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Following Brad Maitland assaulting his son when he showed up at Jessie's house, Deacon tackled him by forcing him against a wall, which shocked Jessie. After she attempts to commit suicide he agrees to grant her a divorce but they remain close friends afterwards, until she blackmails him in season three.

In Season Four, he married Rayna Jaymes, who was later fatally injured in car crash. In the end, though, Nashville remained true to its central love story: The bittersweet saga of Deacon Claybourne and country music superstar Rayna James (Connie Britton). He moves on when he meets Zach, a powerful West Coast internet multi-millionaire. Friends

Per the synopsis, 'As each of them is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and motives grows ever murkier, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.'" Although appearing on stage and screen thereafter, his 1999 return to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The series stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar whose stardom has begun to fade, and Hayden Panettiere as a rising younger star, Juliette Barnes. In season one, he is a closeted gay man trying to make a name for himself in a highly prejudiced business and society, and reveals his true nature to Gunnar when he tries to kiss him. She requests a paternity test, which confirms that Gunnar is not the father of her baby.

And while things didn't exactly work out for the two stars in the romance department — Deacon's inner turmoil runs deep — the pair has successfully carried on a loyal, professional partnership.

Gunnar also falls for a technician called Erin and has a short fling with her, as well as another with singer Autumn Chase, while Scarlett realizes she is still in love with Gunnar.

While this project is still in the works, she dies after a car accident in season five.

Rayna Jaymes is a nine-time Grammy Award–winner and fifteen-time CMA Award–nominee, the daughter of the late Virginia Wyatt and her husband, corrupt, politically connected Nashville businessman Lamar Wyatt.

Derek Krantz as Brent McKinney (seasons 1 & 2; 12 episodes), Brent is an openly gay former marketing and public relations employee for Edgehill. Last Episode After she recovers enough to leave the hospital, Rayna agrees to release her from her contract. But, in the sixth episode of the fourth season, he saw Juliette stumbling around on the roof outside, and saw that she was trying to commit suicide, and he died saving her life.

And for realsies this time! Blue Tandy worked at his side and is the heir apparent to Lamar's fortune and business empire. Teddy is aware that he is not Maddie's biological father (she was born very shortly after their marriage), and there are hints that this may be Deacon—which is revealed to be true later in season one. She eventually finds out that she is pregnant but is not sure who the father is. Watty White hears them singing and offers to cut a demo for them.

Portrayed By Ben Taylor as Flynn Burnett (seasons 5–6; 9 episodes), a love interest for Daphne. Juliette and Rayna, however, have two things in common, both of them had bad parents and both of them left home when they were 16 to escape bad home situations and went on to become famous country music stars. Rayna's relationship with her longtime record label, Edgehill Records, is also completely broken and she leaves them to start her own label, Highway 65, despite threats from Edgehill's management that they will destroy her if she goes through with it. With their legal father Teddy (who is also the biological father of Daphne) in prison, he becomes legal guardian of Maddie Conrad and Daphne Conrad. Television show – Whose Line Is It Anyway?

[3] At William and Mary, he was the lead vocalist in the local band "N'est Pas" from 1985–88.
Esten is married to Patty Esten (née Hanson),[16] whom he met in college.

He and Jessie have a son together.

Because of his drinking, Rayna decided to marry Teddy Conrad. Rayna tells him to break off the relationship when she catches them kissing and Liam departs for Tokyo, leaving Scarlett devastated. Male

John Deacon Claybourne, better known as Deacon Claybourne, is a loyal companion to Rayna Jaymes — both onstage and off. He was fired from his record company and began secretly dating Layla and managing her music career before being hired as Luke Wheeler's label CEO just before he fell to his death trying to save Juliette Barnes from suicide.

He had small roles in three Kevin Costner movies, The Postman, Thirteen Days as downed U-2 pilot Major Rudolf Anderson, and Swing Vote.

Country Singer/Songwriter Guitar PlayerCo-Owner of Highway 65 Due to his singing abilities, he was often paired with series regular Wayne Brady on musical games.

With this woman's help she breaks out of the cult, despite their having confiscated her passport.

Once Teddy is out of the picture he is at first ambivalent about trying to resume their personal relationship, but is very uncomfortable with Rayna's involvement with major country star Luke Wheeler, especially when this leads to Wheeler and Rayna's getting engaged. Their relationship lasts a few months until the arrival of Damien George, who has been hired to direct one of their music videos. Deacon Claybourne was a loyal companion to Rayna Jaymes — both onstage and off. Following the birth of his daughter with Juliette, Avery departs the band and Gunnar and Scarlett continue on as a duo. He once dated Will.

However, Gunnar is grieving for his brother, Jason Scott, and doesn't make it to the audition.

She was the one who flatlined in the finale. in the fourth series and "won" the episode. Katrina Norman as Polly (season 5; 3 episodes), a stunning-road manager who wants Avery to leave Juliette. He also calls Rayna Jaymes to give her a listen.

