compare and contrast ib history paper 1

SOURCE B: An extract from The Hinge of Fate, by Winston Churchill, London 1950, in which Churchill records his conversation with Stalin in 1943. Content - Evaluating a source's content entails asking what the source is saying exactly. message. But for both says they had no intentions of Manchuria.

conclusion. Moreover, it also implied that if an attacking country was powerful and/or influential enough, it could just walk over the League. It seems that part was not included but yet informs us how Lord Lytton is going to do good service. So offer This is the Origin, Purpose, Value, and Limitation one.

Example of research paper about biology.

This totally contradicts the message that source D was trying to portray which was Japan was innocent.3.Question 3 on page 15 of handout: With reference to their origin and purpose, discuss the value and limitations of Source A and Source C for historians studying the Manchurian crisis.The values and limitations seems to come from the fact that Lytton was considered a noble and that he was trying to solve the current issues that aroused during that time when reality nothing was being done. From there, we’ll have to identify a minimum of one similarity and one difference between the information provided in these sources. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. A difference is that source D says that the Japanese did not want to isolate Manchuria but they did want to have both China and Manchuria under their control. ____The landscape provides challenges for collectivization. purpose in an essay that a topic sentence serves in a paragraph. Some of them were given land of their own to cultivate in the province of Tomsk. US Foreign Policy in Latin America 1961-1981, 9.

There is little or no attempt to synthesize own knowledge and source material. The telegram states that the Lytton Report created slavery among the Chinese people and the Kuomintang did nothing to help China in this situation. With reference to their origin and purpose, discuss the values and limitations of Source A and Source C for historians studying the Manchurian crisis? Check out the rest of our 2018-9 Admissions Results! So in the cartoon it shows a British person who is actually complaining about the League of Nations due to the simple fact that japan was taking advantage of it. 1. The value is the international repercussions split between countries that affect by the Manchurian Crisis.

Analyzing Source A brings forward many points. If you spend too much time on the first question you will not have enough time for the last question.

Outline or mind map your essay at the top of your first page. If it is compare

the reported actions seem probable according to the dictates of informed common Part 1:What is the message conveyed by the cartoon?- What I feel like is being portrayed in this cartoon is that Japan had walked over the League of Nations (A group of the worlds powers formed to prevent wars). Sort By .

Be sure you have an introduction and Due to that it caused a reason for World War 2 to begin. The message presented in source A is that aside from Nehru being a good leader and him being skilled at many different subjects. Although in January 1933 the Japanese extended their power to North China, they began to question if Having Manchuria was a good deal to have. Nehru began to move India but opposition and he not being able to deal with it brought down his plans and those were his weaknesses.

3. And also there wasn't anything that had the views of the Soviets.4.Question 4 of handout: Using these sources and your own knowledge analyze the importance of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria for international relations between 1931 and 1936.The importance of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria for international relations between 1931 and 1936, was that it revealed to the other countries that the league of nations was as together and strong as it was portrayed to be. read it, or maybe even have it published some day. 2. PK ! essay. Read Source A and completethe question: What is the message presented in Source A below about Nehru's main strength and his main weakness as a leader?

yourself to help consider sources However, Japan did as they pleased and invaded Manchuria. I could say that his strengths were few and his weaknesses were many. (i.e.

What is the whole point of the League of Nations? The dynamic nature of our site means that Javascript must be enabled to function properly.

Same topic, same view of Mao) and how they are different (One hated Mao’s wife, the other was a supporter of both people). And the limitations I see is that the two sources give limited details on what exactly did Lytton due about the crisis and from what I have read it seems he was on the side of the Japanese. Work together to improve the answer to achieve the target grade at the bottom. You need to do each (OPVL) for each source topic.

____The kulaks were unpopular with the peasants and were killed (we can connect this one with the mention of military force in Source A). Meanwhile Nehru was weak in setting an specific scheme to make his future plans work. Erick, I really like how in depth you go into the questions especially in question 1b when you compare the League of Nations inferiority to Japan with the fact that women were inferior to men (back then). The questions tests your understanding of a source. The answer should address both key components of the question equally. It was created to maintain world peace by settling international disputes.

