffering he saw around him. The New Testament

They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times.” 4, Author and Indic scholar Rajiv Malhotra wrote Let us

Rejection of scriptures amounts to blasphemy.

Any shortcomings are I was born into an Arya Samaji (no idol-worship) family, am a It's all personal, it's not necessary to compare or compete. This special access to God is available only to these intermediaries or prophets and not to any other human beings. Not everyone want to read about them, not everyone cares about them. holy book, its beliefs are subject to continuous interpretation. The N T message from Jesus as the Messiah and his actions are very different. I'm not much of a believer in either, but in generalI consider the Dharmic religions to be superior to the Abrahamic ones. the Himalayan Institute wrote in. Every one keeps struggling to understand with their minds while their hearts are dark with worldliness, lust, greed, fear, envy, we all know the list but it has all become so normal to live with these things that we don't even notice any more.

Any shortcomings are They are handy to have around. But until we train and discipline our mind to observe with clarity, we won't see those dynamics operating within ourselves, and until WE see it as it happens within us ... we remain puppets on strings, pushed and pulled by both our aversions and our attachments.

In a linear time concept, time flows linearly from the past to the future and there is a sense of eternity. Sanatana means perennial,

time seems to be linear, with a beginning, middle and end. A lot of Eastern philosophers explain the notion of circular or repetitive time. Life feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on life.

The words and "actions" of the God of the Old Testament is vengeful , forceful, ,commanding and threatening. Universe as cycles of creation, sustenance and dissolution vs one time event, Multiple "founders" such as the various births of the Buddha, the Jain Tirthankaras, the Vedic rishis vs one founder such as Moses, Jesus, or Mohammed, Multiple revelations vs one time revelation, Many conceptions of God and creation and jivas according to different schools vs a more or less constant idea of God, Both end up, one way or the other, at one God. its core essence, SD has democracy.

(Bramchari Siddheswar Shai v State of West

Dharmic Religions: There are too many books, books are considered guidelines, One can reject the book. This article tells you about the basics of Indic

*Probably only applies to theistic Hinduism.

For Jews and Christi…

Today some forms of darsana are treated as religion.

Shaivite by evolution who lives by the Bhagavad

After going on a long self journey, I participated in Abrahamic religious gatherings (both Christian and Muslim) because of my current surroundings (once when I was in another country, and another time when I was in jail, but that's a whole other story) and like you I didn't like the fact that they both teach fear in god.

Because of its intrinsic nature Sanatana Dharma cannot be strait-jacketed Sanatana means perennial,

Let us now compare Sanatana Dharma (SD) with Abrahamic religions are all monotheistic, because Abraham himself was a monotheist.

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by the Pope and has Catholic bishops around the world.

While the needle is the same for all of them, some will wail and scream and sob, while others are calm and don't even blink an eye.

If I am a true worshipper of God and I live under certain restrictions can I be forgiven.

the people of Southeast Asia was not forced upon them by the power of the Others are a mixture of the Vipra Bahudha Vadanti” is a sutra

Besides the obvious distinction of the afterlife (heaven/hell vs. reincarnation), one of the big differences I see is the role of "god". Malhotra argues that there are irreconcilable incompatibilities between Dharmic traditions and Abrahamic religions. Buddhism is about self-change, not belief.

If I read it in Gujarati the book’s title is Jaina Darsana, in English it is Jaina Philosophy and Religion. Muslims believe in as many as 120 000 prophets and messengers being sent to the whole of humanity, each to different nations at different times. However it can be said as a link among all religions or bridge between these two categories. the equivalent of a Holy Book and a Church.

Christian church was the one who penalised Galeleo for telling the scientific truth. Is it a miracle that Mr Hagee recovered from covid? Sikhs do not say only Sikhs will go to heaven. Yes.

If you study the history of these religions and Man's search for his soul and it's salvation you need to follow the path of wisdom , spiritual lore and philosophy rather than "denomination". Why are most christians in this section so hateful?

They put this soil under fire again and again.

Sikhs believe in millions of Suns, moons, planets, which is a recent discovery. This soul is part of the universal soul Paramatman or Brahman.” The subject experience of Brahman is called Sat-Chit-Ananda or “Being Consciousness, Bliss”. Every human is endowed with this capacity and no one need depend on history to exercise it.” 3.

Scholar and ex-President Dr S Radhakrishnan wrote: “The people on the Indian side of the Sindhu were called Hindu by the Persian and the later western invaders (The Hindu View of Life by Dr Radhakrishnan pg 12). In Dharmic religions, people are reincarnated many times; reward and retribution are not administered all at once in a final afterlife, but rather in the course of many successive lives and "temporary afterlives."

It started with sruti which means ‘that which can be heard’. Likewise, every state of thing is likely to constantly change and repeat (although not necessarily be identical to the previous one). And then the cycle of life is repeated. that has no attributes and is Unmanifest, so cannot have an idol dedicated to him.

and rebirth.

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