The talented musician became Rayna's band leader, guitar player, songwriter, and romantic partner when the duo paired up 20 years ago. Hair Color

The couple had two daughters, Maddie and Daphne.

In season three, Gunnar forms a new band with Zoey and Avery, called "ZAG", but Zoey ends up becoming jealous when Gunnar starts reconnecting with Scarlett and they split with her leaving town when she sees Scarlett onstage with Gunnar and Avery at the Nashville winter music festival. The talented musician became Rayna's band leader, guitar player, songwriter, and romantic partner when the duo paired up 20 years ago. [10] He co-wrote "I Know How to Love You Now" with Deana Carter, which was featured in the season 3 premiere. Jordan Woods-Robinson as Randall St. Claire (season 5), Rayna's intern who is obsessed with her.

His 100th performance was celebrated with his appearance on the program July 20, 2018. A number of country musicians and celebrities also appear as themselves, including Brad Paisley, Katie Couric, Kelly Clarkson, Conan O'Brien, Luke Bryan, and Michelle Obama.[1]. The two break up after Zach threatens Highway 65.

Charles Esten is best-known in the UK for his role as Deacon Claybourne in the long-running music drama Nashville, which came to an end in 2018.. During his time on the show, Charles recorded a lot of music for his character and plenty of music for himself. Jeff Nordling as Brad Maitland (season 5-6), a charming-narcissistic owner of the most successful record label in Nashville. Nordling was credited in the main cast from 6x06. She continues on singing as a soloist and has a short relationship with producer Liam McGuinnis, who also supplies her with prescription medication to help combat tiredness when he has her working all night to get songs out of her, which results in her becoming dependent on the meds. After this she goes to treatment and is then there for her family for a time.

After the split Luke begins to focus more on his music and creates his own label, Wheelin' Dealin' Records, signing Will and Juliette.

Between 2004–06, he was a member of the touring group Improv All-Stars[7][8] and recurring cast member on Drew Carey's Green Screen Show.

She becomes pregnant by Avery in season three and has a girl, Cadence. Juliette survives a plane crash that leaves her as the sole survivor and debilitated not only physically but with survivor's guilt; he takes care of her and their daughter during her long convalescence, eventually asking if they are back together or not. She becomes obsessed with self-improvement and especially the work of a bestselling self-help author, Darius.

Deacon Claybourne, is a singer and guitar player who has been head of Rayna Jaymes' band for over twenty years. It is at first implied, and later made explicit, that (as Raynna suspected) he was responsible for his wife's death. Her relationship with Teddy continues to deteriorate even as he is serving as mayor of Nashville (a position which he achieves largely due to Lamar's corrupt interference) and they eventually divorce. After their performance at the Grand Ole Opry, he introduces his niece, Scarlett O'Connor to Rayna. At the time, the show needed a second specialist improvisational singer to fill in for Mike McShane. Artists featured throughout the project include Ashley Campbell, Colin Linden, Steve Mandile of Sixwire, Sarah Siskind, Karla Davis and Miss Jackie Wilson.

In April 2014, Esten ceased work with Whose Live Anyway?, and was replaced by Joel Murray. He and Scarlett are in a relationship when the series begins, but soon separate.

Jeff Fordham was the new label record executive in the second season, who clashes with Rayna and Juliette, and eventually has sex with Juliette, thus giving her opportunity to cheat on Avery. They marry, but their relationship remains intermittent and dysfunctional. Scarlett meets him at the horse farm and grows close to him.

He also wanted to be president of Luke Wheeler's new label but Luke would not allow it.

He is a close friend of Rayna, and serves as Deacon's sobriety sponsor. Luke Perry, Australian Actor Rodger Corser and Kevin Rahm auditioned for the role.

In 2011, he was a regular on Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza on GSN. When he discovers a bottle of whisky in his father's car he tells his father to get lost but ultimately forgives him when his father explains that he had not touched a drop since Daphne found him with a broken bottle.

Following his discovery that Juliette Barnes had stolen a song intended for Maddie he threatened to drop her from the label but she redeemed herself after helping to teach Zach a lesson by threatening to expose who he really was to the tabloids. Doubleday was credited in the main cast from 5x14. She eventually begins working with the police through a wire to incriminate Teddy to take down Tandy. Coleman Carlisle (Sponsor; formerly) Frankie Gray (Sponsor & Business Partner)Jessie Caine He becomes Will's advocate in season four, telling country fans it is long past time for many of them to overcome their anti-gay prejudices in a series of high-profile media appearances. He also falls to the overuse of prescription drugs and steroids, which causes him to collapse during the band's late night talk show performance on national television; although his heart stops temporarily he is saved by CPR and he eventually recovers and rejoins the band.

Christian Coulson as Damien George (season 5; 9 episodes), a hotshot music video director who works with The Exes. In season one, Gunnar and Scarlett O'Connor both work at the Bluebird Café, a showcase for many aspiring country artists. July 25, 2018 Esten was awarded with the Guinness World Records title of "The most consecutive weeks to release an original digital single by a music act".

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