cristina ruiz hija de frankie ruiz

[17] As his career centered around music studios, Ruiz moved to Florida with Judith Ruiz and their son Frankie Ruiz, Jr. (born in 1984), whom he encouraged to become a musician by collaborating in hip hop songs. A Frankie le gustaba mucho Ismael Miranda, pero también era una persona muy romántica y sencilla, le encantaba la balada.

[17] The success of this group led to a general resurgence of salsa which had been struggling before the expansion of merengue music in the tropical categories. [28][30] Two songs from the album, the title track and "Bailando", peaked at number ten on the Hot Latin Songs chart. He was a major figure in the salsa romántica subgenre that was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. [4] Residents of Paterson played it on boomboxes and the local store quickly sold all of his albums. [132] His single "Puerto Rico", reinterpreted by Juan Pablo Díaz and Issac Delgado, served as the cornerstone of Cuba y Puerto Rico son..., a cross-cultural project produced by Popular, Inc. which mostly centered around salsa. Fue una alegría inmensa.

Yo lo miraba y lo que más me gustaba de él eran sus ojos, como él proyectaba esa energía y me miraba y me miraba y yo decía ¿Dios mío qué es esto que yo estoy sintiendo? [108] The following day, his body was taken to Newark Airport and transported to San Juan, along his family and friends. [120] It was only after seeing the masses mourning, and singing his songs, that Ruiz, Jr. embraced his role as the son of someone of influential in the genre, and accepted the responsibility of continuing this legacy. [19], Ruiz's first album as a soloist, Solista pero no Solo, was produced by TH-Rodven Records and directed by Willie Sotello in 1985. [25] His second album, Voy Pa' Encima, was released in 1987 and performed well in Puerto Rico, Spain and the United States.

[130], In 1999, the municipality of Mayagüez dedicated their yearly fiesta patronal to Ruiz; Viti was featured as guest singer.
[120], On August 24, 1999, Cheo Feliciano released his own tribute to Ruiz and other late salsa singers, Una voz... Mil recuerdos in which "El camionero" was reinterpreted.

[19] Consequently, he contacted his friends and family during the holidays and became engaged on December 24, 1997. [6] During the following years, he continued performing with the support of his parents, meeting artists like Tito Puente in the process. Yo confiaba en él con mucha tranquilidad. The album had 50,000 pre-sale orders. [17] Led by the singles "Tú Con Él" and "La Cura", the record became the number-one Billboard Tropical Album.

[5], His final album Tranquilo was recorded in a studio in Santurce, Puerto Rico and was released in 1996. [120] He also noted that since the event was an homage of sorts to his father,[120] his repertoire included several of his classics including "Bailando", "La cura," "Puerto Rico", "Soy tuyo" and "Desnúdate mujer", as well as original songs. Fan reaction to his work was diverse.

1 "Ahora le toca a los Leones" 2 ¡1,000 puntos para Cobras! [6] While Ruiz was involved in an international tour, the album reached the top spot on this list twice more, alternating with Hansel y Raúl. [102][103] Ruiz was survived by his children, grandchildren, his two brothers, and his wife. [111] As the wake was opened to the public, the same reaction seen in New York repeated itself. [111], Following this, Salvador visited the members of his family who lived in Puerto Rico, including his grandmother, to bid them farewell before returning to Paterson.
[76] Ruiz began experiencing liver pain shortly after arriving, but pushed through it. [120] His local debut was scheduled for El Día Nacional de la Zalsa, a long running salsa event that is organized by Z-93, the largest local event of its nature, held at Hiram Bithorn Stadium on March 25, 2012.

[94], On July 17, 1998, he was admitted to University Hospital and required assistance to do basic chores. [107] This outpouring of emotion, and the number of mourners surprised even those close to Ruiz, who wondered if the singer realized the reach of his work in life. Frankie tenía un nivel vocal a donde nadie podía llegar, porque era barítono, además de una persona excepcional. ‘Vuelvo a nacer’: el tema que trascendió la muerte de Frankie Ruiz, “Cuando Frankie escuchó ‘Vuelvo a nacer’ comenzó a llorar”, Viti Ruiz: No se puede comparar a Frankie con Gilberto, Marc Anthony ni Víctor Manuelle, ‘Isadora’, el éxito de Celia Cruz que Tite Curet escribió en media hora, Celia Cruz: cuando ‘Químbara’ casi queda en el olvido, «Mis dos pasiones: Celia Cruz y América de Cali», por Umberto Valverde, Así es la tumba de Celia Cruz en Nueva York [GALERÍA].

