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The members of these interest-based organizations (healthcare--HIV to be precise) were the complete opposite. Mr. Obama doesn't sit up at night and worry what people think about him, I'm sure.

And isn't it funny how when he did finally decide to marry (September 2015), he wed himself to a white woman. He was a white guy in Tinsel Town, his chances of getting work were much higher than hers. Myself personally, I used to date white guys but I have not in 20years and will never date another one. No joke.

Am I right? If they wanted it to be public info, they would have told the public. But like you said in your blog, not all white men are like that. You're right, to some degree. Second, J.

To the writer who quoted Michael Jackson, of all people and said being black or white doesn't matter, sorry to say but in th USA it does, because "they" made it so starting with slavery. Cause so many of us spend those years pursuing white dates and mates, and there's no one to tell us how the majority of collegiate Black men and women will wind up oversexed and alone at 50 thinking our college degree means we're now 'good enough' or qualified to marry whitey. Add the email addresses of friends or family members you'd like to notify about this obituary.

And if this white guy was married, you'd think he'd have a bit more scruples than that. Especially when it comes to black women dating and marrying white men. If anything, I am Constantine under attack by it. So try reading this post over again minus the emotionalism and I think you'll see what I'm talking about. Now, rarely do I see a white person marrying a dark-skinned asian person; of course, it happens, but I don't see much of this.

If you subscribe to the tenets of white or anglolphilic people, then this message wasn't meant for you. But what you said is true. No, it is your assertion that Ben Affleck jilted Jennifer Lopez to marry a "white girl named Jennifer." [25] He also built a mixed income green housing facility in Harlem in 2006. Also, note how Kerry's eyes are completely doting on Dave.). And a couple of specific points I wanna' hit on here, are these...'FTBF'...you say we are very 'sick' people, but we MUST understand that we are NOT BORN THAT WAY!This 'sickness' comes from decades of being taught to hate ourselves more than anyone else by white fascists, cause again, we have the most power to breed them out of existence...and knowing this implicitly, determines whether a Black person will hate or love themselves until the day they die. But we don't, unfortunately.Let's use music as an example. Planning ahead makes a big difference. For the first time in my life being Black doesn't feel like a burden, but a blessing. I don't know too many people who have found successful love on internet dating sites, but most people are smart enough to read between the lines on that one. But now that he's officially retired, let's see if the marriage lasts. But this is a cautionary tale for both Black women AND men. I like this post a lot.

what is % of Black women who are married? Think about it, no other ethnic group gets taught that they're ancestors were slaves, BUT US! This is a bizarre generalization. Meaning, our women are told that 'white' is beautiful, and 'Black-ness' is a curse, especially when it comes to physical beauty. And I personally do not hate them for that. Peace be w you. Wow!! Now, this person under... Last week, I was perusing the aisles of my local supermarket when I came upon the racks of gossip rags by the check out counters. For the record, again, I have NO problem with this, I'm simply saying that white elites have built up Kerry as the poster child for inter-ethnic relationships. You're white...or you're an anglophile.2. I happen to be a 'lighter-skinned' Black man myself. [11][12][13], As a producer, his 2012 project, Hellbenders, was acquired by Lionsgate for North American and foreign distribution;[14] and his film, the psychological thriller Desolation, was his directorial debut[15][16][17][5] and was partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. I AM not that person nor will I accept any person of that nature, especially in MY personal life. While we aren't "Anglophiles" by any stretch, we'll accept Lusophile as we speak Portuguese. And what I mean is, damn near every day of our lives we get taught to hate ourselves more than any other kind of person on the planet, especially in the american educational system. It's when you do your own independent research, that you'll really start LEARNING something.So whether you call yourself a 'lusophile', anglophile, or whatever other kind of 'phile' you might be, one thing holds true, and that's how you still love fair-skinned white people more than yourself or anyone else.I swear, you anglophiles make this easy. He is. [9][10] Moscow ran A Theater Co. in New York alongside actors Tom Everett Scott and Michael Kelly.

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