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I am the only one with access to the modem so I'm the only one that would change the password and I have not changed the password. The IP address will be available at the bottom of the router. If you don’t about it, don’t worry we’ll help you. Please advise how to reset the cusadmin password, Re: Please advise how to reset the cusadmin password. Follow these simple steps to do a factory reset on an Xfinity router. We do not remember what we changed the cusadmin password to and need to reset it. Learn how to change your Xfinity WiFi SSID and password online. I have a script that logs our signals into an RRD graph and I noticed it stopped working a few days ago because the logon credentioals stopped working. You’ll see the LED blink when you press it. So, you can simply do the factory reset to set the credentials to default. The standard browser address unless reprogrammed by the customer,  and username=cusadmin, password=highspeed. You can access the login screen by going to this address: You will be prompted with a login screen. I am more than happy to assist with any modem login concerns. I have factory reset the router, making sure the LEDs turned off and tried the default "admin" for username and "password" password, but it didn't seem to work. If you can’t log in with the default credentials, then there are chances that the person who initially set it up changed them and forgot to tell you. Remember that you’ll have to reconnect all your devices to the WiFi network using the new password. Otherwise, keep reading! Solved: Hello, I've been having an issue trying to access the admin gateway login to the xfinity router's IP address settings page. ... click Change Password in the upper right hand corner. Step-5: You can also change and set up the DNS which is and by default. Hi! Here’s the secret: Probably you haven’t actually set an admin password yet as they ship with a default configuration. How may I go about resetting Here, I will guide you on how to login to an Xfinity Router and perform various tasks.

I apologize for my delayed response to your post. I can still access it on this address but cusadmin/highspeed stopped working a few days ago which broke my script. I … I can take a look and see if we can get it reset for you or open a ticket to have it taken care of. This bi-functional device is enough to set up your wireless home network. - Comcast 4 Life. I do a lot of that these days. When I try to login by hand using cusadmin/highspeed it tells me the username is invalid. Hey bud! Have you been able to resolve this ? You can also try Admin as username and Password as Password. We have been fighting with bad service for about a month now so I am litterally checking my RRD graphs every few hours. Assuming that you have all these, let’s move further. Step-4: Next, click on ‘WiFi Credentials.’. In this guide, I'll go over how to access this dashboard and reset the administrator password. If you don’t know the username and password, you can try the default ones (List of default usernames & passwords is available below). We’ll explain step-by-step how you can log in to the control panel and configure your router. Hello, I am glad that you were able to find your password. This can easily be accessed by logging into our business website through this link Hi! That’s all for this post. That’s it.

Okay so I took a laptop into the server room and plugged directly into the ComCast modem and got an IP from the modem (we have a block of IPs and normally use our own router) and still couldn't log in (Invalid User) and still didn't have internet access. I'm glad you received the help you needed. Follow these simple steps to log in to your Xfinity Router. So I power cycled the modem and now when I am plugged directly into the ComCast modem I get internet and now I can loggin with cusadmin/highspeed again. How to Login Centurylink Router with Default Password? Hello, I cant seem to find my login on the "" admin tool page.

Step-4: After entering the username and password, click on Log in. I have rest your password to its default "highspeed" without quotes. (Just in case there was an issue with the password) Please let me know if you have issue accessing the modem or require help with anything else.

Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network. Step-1: When your Xfinity router is turned on, press and hold the Reset button for around 30 seconds. You Wifi’s username and password is a different thing. Once you’re logged in, click Change Password in the upper right hand corner. How do we do that? My script didn't forget our password out of the blue or change the password.

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