coretec flooring problems

Hey Bob,

We installed COREtec Gold Coast Acacia in our entire southwest facing, with large windows, San Diego condo. Just installed and major regret . Thanks for the helpful review! But if you want to get the most out of your floors, there are a few general rules to follow to prevent damage. I currently installed the Core Tec HD XL and am discovering scratches as well.

Mischelle, how is your floor holding up?

I do not rinse. Cleaning is non stop and even then some. It is suited to high-volume locations where durability and long-lasting good looks are essential. If you want the wood look with 100% waterproof for the floor and the subfloor, then you need to install wood-look tile. Putting felt coverings on the bottom of furniture has not kept the floors from scratching. If your dealer shows you this product, don’t walk away… With this product having only a cork backing does it act as a barrier against the cold coming through the slab? We removed our hardwood flooring due to scratches from our dog. Planning on having many parties. It is more durable than wood flooring, so it will not scuff and scratch as easily under daily use, and it is water- and heat-resistant. Can you use these types of area rugs if you use a felt padding? We have 3 big dogs and we are a family of 7 so lots of foot traffic. When compared to wood flooring, COREtec’s LVP flooring is extremely scratch-resistant.

I appreciate your feedback! I haven’t installed anything yet, but am reconsidering the Coretec based on the comments here that it is susceptible to scratches–I have 3 Shih Tzus, and one of them likes to scratch and “nest.” Am I better off getting the cheaper LifeProof option or Coretec? It’s horrible. I’m going over a perfectly level ceramic tile floor. When buying this product I didn’t like the enhanced xl beveled edge in this size. No pets and just the two of us and a grandson before and after school. This layer is highly resilient and made of virgin vinyl. The materials are also incredibly difficult to recycle.

This haze makes paw prints constantly show! Having had Coretec flooring only four years I can only wish I had investigated more thoroughly. Same here. Wow! I am confused after all the negatives. “Waterproof” only addresses the plank and not the prevention of water below the laid floor. I end up on hands and knees with a Mr Clean sponge to try to get spots off.

Safe if covered, it’s inert unless disturbed by scraping it up, which means expensive removal costs for safety.

You will have the ability to encounter this flooring from unidentified manufacturers that will not provide the quality you may desire. Fingers crossed. Thanks. (Regular laminate not an option and carpet had to go.) – we like the matte finish for a shiny finish looked horrible with constant sunlight (glare). I have a few other samples of other brands with a more scattered ridging, but not sure the colors or quality are my top choice… so I’m on the fence. Even though the boards are cut at different lengths to limit the appearance of identical boards, since the color is so light and the pattern is dark, the repeat pictures really pop out. And shows everything g so it always looks dirty. I would NOT recommend this flooring. Yes, the finish is dull and sometimes footprints show, but I never thought of that as an issue. The PDF you submitted is for Shaw Flooring products not Coretec. I installed it in my all seasons room about 3-years ago. It is backed by a 7-year “light” commercial warranty, so it is best for office space, waiting areas and other space that doesn’t get high volumes of traffic – like busy retail shops, hallways and similar. If you intend to redo the floor in your kitchen, bathroom or any Put in your property, discount vinyl flooring is a good choice. We bought COREtec flooring in February 2017. COREtec premium lines are among the most expensive in the market. I’m buying another home and installing Cortec in 2600 sq ft. If you do choose a dark color, be prepared to notice the dirt more.. It’s a fair trade off for the benefit of the appearance in my opinion. Details follow. If not, which brand did you go with? Good luck with your floors. It wasn’t realistic looking to me, being a floor finisher. It was soft underfoot (installed on a cement slab), the embossing looked great, and it seemed to be quality stuff.

The dull finish always looks dirty and it shows every single footstep. I was also thinking about for the laundry room that connects to TV room, but am worried about weight of appliances damaging floor. The thought of how much we spent makes me sick. Hi.. By now you probably have decided on your project.

Does the haze come back? and the Quick Shine added the light shine that I wanted.

I would not recommend this product. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We’re looking to install Waddington oak as well.. Beautiful color! It is only myself and my husband living here. Fading is not covered by the COREtec warranty. Some readers complained that they cound't find the local installers or overpaid the installation. It still looks the same as it did the day I installed it, with the exception of one small ding from dropping a hammer off of a ladder while working on the ceiling. This was done by using a 12″ x 24″ microfiber flat mop (like an oversized Swiffer) and working my way out of each room one at a time. I am considering either a Cortec Plus Premium or Cortec Pro Plus HD. Lower price point all same thickness etc. As a result, these styles are used in high-traffic shops, hallways, educational, government and medical facilities. would like an answer please on this expensive waste of money.

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