Ese el mensaje del disco. [14] At this event, figures like Elías Lopés and the La Mulenze orquesta performed some of his singles such as: "Esta cobardía", "La rueda", "Tú me vuelves loco", "Bailando", "Ironía" and "Mi libertad".

[27] Between 1995 and 1996, Rodven released a compilation of themes named Oro Salsero, which was divided into two albums and was accompanied by presentations in the tri-state area. ¿Qué lo hizo llegar hasta ahí? [21] During the tour that followed, Ruiz performed in unconventional locales including a soccer stadium (in Colombia)[22] and a bullring in Tenerife, Spain. [129], The 1999 Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts was dedicated to Ruiz, and featured Viti as one of its invited performers. [4], His body was placed in a golden coffin and a vigil began at Ortiz Funeral Home in the Bronx as he had planned. Afterwards his custody passed to his parents and he was raised at Union City, along his brothers Viti and Juanito.

[33], His collaboration with Urrutia led to a series of singles including "Hablame", "Amor a medias", "Soy culpable", "Obsesión", "Sueño dormido", "Tiene que saber que es ella", "Soledad", and "Nos sorprendio el amanecer", which would serve as the basis for Ruiz's next album, Puerto Rico Soy Tuyo, released in 1993.

[42][60][60][61][62][63], Aware of the seriousness of his cirrhosis, Ruiz began making arrangements in his personal life.

[3] During this time, he developed a friendship with Joe Salvador, through which he met Rosemary Salvador, whose family sponsored his performances and those of his brothers. [128], In 1999, Universal Music Latino published a compendium titled La Leyenda de un Sonero, which remastered some of his previous work.

[128], The singer attempted instead to record the themes using his own style as an homage, naming his production Huellas (meaning "footprints") in reference to the trailblazing done by Ruiz decades earlier. Desde Bronx, NY…!!! At the age of 5, Ruiz played percussion instruments at the Roberto Clemente Park in Trenton and at other city venues. [29] During the following year, Ruiz was involved in a South American tour and events held in the tri-state area. Entonces usted vivió de cerca la transición cuando Frankie se convirtió en solista…. [5][36] However, he was protective of his voice, usually speaking in a low tone, and performing exercises to help him perform, leading to a dichotomy between his singing and conversation tones which surprised new acquaintances.

[13][18] Their relationship was not well received by her religious family, who tried to enroll him in rehabilitation centers, and the couple relocated.

[6] He became known for his improvisational skills, something that he expressed with creativity and expressiveness through his voice, and which were described as capable of turning mediocre lyrics into a hit song. [14], After their parents divorced, Hilda Torresola relocated to Mayagüez, Puerto Rico with the siblings.

[70][71][72] His final appearance took place at the Crystal Nightclub in Miami on April 24, 1998, during which Ruiz made an effort to hide his discomfort.

[128] One of the main reasons behind this decision was that Urrutia felt unsatisfied with the potential candidates to record the singles and opted to wait for someone that he felt could accomplish the task.

There they settled at Barrio Balboa to live with his grandmother, and other family members. Él me decía ‘yo quiero salir con tu hermana, yo tengo a alguien para presentarte de la orquesta para que salgamos juntos y nos lleves al hotel’. [4] Among non-Latinos, some admitted that his music had been responsible for their interest in salsa as a genre and even the Spanish language.[4]. [134], Ruiz was not particularly motivated by money or wealth, but rather by a sense that it was his destiny to become a singer.

[27] Like its predecessor, it would reach the top of the Billboard list three times, this time alternating with Eddie Santiago's Atrevido y Diferente.

His personal shortcomings were exploited by the tabloid media but had little impact on his popularity.

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