columbiana county dog warden fired

Former Columbiana County dog warden Dawn Croft pleaded not guilty to three felony charges when she made her initial appearance Thursday in common pleas court. Gentile said the pipeline will help in future gas well development in the county.

Columbiana County Assistant Prosecutor John Gamble told Judge Megan Bickerton that the plea deal calls for Croft to serve three 12-month concurrent sentences in prison and pay restitution for the more than $26,000 she stole from the Dog Warden's office between 2015 and 2016. Austin worked part-time as a deputy dog warden when she reportedly discovered in January 2016 that Dog Warden Dawn Croft was pocketing cash donations. James Climer, the attorney for the county commissioners’ insurance carrier, confirmed the lawsuit has been settled. Jordan was was working as the only sworn officer on staff following a reduction in force which left Jordan, one office staff member and three kennel attendants to handle all calls, according to the personnel file. Those disputes have now been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned, and the parties look forward to moving on,”.

© 2020 Mike Eroshevich, county water and sewer department interim director, said the USDA said the remaining money be used to do more work in the project area. John Parker, county Emergency Management Agency director, said there was more than $1 million in damage to roads, bridges, stormwater pipes and culverts. “During the course of their working relationship, certain disputes arose between Brenda Austin and certain members of the county administration. The Columbiana County commissioners fired the dog warden May 11. In addition to the seven firings, Warden Susan Novak retired in the midst of the internal investigation at Columbia Correctional Institution.

In March 2005, Jordan was reprimanded for: • Not following the department's adoption policy regarding a dog …

STEUBENVILLE — The Jefferson County commissioners fired the county’s dog warden on Thursday for striking a pit bull terrier in the head with a shovel at the county’s animal shelter last weekend. Meanwhile, in October 2016, Austin was laid off. County commissioners on Wednesday voted 3 …

• Failing to send official correspondence in a timely manner. Dawn Croft, 43, of East Palestine had been scheduled to go on trial on Wednesday on charges of theft in office, money laundering, and tampering with records.

Copyright © The Intelligencer | | 1500 Main Street, Wheeling, WV 26003 | 304-233-0100 | Ogden Newspapers | The Nutting Company, “those responsible for protecting animals, an organization publicly funded and supported by a lot of well-intentioned people,”. The company is installing a gas pipeline across the county, which will connect with an interstate gas pipeline.

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Richland County commissioners at that time advised him to stop, according to the personnel file.

He said other work then will have to be completed prior to the bridge being reopened. Those disputes have now been resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned, and the parties look forward to moving on,” he said. If you give a monetary donation and are not given a receipt you need to ask why.". Richland County Dog Warden Dave Jordan terminated, Commissioners: Providing deputy dog warden for city would cost almost $88K, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. One other employee was investigated but was cleared of wrongdoing. Austin claimed because her past complaints about Croft were ignored, she bypassed county commissioners and went directly to the county prosecutor’s office, resulting in Croft’s indictment on theft charges. The elections board wants to move into the new offices directly after the Nov. 4 general election. Any money that comes in through the door is receipted immediately.

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