What Nice simple answers overall, Germairy.The problem here is that IB wants a looooooooot of detail and you're missing that in part 1. That means that you can focus entirely on your exams. Another limitation was being able to make agreements with others.

A professor is a highly different profession from a US Ambassador. 2. Or maybe the source is more interesting for what it isn't saying. Can it be said that the voluntary principle and the principle of allowing for local differences are not broken in a number of districts? Show your quality and style in your

e.g. Avoid using first person Both sources agree that Japan had strong interest in Manchuria and China with apparent desires to control said territories under. v�|� �g word/document.xml�]�r�8�}߈����7\���]3� _�3�㭪�މ�� ��$�I�C��UO��=����)�%�� )R��wREwY�@&N^����n�]�LK��]�ll�1�*�I���O�_}�ƴ�I�#���k#���p������Py,���~3L��kc�7��:���X�Ҫg6o�^Obs��ps{��E��LBkx� O��^s�n�{Z��!܌��<3�xF|�E* ��,�~f�͘gWy� You got straight to the point! you are asked to discuss. 3. How those thoughts came down to a suggestion idea of lessening of Chinese slavery.


movies you have used. However, the greatest value of this source comes from the fact that it comes from the country affected by both the Manchurian Crisis and the Lytton Report attempting to solve the crisis.

they are trying to come to a conclusion were the Japanese and Chinese get along. Or, take certain districts in Turkestan, where conditions are even more unfavourable for collective farms. Excessive information will not Compare and contrast the reasons for, and impact of, foreign involvement in two of the following: Russian Civil War; Spanish Civil War; Chinese Civil War.

Preparation is the key to exam success; the more prepared you are, the more likely you will gain the grades you need. Source C is from a Chinese Soviet Government Telegram. Let's take an example of comparing and contrasting the consolidation of power of two different Communist leaders, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. 7.

The value of Source A is that it offer a British opinion on the document, the British believe it would be successful because it would help historians to discover different viewpoints on the document and as opposed the Lytton report will fail. Even though your teacher compared the two studies, the exams do not do this. It also said “without declaration of war” so the Japanese basically we're ready to attack the chinese and surprise them. And she was a pretty low level Red Guard and

but overall you did a very good job. On Friday afternoon there will be a flurry of activity as you scramble to revise your notes, organize your thoughts and attempt to memorize hundreds of details. I would say the lady Japan is walking on is the League of Nations and she’s a damsel in distress because the guy kneeling in front of her is putting on make up that is labeled “Face-saving outfit” so he might be trying to save her and the dude kneeling holding flowers could be a representative of China welcoming Japan into Geneva.Compare and contrast the views expressed about Japan’s actions in the 1930s in sources D and E.- In both sources D and E I have come to a conclusion that that there are trying to explain the reasoning for Japan taking over Manchuria. Noce Paper 1: Outline and Guidelines PART ONE:1. ​Accurate and relevant own knowledge is demonstrated. WORK CITED:- End of Chapter Activities Page- The Source Paper: Outline and Guidelines for Students Packet. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The response lacks focus on the question. IBDP1 History resources on Germany and Italian expansionism 100.

2. Use a pen to highlight the similarities and differences between the two sources. A similarity I noticed between the two sources is that both sources had its mind set out for invading Manchuria.

Question 2 on page 15 of the handout: Compare and contrast the views expressed about Japan's actions in the 1930s in Sources D and E.A similarity between source D and E is the fact that both sources acknowledge the fact that Japan wanted to expand and claim Manchuria and China as it’s own. Answer the questions in order; the first ones are easier, and by the time that you reach the last question you will have used all 4 sources. )Question 3 on page 15 of handout: With reference to their origin and purpose, discuss the value and limitations of Source A and Source C for historians studying the Manchurian crisis.-- Source A is a statement from Lord Ponsonby to the House of Lords.

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