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No matter which option is used, both dogs should be examined. A good breeder will ALWAYS take any dog he's bred back at any time in it's life should it lose it's home for any then there's finding a new home or feeding and vetting the returnee for it's lifetime if a suitable home can't be found (and that's the rule more often than not).. Breeding-specific expenses are going to first include a stud fee — the stud fee is usually the cost of a single puppy from that breeding.

This term is usually agreed upon and verified without specifically being mentioned in the contract. You’ll have some expenses, but not $1100 worth (unless there’s a health problem that you’d have to pay for anyway). Check out the stud dog derictories where other stud owners promote their dogs such as K9Stud, Breed Your Dog, Free Dog Listings, and Terrific Pets.

Me and my husband bought her from another breeder, when she was around 6 months old (sometime around October 2015) with the intention of having her as a companion because we both love dogs, Inbreeding, Line Breeding and Outcrossing, Breeding puppies (Small, Medium and Large), hold onto in case something happens to him. And don't forget...the costs don't end here. However, for surgical AI’s that time changes to 1 time simply because it is too invasive of a procedure to open up a female dog more than once. Along with the whelping box you should have a comprehensive whelping kit ready a week or two before the litter’s due date. In other words, the average commercial dog breeder only makes money by staying committed and working hard for many years. A young, untested male may fail to breed naturally or there may be great problems with size difference or even with compatibility between the two dogs. If you have a female dog, choose a stud that greatly represents his own breed.

Like all, the semen is collected, and extenders are added. How Many Litters Can a Dog have Legally? Here is a breakdown of the way many professional breeders handle the situation. Many dog breeders now require genetic testing before agreeing to a match. The reason why you want to decide on what a litter is is to determine the fee or what you will do in the event that there isn’t a litter. I hope that my contribution to Animalso will help others find dogs who give them that same unconditional love. This fee will include an examination by a vet for any hip issues, and a genetic test for eyes diseases, cardiac and deafness.

A successful business will save additional cash for unexpected or catastrophic expenses (e.g. Since the owner of the female will have control of the litter, a good stud dog owner will also inquire about the practices of the bitch's breeder when it comes to finding homes for the puppies. Stud fees start at at least five hundred for a nobody stud any dog of merit you will be paying 1500 $ for semen for ai program. A stud dog contract should be made before mating with details about the amount of any stud fee or compensation. When considering dog breeding, always take into account whether you are able to breed responsibly. Instead of these fear mongering practices of these money grubbing vets!

The expenses of whelping a litter of puppies for sale can be substantial, though. Finally, frozen is a bit more involved and many breeders will freeze the semen of a stud dog to hold onto in case something happens to him.

Semen is collected before extenders are added to the collection.

I just had my first litter With the breeder i bought my dog from, and since i am just learning the ropes, I agreed to these terms….her contract for me was to give her 2 pups, one for her and one for the Stud’s owner (they are both local and both with known kennel names) on top of what I would typically pay for a champion bred “top of the line” dog of her breed. Some breeders charge a stud fee that is equal to the asking price for one puppy. If you feel that your dog shows all of these traits, then you definitely have a stud that will catch the attention of other breeders the world over. After all, a usual business arrangement can lead to a breeding partnership if the owner of the dam and sire are on the same page. Again, it is important for your contract to be cleared what you offer and if there are differences in price.

C-section births, otherwise, fall into that unexpected additional expense that is part of the business expense overall. Don’t forget to give your stud rest days so you can avoid his sperm from reaching exceptionally low levels which can affect pregnancy outcomes. You can watch this video for additional tips about the breeding process during the dog stud service: There are a lot of variables that would play in a dog stud service.
Shane I don’t know where you live or if English is even your first language. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to What to expect if this is your first time breeding a dog? Fresh or frozen, the stud will cost on average $500. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. How should this be split fairly?

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