cross dominance advantages

Thanks for this article now I know what I need to work on. I have tried these methods to compensate, but with mixed results. For bullseye, I hold the pistol in my left hand, use a dot and bring the pistol in line with my right eye and likewise I tend to favor the Chapman stance for a two handed defensive technique. Your finger will stay pointed at the object when viewed with your dominant eye, but will appear to move to one side and no longer be pointed at the object when you have your non-dominant eye open. This method is so natural in fact that many cross-dominant shooters arrive at this solution without being told, if they are unaware of their cross-dominance. I'm 61 and finding it hard.

It takes a bit to train the non-dominant hand, but it's well worth the effort. What do you think of these techniques? Now, keep your hands still and close one eye, then the other. The second problem is one of function. Generally, dominant-handed hitters use this hand as the direction and force behind a swing, while their opposite eye faces the object more directly. Thanks for posting this.

Mr. Collins I’m looking for even more suggestions. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview.

If you’ve already started shooting and you want to overcome a cross-dominance issue you discovered after, or want to correct issues a student has developed, there are a few things you can do.

©2020 Brain Balance Achievement Centers. I've found that using a fiber-optic front sight helps the most i(n any stance) to overcome the cross-dominance.


There are TONS of article addressing eye dominance and cross eye dominance but for the half a percent of us who have no dominant eye, I'm unable to find any articles or tips on how to address it. I couldn't understand why i sucked so much until I switched to a left hand bow. With a rifle I will close my left eye briefly, get the focus on the target with my non-dominant right eye, then reopen my left. After reading this article, I immediately set up my LaserLyte indoor target practice range that I use with their semi compact automatic pistol.

I too am cross-dominant: Left-eye, right hand and never knew there was a term for this "affliction". I think this method could be used with glasses, and it might fix the weird proportions that you are getting with your shooting. A large lens will make a tremendous difference with a varilux lens. Yeah, perhaps I should have added the Wikipedia page. Undoubtedly, this traces back to 'intuition' as a kid with my first BB gun, and having no one in my family to tell me it was 'wrong'. Now shooting left handed is just natural and some other things became too.

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